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  1. This works both ways, Canada have lost to Panama and Costa Rica recently. Saudi Arabia have lost to Jordan. Japan lost the Asian Cup to Qatar. I’m sure they would have looked on at our performances against the likes of England and Denmark with envy after those results.
  2. Our record against higher ranked nations from 2020 onwards: 0-0 vs Ukraine (A) 3-0 vs Ukraine (H) 1-3 vs Ukraine (H) 2-0 vs Denmark (H) 1-0 vs Austria (A) 0-2 vs Denmark (A) 1-3 vs Croatia (H) 0-0 vs England (A) 0-2 vs Czech Rep (H) 2-2 vs Austria (H) 1-1 vs Serbia (A) 1-0 vs Czech Rep (H) 2-1 vs Czech Rep (A) 5W 4D 4L Slovakia may have been higher ranked than us at the time but I can be bothered checking. Can add 1W and 1L if they were. Certainly not a bad record against higher ranked teams.
  3. I’d say we’re over 10k now. The East Stand holds 13k and we’ve sold out over half of that. Only a few hundred left from our South Lower and Upper allocation which is impressive since it’s more expensive and there’s no concessions available there. Hopefully get a couple more sections for the East at the very least.
  4. We haven’t sold any sections past F7 yet. Strong sales nonetheless. Probably more than we sold for the last semi against them.
  5. I’m more than happy to call the club out when it’s warranted. As has been said before countless times, there are clear reasons as to why we’ve made those losses and unless there is another global pandemic or we hire a rookie manager, let him make sh*t signings and tank a season then they are unlikely to be repeated. If it was the same recurring issues then I would be concerned but the reality is that we are following a strategy which is showing good signs of working for us already. We have put the staff in place to make smart signings and we have possibly the best academy in the country so buying low and selling high is a viable plan. Above all that, I don’t think Cormack would ever let himself go down as the man who left Aberdeen in the mud. Say what you like about him but he’s a Dons fan and he wants his legacy to be positive. He’s stumped up the cash before and will do again.
  6. It’s incredible that a football club made a loss in a season where their supporters weren’t allowed to attend games.
  7. Finishing below us for so many years has clearly upset the Jambos. They really want us to be in the same trouble they were but the reality is much different. It’s obvious to anyone that we’d make a significant loss in a year where we sacked a management team, brought in a new one, had our lowest league finish in 19 years, no trips to Hampden, signed and got rid of a load of sh*te players etc. It looks pretty likely that we’ll be in a much better financial position next year with us selling millions worth of talent, making much smarter signings with our new head of recruitment, strong crowd numbers, sitting clear in third at the WC break and already in one semi final. 21/22 will almost certainly be a blip, both on and off the pitch.
  8. The first one may prove difficult.
  9. 10 in 18 for the under 21s, although that included hattricks against Andorra and San Marino. Steven Fletcher-esque.
  10. We could’ve put forward Cathkin Park if that’s the kind of stadiums they’re accepting.
  11. If we qualified, I’d rather we had games in England than Glasgow. Would be great fun going down to Newcastle, Manchester etc and taking the place over.
  12. Have Roos, Stewart and Richardson been left at home?
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