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  1. The East Fife Thread

    Take back Christian Nade if hes around last seen scoring for L2 Annan at the weekend.
  2. Dumbarton v East Fife 20.4.19

    We need get off the sons mantelpiece - a win would take us closers to mo in fourth but Dumbarton have been our bogey team this year and we really need a reaction from the weekend. hopefully we keep Dom Thomas and the boy Gallacher quiet in this fixture.
  3. Keep/punt/undecided

    For EF Remaining are Agnew, Long, Dunlop, Dunsmore, Taco, Tonks,d Watt, Slattery, Kev, Davidson. Signing in - Hunter that makes 11. i would keep - Linton - Good at set piece and can play in defence and midfield. Murdoch - played one game v Arbroath and came to us on loan from Utd still think if he wasn't injured he would of played a part. Janny - is a must, he was coming onto a game forming a partnership with either Dunlop and Meggat before Higgins was drafted in on loan and his recent injury still is a massive leader in defence department. So a must sign for next season. Meggat - likewise with Watson he needs to stay at bay view, massive upgrade from last season and is one of our better CHs within the team with vast experience, quality, defending me leadership from the back. Dunno pile - Court - had expectations he would be great and get goals than his former employers at RR, has managed to get a couple (including Fife Cup) but part from that he's had chances to deliver, would keep if we can't find an upgrade to the four strikers we do need to get us goals as well as defending to deliver any success so jury's out until something changes. Higgins - brings in vast experience bit disappointed he hasn't lived up to much but he's in my dunno pile for nows. Daniel Terry - has done ok part from the Forfar game on his debut but the guy is just a back up and when call upon he's been great. Bin Kano - I think nows the time and hasn't been up to much this season particularly. Sparky - feel it's time to move on. Couser - needs to be playing regularly if he's still with us then he needs to find football elsewhere. Loaned RC - will go back to hearts, would love to keep Currie but question he'll want to test himself elsewhere out onloan or be near the hearts bench. Watson - I'm failing to see what he has bring to the table he still has a long long way of getting anywhere near the well 1st team and I felt we should of kept Craig Thomson but he wasn't getting much games either and left for Brechin.
  4. The East Fife Thread

    Thought it's reason Leveins has shipped him out to get regular games he's still has a long way to go when he's fit he adds that bit something different upfront to the three strikers we have, PS can we have him next year!?
  5. The East Fife Thread

    Excellent loan signing that we are missing due to injury.
  6. The East Fife Thread

    Fair point in Lanarkshire today but known us we'll take it to last game to scrape a position for the Play Offs and with four games left, Bit of headache once Cw does return before the seasons out where Higgy will fit into the back 4 mind you but like Gordon said i wouldn't shuffle the pack to cause the uncertainty when everyones available. As for loanees we badly miss RC and having a team of four good strikers within the side thats went on a run as before and capable to do it but we as a team need to turn games into three points and to get a PO birth 'points towards it is which we need and we still have the 5th place, 7th place and 10th place to play we can't still keep relying on arbroath beating Mo like today we really need to deliever what we have caused ourselfs by not winning off those games espically in hand to dig us towards that final four weeks push that we keep banging on about hopefully a win and todays draw is what is like a turnaround platform we need on this race we've opened. Exciting few weeks ahead thats for sure come on EF!
  7. The East Fife Thread

    Morale boosting win yesterday in Cowdenbeath last night, great to see the likes of Terry, Kyle “Taco”Bell etc get a game for a full ninety minus under their belts and Courty getting the goals. Huge game on Saturday @ penny car stadium I see victory’s over AirdrieO and Montrose as a six pointer for fourth. Come On East Fife !! Let’s get behind the team !!
  8. East Fife V Raith Rovers

    Here your get a boat at Methil docks for that price kidding on
  9. East Fife V Raith Rovers

    Well he’ll make a good start before Saturday crunch to identify a seat out the 1,900 capacity seated stadium we have then just don’t pick it up and start waving it a poor lassie stewardess this time.... watch this zen archer will be out in force trying to recover my grammar or something. #LetsTryToEnjoyTheBeautifulGame
  10. Alternative League Awards

    1. Player of the Year - Dominic Thomas for me his hat trick against us purely, just shows you why’s he plays for Kilmarnock and should be playing higher than league one. 2. Dud of the Year - Roy Loy 3. Most Improved player - Danny Denholm seems to be great player whenever east fife played Arbroath, one of those names that’s a bit like Ross Davidson you don’t think he’s great but on his day he looks a player and for me he’s impressed me 4. Goal of the Season - Dom Thomas 5. Save of the Season - Darren Jamieson saving our very own Docherty’s penalty when we had the chance to beat Arbroath for the first time this season at home. 6. Cry baby / Temper of the year - Bobby Barr telling the referee that east fife shouldn’t be awarded a chance to equalise v Dumbarton at home. 7. Defensive Player of the Year - Dougie Hill of Brechin 8. Most Skilful player - Dylan Easton and one player you just love or hate really. 9. Best away experience - Not one stands out unless Berwick gets promoted or Ayr gets relegated so for this case the 2-0 won over Raith is the only away day that’s made it enjoyable going to between that and visiting Dingwall stroke dalymount park over in ROI that fits this case in terms in the Ef support. 10. Best catering - I like ours but I’m not going to put ours so I’m giving this award to none other than Arbroath!! Quote
  11. East Fife V Raith Rovers

    Wondering why JMcG is no longer building up ahead of the derby and realised they’ve stuck his assistant on their TV channel? doing their pre-match comments....how raith with injuries ahead of the game? RC and Tonks two upfront for me with Dunsy at his usual tavernier of east fife stuff at Right full back can’t risk getting Kano sent off especially a derby. Out of question but has Higgins and Meggat played as a pairing yet? Might be tempting....With Watt, Davidson, Agnew and Kev in midfield. Come on east fife !!!!!!!!!
  12. The East Fife Thread

    Absolutely fabulous tying Mr. Young on what it appears another two year contract fantasic news and the work Darren, Tony and Lindsay has made to this season has been improvement to last season. Staying on contract talk hope there’s some more would be great to see the likes of Meggat, Janny and possibly Scotty Linton stay but if we look at better or improvement then so be it, I’m 100% in young we trust and having the manager tied to another two more seasons great platform around the 10 players that’s agreed to stay around. Hopefully we finish the season sweet a place above Fifth position which will be good on the club direction and progress. At first there’s six games left and we need focus on this derby!!! #MonTheFife Ps I’m glad the social media work ie twitter is a bonus hence the news has flittered through and along the M8, keep it up you lovely volunteers working at NB.
  13. East Fife V Raith Rovers

    expect to see some changes from saturdays disappointed result but from any derby you don't know what to expect but a win is needed if we are to get anywhere above fifth place.
  14. East Fife vs Brechin Match Thread

    Hopefully we nick all three at home than the recent goal-less draw with some who missed that game have returned to action. Need some ultra boosting win going into next saturdays derby match atleast and keep the gap from Mo/diamonds/sons alive and at completion for the POs!! MonTheFife
  15. The East Fife Thread

    Definitely maybe keep Linton or Higgins or even both aswell !!