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  1. Hurlford Utd v Shotts BA (3rd round replay) Kick off today at Blair Park 2.00pm Game is on.
  2. Good luck to Caddy. (Although not against Hurlford) Just heard he’s signed for Cumnock. And I assumed he’d go to Thistle haha
  3. I’m sure Ryan will be playing in a Hurlford jersey on Saturday.
  4. Buffs may have had the ball in the net but it was clearly after the ref blew the whistle. Stand in Keeper came close to keeping out the penalty and luck was on his side as he tipped a deflected shot onto the post when the scores were all square. Any keeper would have been proud of his tip over from the Hurlford kick off as Hurlford almost pulled level immediately. I don’t know how the 1st half shot from the Buffs which hit both posts managed to stay out as we rode our luck with that one. I’m just disappointed we didn’t have more shots at the keeper. Hope the boy who went off isn’t out for too long and recovers quickly. Goalscorer for Buffs (No 9) May find himself lucky only to receive a yellow under the new law as he kicked out at Murchie. Buffs imo will be a tough nut to crack this season especially at Buffs Park.
  5. A true gent of a man in all respects. I spoke to Matt most Saturday nights to give him our result as well as get that days other junior results and get the following week’s opponents. (That was back in the late 1980’s pre internet) He always made the time for you and nothing was too much trouble. As posted above he was one of the “Old guard” And fittingly a minutes silence in respect of a true gent.
  6. Hurlford Utd 2 Glenafton 0 Half time R. Caddis, L. Caddis Glens down to 10 (McChesney sent off)
  7. Who will get preference in the 2 ties to be played at Guys Meadow in round 2? Possibly solutions: Play ties on different days (sat/ sun) Play ties on different dates (on round 1 and 2 dates) Toss a coin and play at away teams ground / neutral venue (ie New Tinto) Makes sense to play 1 tie on the 14th and the other on the 28th therefore the home team drawn doesn’t lose out.
  8. It doesn’t help that the sjfa no longer list suspended players/ officials on the website which will no doubt add to confusion. Hopefully they will reinstate the list as they still have the section which then directs clubs to check the admin section for their own club.
  9. His assistant didn't help either as both keepers moved before kicks were taken and she was only 10 yards away.
  10. Counting has never been a strong point of mine either so I relied on recording them on my phone. Darvel took 5 penalties (scored 2, missed 2 and the other was saved) Hurlford took 4 (scored 3 and 1 was saved). Therefore no reason to take the last penalty.
  11. Fitba Shorts were at Darvel last night. Just incase anyone wants to view the highlights (or further guess the attendance) haha
  12. Appreciate the kind words DL. Hope you enjoy the wee gift I gave you earlier. Better that it goes to someone with Darvel/ Colville Park connections rather than stuck in a drawer. Good luck in your next 2 sectional cup games (hopefully you’ll have a similar sized crowd) And all the best for what I’m sure will be a memorable season for Darvel.
  13. If like last season then round 1 and round 2 will be drawn at the same time. Last season there was only 1 tie in round 1 (possibly 3 ties this season) Draws for subsequent rounds usually take place in the week following any potential replay dates. eg. Round 2 played on 26th Sep (any replay would be 3rd Oct) Draw for round 3 would be in the week beginning 5th Oct. (usually a Wednesday or Thursday) Although if anyone has more accurate draw dates it would be helpful if they were added to the dates for the ties section. Hope that makes sense. Haha I know what I mean.!!
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