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  1. East Fife v Dumbarton

    Going with 2-0 to the East of Fife !! Kurtis Bryne and Robert Sloan bagging the goals for the Fifers
  2. East Fife v Arbroath

    We have still to beat dumbarton and yourselfs this season, im hoping Dick is generous on tuesday x
  3. East Fife v Dumbarton

    Dumbarton have been one those bottom half table teams we should be skelping but in a false position for me since the Duffy appointment and the amount of injuries that has hit the rock hopefully with us out of two cups now in February will have the squad constration levels for the last quarter of league games.. With aggie i'd pressume is still weeks away from his shoulder injury we'll need the likes of Kano, Broque, Courty and Bell to step up and Bell looked good in the last 5/10mins at Dingwall would be worth a full 90mins at some point to get him develop as the next Ross Brown attacking player that boy has got something but importantly we pick wins up and points up!!!
  4. The East Fife Thread

    I'll take seconds even though my aim was anywhere above 5th. But for us above the lang toon in a league table would do wonders when was the last time we finish above Raith?? After back to back recent cup defeats being in the POs can we put them behind us 'win promotion' this squad is quite something i love IT.
  5. Ross County v EAST FIFE

    Dowds is 22. Real sleeper signing as his only previous club is Heriot Watt Uni of the East of Scotland League. He would need another season dont think hes a Lawrence Shankland yet never mind those in thats fans from the west end or north east to get hugely excited about but yeah if he climbs with east fife he'll have the prospect of reaching a higher level just like him aswell, the huge gamble from bringing and like Fash was and now at ICT!! has been a success so HANDS OFF!!!!!!
  6. Ross County v EAST FIFE

    Best chance to get anywhere near a final of some sort and we made a dam good go of being anywhere near one in this century!! Players, Management were tremous gave the all 100 per cent cause. But can a pick a few highlights on my behalf. 1. Ross Draper?? How many times his name didn't go a miss... tackling like he was raging his toys was stolen particular getting all tango'ed by Janny... 2. Why do teams stick our fans in corners to blend in really annoys me fair enough the two here do it but fs there was a few county fans there and there... 3. Referee had to talk to our assistant in 1st half, well odd. 4. I felt the second half was more us without scoring, changing the tactics helped and i prasie that move tonight with the score at 2.1 5. How good is Dowds?? Need a new contract past 2020!!! 6. Why that wasn't a penalty? Was beyond me.....clearly a push in the back on Smith!!! 7. The fair result should have been a draw 2.2.....good luck to County though!!
  7. Ross County v EAST FIFE

    I really hope they accommodate us in the stand behind the goals (big stand well the entire North stand would be great). KeemonTheFife!!
  8. Ross County v EAST FIFE

    Dan Armstrong not cup tied having played for raith? Mind you he signed for our rivals before the 10th November so i doubt any of thes games were played then i could be wrong. Hopefully your focus is on the another cup so we can make history here and we'll be friends from the kingdom, thanks.
  9. The East Fife Thread

    Was it not Graham Guy back in 2007-8 era under Baikie from the neighbours up the A92??
  10. The East Fife Thread

    Those two would be great to watch, agree with this comment. I'd take him back get his fitness 100% and stick with Kev, Courty and RC19 for the current season until next season....but i would LOVE the worcester wizard upfront back at New Bayview where he belongs. Is his ban up in march? Can't mind if its either on going or has expired.
  11. The East Fife Thread

    As far as im aware Mr Young was handed a two year contract by the current board in July 2017 and hes three months to the end of that contract so with handful players signing new deals you would assume so.
  12. The East Fife Thread

    Our coverage was pretty poor on it tbh utter gash i still rate our wonderful media tv team, i got the feeling they all thought todays games of Talbot and QoTS and Rovers was all gonna cause 'Shocks' to only see Hibs, Heartz, Celtic, DU, Dons and only killie to go to a replay i like to add a big GIRUY to the beeb i like to say if we go out so do those that got put out they should join us but im proud we got as far as we did hopefully have a better chance of reaching some sort eh final in no better semis than playing the favourites from dingwall thats all im saying, fantastic hopefully the final aint perth but edinburgh/Livingston/Dunfermline though if we do get to our first final since the early 50s!!
  13. The East Fife Thread

    Rather the new boy, Kevin or Young Taco plays so we can play him for next weekend up the A9 when BW can't but like everyone of our squad members everyones important so hopefully hes not out that long i reckon.
  14. East Fife Vs Partick Thistle - Scottish Cup

    Partick will be a different side to the one ended up getting beat under Archie, New manager and some new blood in...Cardle, Anderson, the goalie onloan few others i hope im wrong and we win at home.
  15. Ross County v EAST FIFE

    tickets is this for home support only?? thats well strange but Bohs i noticed did the same thing against us only to be postponed. Are we expecting the hill of Dingwall to attend the population of 5,491 must thought the derby v ICT was on friday and NOT monday but hey-ho since its the semi it'll be nice to get a decent number of crowd in as long as we get that big stand of yours behind the goals that would be great. "With County being the favourites' all the hype i fully expect this cup is anyones tbf, would be great to equal Raiths coke cola cup with how many trophies you have including this diddy one least we can put a bed in our own derby topic to have won three cup competitions within scotland"