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  1. Feel like with boonyrigg beating Forfar and now east fife, they will beat most teams until they are found out. felt also for their penalty they was a foul in the build up and free kick to east fife, official was very poor nearly every east fife foul was a Bonnyrigg free kick given the newbie team all the advantage but the red card at the end was just a cover up of how poor they were.
  2. With that bridge beyond me that bridge is in need for a repair unlike the iron bridge which is rusting away and in far worse state across river leven. I also don’t get why there’s no a pedestrian crossing from stadium to the swimming pool or even another road through the power station but I guess that’s private land to where bayview sits on that’s own by the guys the brought our land.
  3. Since Newcastle loaded and we never got anything from Dowds, Agnew or Watson I want a fee and sell on clauses if anyone takes one of our three goalies left. Least we can use the money on bringing players in or do up the stadium.
  4. I think both are similar and play on the left side, just average players. anyways how did the Q&A go, did we make any further signings? Any plans on this season? or did we watch players train today. how depressing is this season than the previous season.
  5. Reminds me a bit like “see what happens sort of thing” but I thought the game vs Dunfermline once trouten and Shiavone was subbed off we looked more defensive and they got their two goals.
  6. Alloa away is the only result apart from Saturday result v Cowdenbeath. With the betfred cup tomorrow you think we get a few more bodies through the door. given we can only sign players local, wage budget etc we might have go with what we have which is bleak.
  7. last season problems: • the departures of players leaving and not replaced • league got stronger from previous 2/3 seasons with Cove, Queens Park joining Airdrie, Falkirk where they can attract better players than what Clyde, Us could attract and in terms of wages etc. • writing was on the wall since the betfred cup stages • we didn’t have a Jack Hamilton type player • Wallace leaving, returning and going in a huff didn’t help matters this season problems: • lack of transfers (we had 2x trialists v Hill o Beath there) • too many youths that have oversee recent games • we need replace a new squad and we are without goal scorer • we don’t even know who the captain and vice captains are (unless we’ve gave pat slattery the captaincy from Kevin Smith) • we haven’t announced a third strip unless it’s the same from previous season and going by Wikipedia there’s a home kit and third kit (away kit missing?) • increase pricing for league 2 • fans happiness
  8. Still think Jude number 1 in goals ahead of Fleming and Gal. We seriously lack players in midfield and upfront. Did watch the game was impressed by Denham and the trialist from Alloa (Lucas Williamson?) left back player. I still think we need players with experience or from higher up the leagues to come in onloan to add what we have.
  9. do we have anyone left from the u20s anyways? That’s cammy Dow away to crossgates on a permanent deal. I was hoping he would be use as back up, maybe he wanted game time. i can recall the u20s finishing 11th but the likes of mckenzie is away to St. Andrews I herd also. Surely they’ll be more signings to come.
  10. I almost forgot he went there until you mention that there. Jesus crist.
  11. But Darvel, Kelty and cove will pay clubs like East Fife, Forfar etc for current players as would championship teams. That’s nothing much of archievement when was the last time east fife or Forfar spent money on players?
  12. Because he started the last two seasons good. last season he left for work commitments after he done pre-season he came back then went in another huff and we was in a much bigger hole as a team on the park never mind leaving, fans trust went out the window for an individual that the club had as goal scorer/striker we currently had tied down. No wonder fans, now the club have decided to part ways on a player that gave his all for east fife remember the time Bobby linn left for Arbroath. We probably see last of him in an east fife top.
  13. Last season was final straw for Wallace. Supporters backed him and huff and puff when things got hard no disrespect the guy has a part time job outside football but we need players who turn up to play for East Fife every Saturday and the odd cold night in coatbridge. So no bothered he’s left but when Wallace is on fire he’s a very good player. im hoping there’s more strikers added than what we have right now I’m looking at Cunningham and Shepherd that is frightening but never know. Oh high early days yet I guess!
  14. Scott McBride is back at the club as the new head coach of under 20 set up.
  15. Yeah I get the second option that mercer kinda wasted on the left side and i would expect Crawford to improve the defence from last season we kept chucking goals in and I would love a centre back brought in since we’ve let go of two Higgins and Dunlop since. have mercer and murdoch fight for right back place but surely there’s more than 3/4 players needed?
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