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  1. Darvel Juniors 2018/19

    Apologies. I hadn’t read the Whitletts thread. Hopefully for the Darvel fans someone will be appointed that is at least given some time to establish themselves and push the team forward. Apologies again! 🤭
  2. Darvel Juniors 2018/19

    Darvel could do worse than appoint Peter Leonard (did well previously at Maybole and Girvan but was away too often when in charge at Cumnock)
  3. Games on ( only )

    Hurlford Utd v Auchinleck Talbot GAME ON
  4. Weather watch

    Game off
  5. Another year, another Cumnock manager

    Agree with the above posts that it isn’t ideal for a manager to be absent for so many games. I also heard from a reliable source that Cumnock would have 5 players missing on Saturday and Largs were a good bet for the win. If these players were missing for the same reasons a Leonard then surely they should follow the same door as him. Good luck to Cumnock in any case.
  6. Games ON 1/12/18

    At Renfrew.
  7. Games ON 1/12/18

    Hurlford Utd v Clydebank GAME ON A reminder that this game kicks off at 1pm
  8. Games ON 1/12/18

    Please list all those games that do go ahead today.
  9. Games Off - Sat 1st Dec West Region

    Blantyre v Talbot OFF
  10. Hurlford v Bankies 1st Dec

    Hurlford Utd v Clydebank GAME ON A reminder that today’s kick off at Blair Park is 1pm C’mon The’FORD
  11. Will this game be all ticket? And in any case how much will entry be?
  12. Hurlford v Bankies 1st Dec

    Apparently Clydebank requested the early kick off as their players are heading to Newcastle for a Christmas night out on Saturday night.
  13. Hurlford v Bankies 1st Dec

    Please note that this match is now a 1pm kick off (and not 1:45pm as previously stated).
  14. Hurlford v Bankies 1st Dec

    Hopefully by late Saturday afternoon we will be talking about the game and it’s not the Calum Scott show. You can always tell if a referee has had a decent game if you haven’t noticed him (or her). Will judge him on Saturday and not on previous games. We were fortunate at Lochburn Park to come away with all 3 points but I won’t be complaining if we do the same again on Saturday. C’mon The’FORD
  15. You’re right! What was I thinking haha.[emoji1303]