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  1. Todays scores

    Hurlford Utd 5 Johnstone Burgh 1 L. Caddis (2) R. Caddis Lidington McKillen
  2. Bill McMahon RIP.

    The funeral of Bill McMahon will take place on Monday (12th of November) at 12 noon at Galston parish church and thereafter at Galston cemetery at 12:45 pm. The thoughts from all at Hurlford United are with his wife Tillie and family.
  3. Darvel Juniors 2018/19

    Scottish cup 4th round draw Darvel v Largs Thistle Good luck!
  4. Games off

    The pitches ain’t the problem though. It’s Hurricane Oscar.! Oh and for those obsessed with the Blair Park pitch.. It’s playable at the moment.!
  5. Mindless vandals attack junior club.

    The justice system pampers to the scum and usually underage vermin that carry out these acts of mindless vandalism and (or) arson. If they get taken into care they’ll get a new pair of expensive trainers or PlayStation as punishment (hardly a deterant) Hit them where it hurts by plastering their names/ faces in social media and confiscate all their toys. (And give them community service where they’ll be seen and shamed)!!
  6. Good luck in the senior Scottish

    Or they might just jog on back to the forum they ought to be on.!
  7. Good luck in the senior Scottish

    And good to see Talbot are still in there too !
  8. Good luck in the senior Scottish

    Congratulations to Beith against the “Big guns” haha
  9. Darvel Juniors 2018/19

    Darvel v Whitburn in the Scottish.
  10. Todays scores 6/10

    Anyone know who scored the 2nd Beith goal please?
  11. Todays scores 29/9/18

    Full time Hurlford United 10 Dufftown 0
  12. Todays scores 29/9/18

    Hurlford Utd 5 Dufftown 0 half time
  13. Darvel Juniors 2018/19

    Good luck at Petershill today
  14. Todays scores 29/9/18

    Cumnock romp through.
  15. Todays scores 29/9/18

    Todays goals and updates please.