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  1. Credit were it's due got things right tonight and got the win.
  2. Thought Saints thoroughly deserved their win.
  3. You can only beat what's put in front of you and I'd take being "poor" down the right and winning against your nearest rivals 3-2 any day. I much prefer your brother!
  4. I didn't make yesterday's game, but heard Saints had their chances. They hit the woodwork and had a stone wall penalty for handball turned down by all accounts. But why is someone from Bladnoch so interested in their cousins from Newton Stewart? Or is that just keeping it in the family again!
  5. Muppet? Auld man? Your come backs are as good as your performances. See you soon!
  6. The only bullshit I've seen in the last couple of years has been your performances. The red card at Gatehouse last season summed you up. Kicking the dressing room door after Kevin Jamieson ripped you a new arsehole. Even then you nearly missed. Your shouts at Kirkcudbright as an off form Saints pumped you earlier this season. You're pish and you know you are!
  7. Bladnoch Bandit, I didn't actually hear what was said. But I have heard some of the shouts over the years from the crowd at Kirkcudbright and it's not clever. I have also heard shouts at other grounds during my years of following south football and they have been shocking as well. No club is immune from these shouts. You're right it's up to the club's /league to stamp them out.
  8. Hobbit, Saints can't dictate what their supprters shout from the sidelines. They pay their money they're entitled to their opinion. It's the same at every club. Every team has a Gok or Doc! It was nice of you to pay your £4 recently but don't feel the need to do it again for a while.
  9. Eccles, the only joke is you. Creetown are and always will be a team who use youth to progress. This means their results will be up and down. Flash and Beggsy are doing a good job and I wish them well. Get yourself back on the park so I can get a laugh.
  10. Sometimes you just got to admit that you got beat by the better team. No excuses!
  11. A Saints win! Heston pushed them for an hour and took the lead. But in the end a deserved win for Saints. Rab Camerons Blue and White horizontal stripes army!
  12. Eccles, I don't know what game you were watching but if Saints had taken their chances it could have been another Nithsdale. Alan, are you smoking crack! Or just trying to be nice to poor old Eccles?
  13. Wigtown paid players a couple of years ago, that came straight from a member of the management team. But if you believe everything you here in the south, then I'd believe that Mickey Dougan gets a weekly wage! We'll enjoy winning while it lasts.
  14. The only incentive at Saints is the chance to win the league for the first time since 1995. That alone will inspire the players. The manager has put a good team together for nothing. It seems to be that everytime Saints have a decent run people want to go on about them paying this and that for players. Well, sorry to disappoint but that's not the case. Maybe in the past that's what happened but not now. I remember not so long ago Wigtown offering money to players, although they didn't all get what they were promised because the returning hero couldn't put his money where his mouth was. Newton Stewart have also splashed money recently, look at last season and the manager coming from Glasgow. He wasn't there for nothing. From what I've heard that nearly ruined the club. Crichton and Creetown a few years back paid money to try and get success. Enough of that money shit, it's another 3 points for Saints onwards and upwards. Back to the Banjos in Wigtown tonight. No one likes us we don't care!
  15. One of Abbey Vales biggest assets was their pitch. Nobody liked coming to play there. I think playing at the High School doesn't do you any favours.
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