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  1. I also noticed the under 20s are also have a friendly away to Kirkcaldy & dysart fc at Penman park according to their website on mon 21st June, with the under 20s not played for a year would be also good to see them play together. Be interesting to take note of those who were drafted in squad as a sub along with Newton through last season see how the rest of them do ahead of their league this term etc.. like Rbon stated I would imagine if fans aren’t back in June then streams will still be provided for both teams within the football club competitively or least highlights.
  2. Chris Higgins is perfect if smith not playing but then your looking around at Ross Davidson etc...
  3. Probably has been placed on the transfer list given the fact he tried it out at stenny and they never signed him on a permanent contract. But it’s probably good for both parties in that sense, hopefully he can find a club at his level. good luck to the lad, it just hasn’t worked out.
  4. Probably for the best for both parties that TC left to gain regular games elsewhere he didn’t have the best season with us and didn’t do much at stenny other than impact sub. Means that we have a space to bring someone else in as a striker if needed or onloan like Jack.
  5. by sounds of things it’s probably a 12 month contract unlike the deals given to Collins, McGuigan, McManus etc. I actually thought he played well out of the loanees we had when he came in for the final 4/5 games towards season ends according to transfermarkt he can play left back, centre back other words he’s very versatile among the back line. Thought he was outstanding at home v Dumbarton looked good on the ball and scored in that match though we’ve played him at right back and at centre back when Murdoch, Higgins and Watson was missing through suspensions/injuries likewise with cammy Dow he’s only 19 years of age still room for potential with this laddy and very surprised he’s been released by saints but I would like us to sign a more experienced pro for both the defence in regarding bringing another centre back and left back in. Think we’re probably two or three players away from assembling a side for the forthcoming season but.
  6. East Fife: Goalies: Scott Gallacher Tacklers: Aaron Steele Chris Higgins Ross Dunlop Stewart Murdoch Midfielders: Pat Slattery Aaron Dunsmore Ross Davidson Danny Denholm Liam Watt Liam Newton Danny Swanson Forwards: Ryan Wallace Kevin Smith Mark McGuigan Sean Brown Thomas Collins
  7. Yeah we lacked goals at airdrie, Clyde, Dumbarton when we saw him though his best game was when he came on against Forfar and scored. I’m hoping to prove wrong and giving the guy a full season with pre-season training may help him having came from Shire. though I’ll still have him ahead of Collins but my front two would be MM and Waldo with Kev from the bench, I know TC has another year left I was hoping with the BSC mob taken over at Stenny he would go there permanently but like at Ef he struggled to make impact there though if he’s staying I’m happy give both guys a chance but not my starter unless we have or carry injuries, suspension etc. with the squad wise I’m hoping we can bring in a goalie, certainly a left back (probably going back to having GN was the last one and Penrice!), centre back for Watson!, would like see Steele back onloan just that he was giving game time and still young and versatility in defence for that reason and maybe a midfielder or two but with Jack Healy upto three appearance like see another newton type there and cammy Dow I was impressed with at forfar not so much at sauchie before his loan spell at Phil McGuire team has helped it since there’s no u20s, decent crosser aswell on cammy. But I’m looking forward to new season maybe a full season with fans of course we’ll fingers crossed!
  8. Think he still qualifies for the u20s squad.
  9. I’m gutted Brett left out those two like many have said, but to have none manager feels the freshness to bring in new players over the summer ie goalies then I’m for it. I’m sure like 7 11 has said we won’t be playing without one so not end of the world. Though I have to admit Brett was my favourite goalie since Willie McCulloch/Jim Butter was at the club.
  10. looks like Jordan hart is away going by tweets also. I would have kept Janny sad to see him go I’m sure both will find a club. As for the poty that was amazing put together by the media team, fabulous stuff I have to say.
  11. Absolutely agree with this post MTF, I also quite pleased that we have stick to Young for another season or two given how this season was stopped start due to the pandemic and were still not out the woods yet with Glasgow in tier 3 still. It would be mental to give Kevin the job as young is building something here and we have still to reach our goal which is play offs or more in his footballing managerial career. I know young has had three seasons to get us there and we have been 6th/7th or short than the goal set I still think he has more to give like he got Albion Rovers to their highest position and we have still to reach ours me thinks. As for players returning quite like the idea if Murdo was to move on which I hope not as murdo’s been solid to see Mercer come in I would also like see another two strikers along with a midfield since we’ve got short of bell and Agnew- either in the mind of millar or McManus strikes my mind from Stranraer since they fell short of archiving promotion this year and hoping we sort our left side problems this year. As for goalie do we need two top goalies? I certainly wouldn’t loose sleep if one went and the other stayed and I really hope Brett stays out them two. Though be interesting see what happens after tonight’s awards see who’s left and who’s going, let’s hope the covid is all gone once the euros arrive so we can have a full crack at league 1 behind supporters at bayview again I’m certainly missing bayview it’s been a year or so I’m buzzing for the new season.
  12. Thank for the update Sammy. Yeah I had the feeling the manager may also look at other jobs potentially with Alloa coming back down but really hope he can stay on as Ef manager. With the season now finished be interesting to see who goes or stays.
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