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  1. A minute or two but I never expected anyone to ask who he is. There is always one.
  2. Lives up the road from me. He works with the council.
  3. Stevie Johnstone was in the stand but left with ten minutes to go.
  4. A disappointing day. Started well and looked the better team. Although the goal should have been given as offside it was sloppy play which was repeated soon after and we could have been two down. From there it took us until the last ten minutes to figure out how to get past the half way line without punting the ball. Dumbarton were content to feed off our mistakes and should have had it sown up before we put any real pressure on them. It is very difficult to take the piss when you have lost but a brighter moment from the game was Wallace and Gemmell competing for the Mr Blobby trophy.
  5. Not sure if that’s Dumbarton’s current team but most of the East Fife team do seem very young by comparison. After a wake-up call against Bonnyrigg they are starting to look like a team.
  6. I don’t know Ally Love or whether he is a really nice guy or not. It was a bad tackle bordering on a red card but in a League 2 Saturday game it would have drawn a bit of discussion and been forgotten by Sunday night. As it’s one of the bigot brothers the police are looking for an attempted murder suspect.
  7. I think it is a rhetorical question as you know the answer. If an answer was required it is contained in the last two words of your post.
  8. It’s a pretty simple situation. We have a 51% owner. Do we really need a “potential investor” who needs advise on what that means. This is a 2nd Div. football club. Due diligence could probably be done in a morning. The potential investor would need to buy 51% or get on his bike. Maybe they have a master plan. Invest money in the club, increase the value of the 51% and then buy it.
  9. We have experienced players. Any new signings are unlikely to be inexperienced youngsters. Any U20s in the squad will be there because the manager feels they are good enough. We are nowhere near having “ a team filled with u20 players”
  10. These are just pointless questions. You are saying nothing. Being mid-table doesn’t mean there are no players capable playing in the first team.
  11. I think they finished mid-table. Are you going to make a point ?
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