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  1. West Region League 2 2018/19

    The Vics manager was previously the manager of Afro Scots - an amateur team offering football to those who arrived in Scotland from an African country or from African descent. He brought in most of that team, unusual but most welcome and he’s a good guy into the bargain
  2. West Region League 2 2018/19

    Having since spoken to George I’d like to apologise to him for my comments. In all my time involved with football I have never fallen out with anyone and don’t intend to start doing so now. Sadly I let the combination of an online troll and emotion get the better of me and made comments I now regret. For me football is about the bond with players, peers and supporters and I forgot that on Saturday. I wish George all the best with his recovery and hope to see him back in the game he loves as soon as possible. For me it’s now about building for next season and another stab at League Two. Kevin
  3. West Region League 2 2018/19

    It’s ok, he’s waited almost two years to put Muirkirk down. He’s right, performance was awful today. Embarrassing was probably the time he was beaten 16-0 not a 5-2 defeat. Our promotion hopes ended today but we’ve achieve more league points this season than any Muirkirk manager has achieved since 1985. Beating last season record, set by oh me! enjoy your gloating.
  4. West Region League 2 2018/19

    Will be doing all we can, but the same applies when Lanark come! Home record is decent, will need to very much improve on last weeks performance however...
  5. West Region League 2 2018/19

    Cheers Kennie!
  6. West Region League 2 2018/19

    Moment of madness but my understanding is that should have been a drop ball and not a free kick?
  7. West Region League 2 2018/19

    Thanks for your words. A poster of motivation for our dressing room wall...
  8. West Region League 2 2018/19

    I thought he forgot his password as he stopped stalking me for a while...
  9. Ashfield F C - 2018/2019

    Very fair match report, refereeing performance yesterday was dire. I’ve enjoyed both Ashfield games, good old fashioned junior battles!
  10. West Region League 2 2018/19

    Cheers, we’ve been playing really well, hoping to sneak up on a few teams above us. Ashfield 3 weeks ago are the first game we’ve lost since the Gow way back in October
  11. West Region League 2 2018/19

    Congratulations to Lanark, still to play them this season but with that run of results completely deserved to be where they are.
  12. Totally agree with you big man. Normally refs feel worse when you lose but recently we beat Burgh 6-0 Newmains 5-0 and today Ashfield 3-2 and the refereeing performances in these were dire also.
  13. McBookie's Odds 5th January

    Boys are looking for a beer!
  14. McBookie Odds Saturday 20th