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  1. Todays scores 6/4

    Sadly it appears that this “Glenny Lamp” will never be that bright! Aw bless.!
  2. Darvel Juniors 2018/19

    There’s no doubt that inconsistency has hit Darvel hard this season and they’ve proved on more than one occasion that they are more than capable of getting results against the so called “better teams” in the league as well as impressive cup wins against higher league opposition. What has cost them dear is the dropping of points against the sides that are scrapping at the other end of the league as well as the management and personnel changes during the season. I may be an unlikely source to be praising my own teams oldest rivals but had tipped them for promotion which imo will happen. When it will happen is a debate for another day. Good luck to them.
  3. Maybe time to give Largs some credit?

    I’m surprised that you’ve failed to mention that Darvel have already proved this season that beating Talbot isnt an impossible task as yourselves and Glenafton have both managed to do just that at Beechwood. I agree that Talbot will be strong favourites for the final but it may well be closer than some folk think and a Largs win wouldn’t come as a shock.
  4. Maybe time to give Largs some credit?

    No doubt that Largs deserve their place in this season’s Scottish junior cup final. The full back pairing of Creag Little and Nicky Jamieson are IMO two of the best full backs in our league and are in the final on merit and I hope (no disrespect to Talbot) that Largs can go on and win it.
  5. Junior Cup Final

    Congratulations to Largs Thistle on reaching this season’s Scottish junior cup final. They thoroughly deserved their place in the final. And (no disrespect to Auchinleck) but I hope Largs go on and lift the trophy.
  6. West Region Fixtures for 6th April

    Maybe it’s off as there was a “twisted sisters” (sorry Old Firm) game last week!🤭
  7. Famous players that played Junior

    Never heard of him!
  8. Todays scores 23/2

    Who was the sub that Bankies brought on just after the goal? What a turn of speed the boy had (really impressive). On another day Shelvey could’ve had a hat trick as just after scoring his effort was well saved by Ally Brown and shortly after that he hit the side net with another shot. I thought (for a change) the officials all had decent games today.!
  9. Darvel Juniors 2018/19

    Apologies. I hadn’t read the Whitletts thread. Hopefully for the Darvel fans someone will be appointed that is at least given some time to establish themselves and push the team forward. Apologies again! 🤭
  10. Darvel Juniors 2018/19

    Darvel could do worse than appoint Peter Leonard (did well previously at Maybole and Girvan but was away too often when in charge at Cumnock)
  11. Games on ( only )

    Hurlford Utd v Auchinleck Talbot GAME ON
  12. Weather watch

    Game off
  13. Another year, another Cumnock manager

    Agree with the above posts that it isn’t ideal for a manager to be absent for so many games. I also heard from a reliable source that Cumnock would have 5 players missing on Saturday and Largs were a good bet for the win. If these players were missing for the same reasons a Leonard then surely they should follow the same door as him. Good luck to Cumnock in any case.
  14. Games ON 1/12/18

    At Renfrew.
  15. Games ON 1/12/18

    Hurlford Utd v Clydebank GAME ON A reminder that this game kicks off at 1pm