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  1. Gallops finally fucking off! Hopefully they appoint someone who actually cares about the game and is competent.
  2. It only slightly works for the away top, the home one is howfing
  3. Hopefully we have a strong season again, dissapointed that Davidson left but understandable .
  4. f**k FIFA and Qatar, Strip it from the bribing c***s and give it to Australia, just replace Qatar in Australias place In qualifying and job done
  5. Good appointment Killie, was definitely left field
  6. XIII

    E3 2019

    Doom Eternal and Carrion looks decent, rest look shite
  7. Not new, they initially released it last year prior to the WC, I got mine then. They just had more stock for the WWC.
  8. Arsenal home and West Ham away are the best so far
  9. So Australia has lost a Automatic ACL spot, wonder how that could be?
  10. Deflated. Sydney did well to nullify our style of play and it all came down to the lottery of pens. Either way what a season for Perth, looking forward to next season now
  11. If you are on pc, Steep is free on uplay for a limited time, supposed to be quite good
  12. Well that's me got tickets for the final, CMON THE GLORY!
  13. You alright pal? Im not losing any tears, just laughing at Muscats tactics backfiring at him in a big way.
  14. The relevance being Sydney sent out a full strength team to the champs league midweek and thumped Victory today
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