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  1. It’s difficult to reply on the subject of opening the lounge, streaming and hospitality without sounding negative or critical. However here goes with what I hope is realistic. The lounge will only hold about 30 socially distanced customers. Will any more than 20% of ST holders not have access ? In theory no car sharing so a fair % would be lone drivers not having a drink. It would be table service so at least one server and one behind the bar - minimum 8 hours wages unless volunteers. How many non ST holders will travel to the club to pay £5/£10 ??? to watch the game ? Absolutely best case 30 customers buy 3 drinks each. Revenue £100 ? Profit on drink £50 ? Great that the ideas keep coming but I think the restriction on no’s mean this will only generate minimal profit. The funding idea is great and well supported by mostly “regulars” but under current conditions there is a limit to how much disposable cash there is.
  2. LIGHTING UP BAYVIEW (An update from Fifers For The Community) Unfortunately we missed the planned start date for installation but work did start on Monday 31st August. John Donaldson spent time on the Monday morning going through all the Health and Safety / Risk Assessment procedures with the contractors. Progress was good during Monday and Tuesday with one pylon being completed by Tuesday night but since then wind conditions have prevented any high level work being done. As I write on Monday morning 7th September the wind is still preventing any work being done up high but the contractors have been carrying out prep work on cables and fittings. Fingers crossed now for some nice calm weather. Although precise fitting by fitting positioning is still to be done the full LED lighting on the completed pylon was tested last Wednesday night and feedback from those who saw it was that the level of light produced was excellent. Any questions on the new floodlighting please send to [email protected]
  3. Stop it. This will go on and on until KK has the last pun.
  4. FFTC FIFERS FOR THE COMMUNITY SCIO IT’S BACK FFTC are delighted that East Fife Community Football Club is now back in action on the 3G surface at Bayview. Michelle and the EFCFC committee have put in a power of work to interpret a very lengthy document issued by the SFA to ensure that all U17 groups can get back into training and limited games within the club set-up. Every step of the way the safety of players and coaches has been paramount. The pitch has been divided into four quarters and up to 10 players and 2 coaches can train in each quarter. For the three weeks leading up to schools opening there will be around 35 x 1 hour sessions each week for all age groups and to demonstrate the commitment of the EFCFC committee and coaches there will also be a football camp every day from 1pm – 4pm, Monday to Friday and there are still vacancies. It would be near impossible to list all the precautions which have been put in place but they include : · A one-way entry and exit system ensuring groups do not mingle. · Cleaning equipment between each session. · Cleaning toilets between each session. · Registers of contact details for all players. Prior to the opening EFCFC and the FFTC caretakers spent time deep cleaning the toilet facilities and signage with details of the one-way system, safety instructions etc was put up around the ground. FFTC hope that the contribution from the EFCFC committee, parents and FFTC caretakers is recognised for helping to make EFCFC a set-up which can match most organisations in Scotland.
  5. Why is everyone treating him like the village idiot ? He seems to have inside knowledge and actually saw mark the other night.
  6. The website fundraiser sits at £12K with some of that coming from neutrals and supporters of other clubs. Do you seriously think a fundraiser to provide additional capacity for a ground which is almost always under occupied will raise eight times that amount ?
  7. Nothing like a bit of irony from Big Fifer to brighten things up. Critical of unrealistic expectations in Cups but holds realistic expectations of terracing at Bayview. East Fife’s objective in the coming years, like many other teams in Scotland, will be solvency. I suspect terracing will be just below toilet rolls on a list of necessary expenditure.
  8. No wonder we are struggling. How can youngsters take that seriously.
  9. Curious as to what a fancy dan coach is. Baxter, Law etc,etc, were all great in their day but around that time the rest of the world was moving on through coaching. Dutch and German coaches would probably encourage individual skills but as part of a coaching package. Generally speaking league positions are determined by crowd base and finance. Maybe in terms of population and investment Scotland is punching under its weight but not by much.
  10. Wife and kids are in a safe house and extra police patrols have been requested. I don't have any significant objections to the old firm colts entering Div. 2. Put in place a cast iron set of Ts and Cs to cover promotion/relegation/age groups/cups/non Scottish players etc. etc. so that the tail doesn't wag the dog any more than it currently does It will have very,very little influence on the quality of young players coming through. It will provide a financial lifeline to many Div. 2 teams Many posters on here say there is very little interest in old firm reserves or colts so minimal crowd problems. Similarly the standard is said to be poor so with relegation a possibility they will find their level. If they are obeying the Ts and Cs it is extremely unlikely a colts team would ever reach Championship level. Despite those who say " I will never be back if..." I don't think there would a significant fall in home attendances - maybe 10% max. which would only be 30-40 in Div 2. A large majority of lower league fans are quite happy to support their team, buy their pie and half time draw tickets but have no serious interest in the politics and machinations of the SPFL or club board rooms. Even if other Premier league teams wanted to have colts teams in the league they are unlikely to want to pay the "entry fee" so could come in at the same level as any other ex-Junior or new aspiring clubs.
  11. Club can apply now for May’s wages and it will be in the club’s account for the end of the month. Should also work for weekly as I think you can claim for up to 10 days in advance.
  12. Usually a dozen experts on by now explaining why it was or wasn’t a penalty but not a cheep so far.
  13. Yes. We really went for the jugular against Falkirk a couple of weeks ago.
  14. Read a lot of bad press about the stewards at Forfar but full marks to “Neil Lennon” for his reaction to the young guys with the drum.
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