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  1. with the leagues returning and dates for Scottish cup given I’m just glad to see us back playing again and talking about football again.
  2. Yeah there’s that one too but it’s shame as I don’t think the club knew we were in a position to see a three week shut down of the leagues. It’s probably frustrating for anyone connected to the club but probably right call with what it is coming to so no surprised.
  3. at the moment I would recall the strikers we have out onloan and if the season doesn’t start then we won’t be signing someone short term plus I like the thought of seeing Mackenzie back as he featured v Montrose in the 2-2 draw so the more game time as a third striker where if there’s no option out there then why not. The rest would have been recalled as I think all the leagues below championship level is called off.
  4. Perhaps no then, sounds bonkers we should be trying get up and playing the pars and Raith every week your right 😂
  5. getting in a left back - add strength to centre of the park and a striker would be nice. mark mcguigan was stenny goal for man but yeah just rumours until it’s confirmed. I would keep the boys that are out onloan to remain onloan than wait until the 20s to start that way they are playing and gaining game time but I would keep Newton he’s played eight games in our first team, deserved his new contract and enjoying it when giving a chance.
  6. Plus Robinson goals are helping them win games too he was signed from east fife so developing jack for rest of the season to same loan as Jason Kerr will help him gain first team what’s the point sit behind all these forwards they have.
  7. Was hoping we can be Livingston new feeder club like stenny is to hibs in sending more players to us onloan. we’ve enjoyed the links we had with St Johnstone, Dundee United before in helping talent ie from Ali Coote to Jason Kerr. any talks of signing? was hoping we hijack Kai Kennedy clearly good player that won’t get used by Gerrard sadly but no brainier to be joining another championship side onloan hopefully with aiden on this weeks cover for this game we see him play since I watched him play Stenhousemuir away in a friendly but dunno for who and I need no telling how bad we were last year and the year before that in thinking tranet will turn up to be walk in the park going by Dundonalds performance in the last round and with tranet top of the eos league we did get beat by Caledonian braves in a friendly all be it was at Strathclyde park on a cold Tuesday night at m&ds no one even noticed.
  8. brilliant win, way to kick off 2021 I suppose it’s time to regroup the people for a power struge up the table? going to enjoy this weekend. Well done.
  9. Possibly we would need bring another replacement one in if he’s away but I wait on the club announcement on the social media platforms. I guess it’s not worked out for Thomas either that he’s joining out onloan to free up space for signings but yeah we certainly need another striker in his place aswell getting a left back in and maybe another strong midfielder similar to Davidson few loans in maybe would do as we have a lot future players out onloan already. Could be a busy market with Collins linked to stenny upto the management look at the squad.
  10. a left back, a centre midfield and add another striker also keep our prize asset at us from livi but January hit and hope so hopefully we sign one of those three I said well fingers crossed.
  11. Hopefully a lot better than the last match, we turn up for this game though I can’t recall the last time we beat Falkirk in any of the east fife sides I have seen over the years and without those Falkirk commentary talking about pies etc...😴... hopefully.
  12. Think we do need win away from home than think of any games in hand tazz 🤔 lets think of next week in Dumbarton and did what we did at home when they visited bayview.
  13. Nope. take the big German instead you have out onloan but yous should be fine with what you have.
  14. Should be winning these games no question! I’m glad they will be without Steven Anderson at the back everytime we played him either when he was at Raith-Partick onloan before we’ve struggled that was the same reason we lost last week we seem to try launch balls for veteran McKenzie to deal with them fairly easy without being creative or use the wide positions stretch the opponent’s and work the ball into the box without trying to walk the ball into the net.
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