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  1. Not a fan of the collar. I think they should revamp the badge as well, get rid of the white bit on the outside.
  2. It’s not though, the SPFL has the bare minimum in terms of staff because it’s job, as determined by the clubs, is to administer the game and distribute the vast majority of whatever income it gains to the clubs. They don’t have any sort of marketing department (afaik) beyond a couple of guys who do the social media. If there is to be money diverted from the clubs towards more staffing of the organisation with the aim of increasing revenue then that would ultimately be for the clubs to decide, not the executive.
  3. The SPFL is made up of the clubs though, you can’t really consider them to be two separate groups. The current structure is there because that’s what the clubs want and it is the responsibility of the clubs and/or the board (largely made up of club owners) to make any changes to that.
  4. Keep Stewart and Scales as the CB pairing whenever they’re both fit and available. In front of them, have Ramadani and McCrorie battling in midfield. This gives us a solid spine and let’s the attacking players do their job.
  5. Unst and Yell have played in both the A and B leagues in the last 15/20 years. They also joined to form North Isles FC in the B league at one point. I remember around 15 years ago then Unst, Yell and Burra were all in the A league with the B league solely for B teams.
  6. Yeah, don’t disagree with that. With new entrants to the market the you’re always going to get it cheaper initially, I remember BT being £5 p/m when they first came on the scene. The trick to pay less with Sky/Now is to go to cancel. They always offer you a better deal. The standard price for Now Sports is around £34 although there’s fixed term £20/25 deals floating about all the time. Before it’s about to jump up to full price, go to cancel on the app and they offer you the same deal you were on or better every time. I’m paying £17 for the full sports package atm.
  7. Not sure I buy the idea that Sky is some outdated organisation which will be phased out in the near future. They’ve been in the streaming game for more than a decade and their Now platform is the equivalent to DAZN, Discovery+ etc.
  8. The price per game is always going to drop as you add more games though. Games 1-48 are obviously going to be more attractive to broadcasters than games 49-60 and 61-80. Most teams in the league were shown 6 times or fewer on Sky last season. If this deal means 3 or 4 more televised games for an increase of over a third in income then that has to be viewed as a win IMO. Would allow them to show some genuinely interesting games instead of whichever bigot invasion is happening each weekend too.
  9. Milne isn’t in charge anymore (thankfully). He was a sh*tebag of the highest order. Diamond Dave has his critics but we’re in much better hands now. What I will say though, every chairman in the SPFL votes with self-interest. They wouldn’t be doing their job if they didn’t act in the best interests of their club, even if it’s to the detriment to what some may determine to be “the greater good”.
  10. At right, I think I remember those. I thought there were videos of the seats that were meant to be damaged last weekend. There will be isolated incidents of idiots jumping on seats but the vast majority of issues with the seats at Pittodrie will be because the structures are several decades old and have been poorly maintained. Look at the changing colour of the South Stand, it’s been slowly changing to all red over the years because the ground is falling to bits and the seats constantly need replaced. The club have never claimed that South Stand seats breaking is down to our own fans vandalising them, yet that is apparently the case in the Merkland.
  11. Well that’s one way to kill the goodwill with the fans. Some cheek to blame seats breaking on anything other than decades of neglect from the club.
  12. Everyone over the age of 10 is old enough to remember Hearts being a yo-yo club.
  13. And don’t you forget it. Not like an Edinburgh club to gain an advantage in Europe on the back of the Dons’ hard work (we haven’t forgiven you for 1955 Hibees).
  14. We spent all those years building up the coefficient points for some yo-yo club to come in and steal the benefit.
  15. I’m sorry but that sounds sh*te. If we finished 4th, 30 points behind Celtic and somehow managed to fluke a playoff against them then it certainly wouldn’t feel like a league win.
  16. Sticking to your guns regarding Hayes and Kennedy, fair play [emoji6]
  17. Still waiting for the “no more Liverpool loans” banner [emoji28]
  18. Amazing what a couple of months of working under Scott Brown will do to your health.
  19. £26 for the covered sections of the South Stand, home and away. It’s actually the second cheapest away match in the Premiership this weekend (Motherwell are charging St Johnstone fans £1 less).
  20. I’m not one to write off our players after 45 minutes of the season.
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