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  1. Today’s scores

    Cumnock 2 Hurlford Utd 6 Full time
  2. Scores today

    Glenafton 1 Hurlford Utd 1 half time
  3. Tonight's scores 13/06/18

    Had Troon played the 3 trialists with a view to signing them for next season I would’ve given Troon the benefit of the doubt for strengthening their squad. No disrespect to Shortlees afc but Keir Knapp could and should be playing at a higher level and both Robert Love and Kieran Paterson have played junior and could still do a job (imo). I can’t speak for Robert Love (Hurlford Thistle) but I know the other 2 have no intention of leaving Shortlees so I have to agree that although what Troon have done is within the rules it isn’t right. (ie the equivalent of not contesting a drop ball and the opposition team score from it.! You know it’s wrong, they know it’s wrong, everyone knows it’s wrong but it’s allowed)
  4. Tonight's scores 13/06/18

    Obviously I’m delighted with tonight’s result but fair play to the Beith fans at the far side who were dignified enough to shake hands at the end. It’s a pity there aren’t more fans like that and good luck to Beith in Friday nights final.
  5. Tonight's scores 13/06/18

    Scores and updates from tonight's games
  6. Tonight's scores

    3-0 Hurlford (Watt 54)
  7. Tonight's scores

    Glenafton 0 Hurlford Utd 2 Ross Robertson (10, 33(pen)) Half time
  8. Scottish Junior Cup Final 2018

    ‘Ford fans have been allocated the Frank Beattie (main stand) if safety work has been completed in time. Otherwise we will be allocated behind one of the goals (which would be the Chadwick stand) at the Rugby Road end. Anywhere will do!! C’MON THE ‘FORD
  9. Hurlford United 17/18

    Ross Robertson (hatrick) at Kilbirnie
  10. Wishaw Juniors - Scottish Junior Cup Semi-finals

    It’s good to see that the junior football community can come together to sort things out. An enquiry from the Wishaw end regarding filming, a hint from our end (Hurlford) to Fitbashorts and a few message from Shannon (Irvine Meadow fan) to Eddie (I think a Kilwinning fan) at Fitbashorts and things are sorted for both legs . Well done guys. And thanks to all.!
  11. Scottish Cup Semi Draw

    It would be great if Fitbashorts were there as they do excellent coverage (including commentary) and it would certainly be better than my dodgy attempt. FITBASHORTS HINT HINT EDDIE!!!
  12. Scottish Cup Semi Draw

    No worries. Don’t be expecting BBC quality footage though as my shaky hand (and bad patter) as well as the sounds of bell and hooters will no doubt be audible as well. But I WILL attempt to capture all the important highlights on the pitch. And if you are there. I do hope you enjoy the game. I also hope the footage can do both teams proud no matter the quality. CMON THE’FORD
  13. Wishaw Juniors - Scottish Junior Cup Semi-finals

    You’re spot on. The picture is one taken by myself of Blair Park, Hurlford. (Obviously taken when we had better weather). I had added to the end of some highlights from Saturdays game at Kello Rovers . And at the end of the footage edited it to add details of our next match as well as adding a good luck message to my own team. I decided not to add that as I wanted to give Respect to Wishaw on their own thread. Great achievement for Wishaw and I hope the town turns out for you on Saturday. (Although fingers crossed that my team gets through).
  14. Wishaw Juniors - Scottish Junior Cup Semi-finals

    No need to be spending any money on highlights as I’m sure someone will be there with some sort of picture taking device [emoji12]
  15. Scottish Cup Semi Draw

    Thoughts for Saturday! It comes after Friday. Aye and I fancy Kylie Minogue but I think the Mrs would have something to say about it! And if your predictions are correct it won’t just be Sunday that comes after Saturday. Haha. Hope you enjoy the game though.!