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  1. The trialists are Robert Tatar from Romania and a young striker called Ross Peters who played with Hibs I think, not 100% on that though.
  2. I see, it's slightly confusing having two players on trial that look fairly similar 😂
  3. Judging by his tweets it was Gareth Watson at training with us the other day as opposed to Smith.
  4. Lindsay has been deployed wide left a few times recently, do you think aitken will shoehorn Lindsay out wide to compensate for Barr returning to cm?
  5. I didn't quite catch what he said, something about a crematorium?
  6. According to soccerbase, McCallum has made 1 start and 8 sub appearances since the start of last season. It says he's scored 3 goals with a 0.25 goals to game ratio.
  7. What are the chances of this getting called off?
  8. We've got Smith coming back to us in January. How has he done at Cowden, I take it we'll probably just release him?
  9. We've only played three league games. We haven't even got a chance to see what miller and smith are able to do in this team. Surely aitken can't be judging them and having second thoughts when he's barely seen them in a competitive game?
  10. Anyone know where the best place to park would be?
  11. Rodgers is an outstanding goalkeeper, he saved something ridiculous like 8 or 9 penalties last season. Surprised aberdeen are loaning him again tbh.
  12. Does anyone have any idea how much our average wage is? I have a pal who's a Morton fan and he seems to be convinced we're paying our players more than them.
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