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  1. PS I know that’s a stupid answer but it’s the truth!
  2. If it helps I got 6 games last season for ‘leaving the technical area’ 😂😂😂
  3. Muirkirk have a supporters club that run a bus to every away game, numbers have grew massively in past couple of seasons and they often out number the home support. Tremendous effort from them all
  4. This and Burgh v Yoker are both huge
  5. Hammer throwers? I think our defence was excellent, backs to the wall for 40 minutes and fought like lions
  6. They’ve been very active on Facebook for a while
  7. Noticed there wasn’t a topic set up for this league yet. Looks like a very exciting one this year with team who all took points of each other last season competing. Best of luck to everyone involved.
  8. Just a wee note about transport. Couple of years ago my work used Galt Transport to move a 20ft container and it cost £150.00 from Clydebank to Paisley. Just to give you an idea about moving the containers.
  9. The Vics manager was previously the manager of Afro Scots - an amateur team offering football to those who arrived in Scotland from an African country or from African descent. He brought in most of that team, unusual but most welcome and he’s a good guy into the bargain
  10. Having since spoken to George I’d like to apologise to him for my comments. In all my time involved with football I have never fallen out with anyone and don’t intend to start doing so now. Sadly I let the combination of an online troll and emotion get the better of me and made comments I now regret. For me football is about the bond with players, peers and supporters and I forgot that on Saturday. I wish George all the best with his recovery and hope to see him back in the game he loves as soon as possible. For me it’s now about building for next season and another stab at League Two. Kevin
  11. It’s ok, he’s waited almost two years to put Muirkirk down. He’s right, performance was awful today. Embarrassing was probably the time he was beaten 16-0 not a 5-2 defeat. Our promotion hopes ended today but we’ve achieve more league points this season than any Muirkirk manager has achieved since 1985. Beating last season record, set by oh me! enjoy your gloating.
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