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  1. East Fife v Stranraer

    not for the first time either should have been home and dried at 3-0 up. Like Airdrie away we lose 2/3 goals, the drew is probably more of a defeat than the draw with Wraith in august!!
  2. The East Fife Thread

    good news about that the manager is hoping to extend striker Currie until end of the season thats good hope, hopefully we can sign one or two extra bodies in january aswell as iv pervious said would like to see Andy Driver a player with bags of experience was released by a dutch club end of last season and without a club having played for the hearts and aboard in the past! He would be a player with knowlegde and experience at this level a player that can play on the left side and another body in either defence or midfield that has strength and attuide to commit or a dude that we can bring in on loan on the rather cheap option. aswell start to build for next season ie Long, Dunsmore, Watt and King Kebabs favourite” Meggatt!! on new deals.
  3. East Fife v Stranraer

    Montrose game is surely a wake up call If we are to be anywhere above FIFTH place. With the amount of new managers brouughht in at four different clubs bar stranraer and forfar who are around the play offs, games like stranraer on saturday are huge in terms of the points. Like Smugglefifer says we need go back to the winning formula where Long is back in goals, the patnership of Watson and Meggatt forms a pairing, where Pat, Agnew, Dunsmore, Watt, Dowds plays in. Also like to see more of Thomson i feel we haven't quite got anything from him since we signed him from St Johnstone but early days yet, i wouldn't mind seeing more of kyle bell too and we seem to have went off the boil since in terms of performances since Raith game in that 2-1, i really hope im Wrong since we all found out the date for Dublin i could be wrong but we need to focus on this month geet back to winning ways especially this saturday. Since its STRANRAER no doubt Mark Lamont and Connor McManus will be a well known ken face along with Jamie Hamill and exPars/Celtic loanee JP Crossan in amongst the opposition team sheet. But I'd say a biast 3-1 following that defeat the squad batter their defence with some sort reaction with O'Reilly, McManus and screamer fae Paul Stewart and Michael Moore replies. Mon the fife!! Happy weekend all around.....my friend KK can post the Leven to glasgow express and put some heat back in the rusty tin on wheels and ill bring out the de-icer
  4. East Fife v Montrose

    Like KK said this game is a must win game!! hopefully the win at Berwick Rangers will kick start another unbeaten record in the L1, this game is crucial as Airdrie go to Raith on the latest form and Forfar in fourth not far in terms of points behind us. I wonder if DY we'll stick playing MacDee in goals or bring back Brett for this one..Me being me would bring back Brett but the sub keeper has done well considering not playing for a long time so obviously his first match he'll be rusty but im very happy than last season choice of goalies!! Erm another bit of jigsaw will be the choice of forwards DY selects definitely would start young then end up with Currie and Kev doing the damage at tired some defenders. However the Mo come into this match winning a replay v Annan, they aren't push overs either. #Monthefife
  5. Bohemians v East Fife - Diddy Cup 1/4 Final

    Too right but wait this is steven gerrard first season as rangers manager they have yet to reach anywhere than bangku but they dunno the ugly glesga sisters of either brenda or rangers might have some hatred towards being simply east fife come the end of their europa league hodooo before xmas time !!!!
  6. The East Fife Thread

    Good to see the club advertising the already fan names tunnel ahead of xmas and January 2019 but as a suggestion we should give the half season ticket sales which is already began some publicly / or notefication the same big board for those thats not already known checking the club shop online on the social media platforms to attrach new fans on this good vibe this year the club bringing. As another suggestion since i can't make AGM's on where i currently live, the player sponsorships would be a good £50 for january to May sponsors as to June or July of £100 per player at the start of the season for a full season to reserve your favourite player therefore when sponsors that may be avaliable still in january for 4/5 months the club can make some few quid on when the season ends with a player of an empty slot go to waste it'll be a good way to add to club for the future. But the club is got the good idea, promote it out there thats good its being noticed!! Keep going....
  7. January Transfer Window

    Yeah thought i'll cover this what most east fife fans want for after Xmas!! Yeah a pretty much in the verted commas of kingpin type player since we don't see much enough from bridey nor thommo but good it defending and attacking like Dunsmore on the other flank tbh with linton returning from some short of missing games upto now our only position falls to either Sparky; Slattery and the experience cb we have of Daryl Meggatt then left sided remains missing since we had James Penrice/Gary Naysmith when we had a very much a Left back player within the team. I like watt and aggy they have both being fresh air in the midfield but left sided type is our weak part thats what i feel but yeah we haven't had that day where at hampden the quality of both flanks really attacking teams as Dunsmore does it best!! Yeah if we are to think about whats next, yeah the laddie Downs has only signed up getting our better players signed up is key obviously they want to listen to other offeers and better their football but it happens to us if we don't plan ahead reason why i bought it up as we probably only need kee the squad intack and extend the current loan while push out for another loanee. Even andrew driver is a free agent at 33 he would be the derek riordan in our squad if we looked at him if hes not packed it in, but he was a good wee player at hearts many years ago then moved aboard that could be a player to add experience come May. True we need to save the likes off brett and a couple that includes your POTY!!!
  8. East Fife v The Famous - Scottish Cup 4th Round

    Everyone seems confident as Qots fans were of taking us to the tall ship and skinning us 4-0 on this page, hows Greenock doing in the league above and without Duffy as your manager and having teams like falkirk and thistle where making alloa look good in your league doing Yeah, the last time the toon came to New Bayview was when both team scored. Liam Buchanan i think scored twice that day for us (I think he did) but the 2003 game was when both teams kicked about in the old division name of Division three and we had big Kenny D and Jim Moffat era we missed out on the title that season and won promotion on the last day, i was the ball boy that day we lost to Morton at home and to this day it dashed us for the title by losing that game to win the league than promoted via runners up. Like you mention theres no fear playing morton or any team they throw at us....
  9. January Transfer Window

    For us the transfer period will be can levein at Hearts let us have Rory Currrie #hashtag19 to remain with East Fife until the end of 2018-19 season?? That will be the plus to any Ef fan having four good strikers on the books. But if we do yet push any boat out of methil docks for another player equiry would be to get any one midfielder or left sided defender would be a coup too... For that kind of loan would like to take adam livingstone back for example i felt he would of got more games the last time he was at bayview as for Sparky i feel hes more a defensive midfield than LB thats my opinion but like many players we have in the EF squad currently are more verstaile players accept the goalies obviously. As for Dowds getting a new contract feel we should tie Brett, Dunsmore, Watt and Agnew on new deals its getting to the half way stage where securing good players and planning for next year as a club is vital but like the management i guuess we reviewing his progress as i know from when we appointed DY he was given two years and this is his second season as manager thats probably up for talks in the coming months. Paragraph 3 is goalie mikey couser still around? would have him as back up to both Brett and Craig but send him to a team in the lowland league ie Kelty or something see the boy get game time there with the option of he can be recalled included till end of their season part from that i'll be happy with what we have.
  10. Berwick Rangers v East Fife

    Even though Brett is our first choice keeper, its good to see McDee get some game time obviously a good enough experience back up thats probably not had much chances but he done well than last week even though he has work to do as a goalie particular his catching at corners arent the best i notice thats where the lads lack part from that happy with both keepers tbh in this seasons squad! Too many nnnn's not much love believer.
  11. The East Fife Thread

    Today was about getting through and returning to winning ways, i felt the nerves of last week was going to strike again in a two nill winning position in that second half but we overcome that and end up seeing the game out that was a plus. Seeing linton make apperance is another plus too but im sure the gaffer will feel we could done more of these missed chances but not complaining really. Things have improved at east fife its great to see and now that we've been on the road finally some back to back home games coming up to look forward to. Come on east fife!!
  12. Bohemians v East Fife - Diddy Cup 1/4 Final

    Does anyone know how far the airport in dublin to their ground? Thanks. Never been to eireland in my puff...see you can book a same day return flight for saturday avoiding hotels etc, same as i would for bayview but with bus thats great for me.
  13. Berwick Rangers v East Fife

    Its that bad the berwick hero had to wear number 77 like some sort of European signing last season at new bayview- no wonder willis or willio as refered to at berwick where he probably and most likely a regular first teamer...one spell too many when he returned tbf now hes at yourselfs hes definitely found his feet I'd say !!
  14. East Fife V Raith Rovers

    signing of utter s**tting themselfs, i see its NOT the only time Wraith have panic this season.
  15. East Fife V Raith Rovers

    Well, Well, Well another thread where Raith fans tell all the east fife fans after the game this derby means nothing ; utter ballocks. Everyone getting excited beacuse of kevin nesbitt