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  1. Get it built. A ground where you might catch the bubonic plague is the ultimate “tough place to go to”.
  2. Aberdeen and St Johnstone training at the same resort in Spain. Poor Andy will be getting mixed up.
  3. I almost said him as well. Strong as f**k and no one better in the air. Struggled against tricky forwards and was prone to a clanger but we’ve certainly had a lot worse.
  4. Hoban was good IMO. Before that, probably Reynolds. I would say that under McInnes we usually had a solid unit without any real standout performers in defence.
  5. I’m a big fan of both of the new kits but they would have been perfect with the simple 2014/15 badge.
  6. I like the kits but not a huge fan of the badge. The one they used for the 14/15 kit would’ve been better.
  7. Shame it won’t be available until after the season starts.
  8. I agree with that. He’s got a great attitude, he’s versatile, mobile, strong in the tackle etc but he’s lacking quality on the ball for midfield. I like him carrying the ball out from the back at CB but as you say, he’s not quite imposing enough there. He’s undoubtedly an asset to the squad but I don’t really see a bigger team paying good money for him like they probably will for Ferguson or Barron. Maybe not a bad thing though.
  9. I’d say McCrorie’s strengths in midfield are winning the ball and driving forward with it, a bit like Shinnie used to. He’s ok there against a better team but if we’re playing a weaker team and trying to break them down then he’s not very effective. I’ve always thought he’s best at the back, probably on the right of a three or even on the right. It’ll be interesting to see where Goodwin sees him playing next season.
  10. Jack Grimmer doubling up as the twitter admin there.
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