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  1. Im reading somewhere they will appoint Miller and former Dundee United centre back David McCracken as interim duo dunno if that's there choice on permanent basis, what a wonderful decision to get them in early I must admit.
  2. Must of got my years mixed up so I'm going to count Scott Durie in as a righ back. This under Naysmith first half spell incharge the relegation via play offs season was the season we had to watch a man that was scared to either pass forward or have a pop at goal it was scary to watch that season so i can safely say he has found his level Aye I forgot we signed a Bruce Inkango he didn't feature much all I remember of him been subbed on at East end park and he was a tank in size that's about it about Bruce im afraid.
  3. no posted on here for ages just want to share my best 11 and my worst 11: Rodgers McDonald, Smart, Page and Naysmith Linn Muir Robinson Barr Fash and McManus Worst 11 Antell (in Billy brown era) Nugent (bit annoying he did ok at Dumbarton) Thom (was ok but not for cb) Scott Thomson (getting on a bit) Keenan (was onloan or something and failed) Johnny Stewart (the most depressing player in a east Fife jersey), Moosavi (injured most of the time), Willis (he had time after time to become a player) and Fagan-Leyden/Neil janczyk (dunno who to choose) Ademeyo (this guy signed for Watford youths after his loan at Bayview) and Nade (signed because his brother played but never played at all)
  4. I'm over the moon the current management is staying despite Ayr shown an interest in our current manager and trying to finished what he has created basically which is really great to see and what I'm hearing we seem more finically off the field with some profit to show for it, we are joint second in the league - Scottish cup to enter v either lochee/BSC Glasgow soon and the youths are doing well in their own league on the Friday evening along with the community part that keeps grown - everything is going great at the club and I like to thank everyone at the club as well as the coaching team that's put the club at the heart of the area. hopefully we take a big support through to Kirkcaldy in numbers and get behind the club!!!😊😎
  5. This game should be exciting with both team tied on points going into this one, something tells me it be where the defences come out to be motm ; heart says 1-1 my head says otherwise. hopefully we kick on where we left the last time we visited Kirkcaldy and won 2-1 at the end of December.
  6. Dumbarton 2 Peterhead 0 Falkirk 1 Clyde 1 Forfar 1 Airdrie 2 Montrose 0 Stranraer 0 Raith Rovers 0 East Fife 1
  7. I’m going with Johnny Stewart in the Aitchison/Naysmith era I think he still plays his trade in centre belt with Bonnyrigg or some sort of team in that region nowadays...centre midfield he couldn’t tackle or liked to shoot, never felt so nervous watching a player that liked a pass instead. Then there’s Ola Adeyemo and Paul Willis....already mention.
  8. That’s great news! hopefully young Taco and Kev are involved at some point in the season but at the moment no point in rushing them back with the team on fine form I for one hope they all make a speedy recovery though.
  9. Just shows Ayr United have declined since the departure of McCall to Maryhill road, results have shown that he left them as far as he took Ayr...sorry to disappoint all the Ayr fans snooping the east fife thread but we won’t be far of joining your “level”....thank you for you interest!
  10. We need to turn three draws into wins to stay in the hunt on Wraiths tail, so with both sides returning to league action after the international break hopefully a score of 4-3 is on the cards.
  11. Penny cars of Lanarkshire 1 Mighty Montrose Young Team 0 Clyde in Cumbernauld 0 Roaring back times three 0 East Fife 4 For far 3 Is the takeover completed? FC 3 Hector Brocklebacks favourite team 0 Where you get the ferries 1 Jim Duffy is pure rock it's his coat 2
  12. If ayr did want DY he would have been appointed a week as soon as McCall returned to Maryhill road. My guess is if Sandy Stewart remains at Somerset park is a manager such as Owen Coyle to be drafted in and the long wait of candidates Lauchlan has put together im sure there's plenty other guys around that can manage a team like ayr. I don't think he's in a rush to jump ship for a team already in the championship after putting a team of his own at Methil docks that could climb the same heights of ayr if we get promotion either by going for the league or via POs!!! I'm on the same hyme sheet as to any other fifer on here and saying he's ours for keeps.
  13. We need get back to winning ways after two draws against the bogey team and the paper favourites recently the standards have be good, let’s hope we take all three on Saturday.
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