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  1. The CEO-to-worker compensation ratio was 21-to-1 in 1965. It peaked at 366-to-1 in 2000. In 2020 the ratio was 351-to-1. This ratio is now far higher than at any point in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, or 1990s.* The people at the bottom of the shit heap have been penalised for the greed and incompetence of the wealthy through (how many years?) of austerity and are now being told things will get even worse. All while the rich continue to award themselves ever higher salaries, bonuses, stock options and other perks. All in it together, aye? Still, as long as the poor "just cut back on their expenditures” they’ll be fine. * This is for the USA but I can't imagine the numbers will be drastically different in the UK.
  2. Football: Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea, Celticrangers, USA (Men & Women) Murkan Football: Dallas Cowboys (Howk, spit), Arizona Cardinals Baseball: New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox Everything: England
  3. You're getting some great suggestions for activities here @Hoose Rice and I'll add another. When I was going through a very similar rough patch in early 2020, my sister sent me one of those colouring books for grown ups and a pack of cheapo coloured pencils. I was a bit sceptical at first but gave it a go and found it incredibly helpful. Meditative and relaxing. It also awakened a long dormant enthusiasm for art. I've been dabbling with water colours, pencils, charcoal and calligraphy. It's fair to say this isn't going to be a new career (I used to be quite good but my skills have deteriorated through lack of use) but I'm enjoying myself and that's really all that matters. And keep on with the regular updates here. You have a big support crew so don't be shy about using it.
  4. How about playing it on big screen TVs, in an endless loop in every office, meeting room, break room and cupboard at NRA headquarters? With sound. No option to turn it off. If any execs decide to “work from home”, they first have to agree to the big screen TVs being installed in every room in their house. Including those of their children. Call it “Freedom Television”
  5. That's my favourite response when Americans who have never eaten haggis, try to tell me how disgusting it is.
  6. After big Liz has read and replied to each one personally though, right?
  7. I wonder if the comments will be moderated.
  8. I like that one idea. The right wing are terrified of anything which sounds even a bit socialisty so let’s have the polis apply for grants and sponsorship to fund their activities. Or as in this case, lack of them.
  9. The one which simultaneously annoys / amuses me, is when you see Trumpers flying the fleg from the bed of their pick 'em ups. They see no disconnect in having a tattered, mud covered pink, grey and teal rag flapping in the rain as a demonstration of their love for Murka.
  10. Falkirk On the cusp of greatness. Just you wait and see. Carlisle United My local team growing up. (Only 47 miles away). Spent a few glorious days at the top of the old first division when I was 12. Paris FC Note: Not Paris SG. Looked to be comfortable for automatic promotion this year before Hibsing it. Still in a playoff spot but only by a bawhair. FC Kaiserslautern I have a mate who lives close by and their his team. As with Paris FC, were looking good for automatic promotion before going into a slump. The've lost their last three. Ajax Amsterdam The first foreign team to hit my radar as a lad. And who doesn't love a team named after a bathroom cleaning product?
  11. You would think so, but I used to work with a VP level Sales Executive who was brought in with great fanfare as an expert in the field. In 18 months, his success rate was about 5-10%. And for those sales, he "guaranteed" the client (in writing) that their production would increase by some astronomical figure if they signed with us. Not only were the numbers ridiculously unattainable, there were so many other factors which would influence their performance that we ended up paying out thousands (if not millions) of dollars for breaches of contract. The guy's sales technique was basically to tell the prospect "Let us know what you want and we'll give it to you." It came across as so fucking desperate that the prospects could hardly wait to get us out of the door so they could call our competitors. Firing him would've meant that the people who brought him in admitting they'd screwed up so he was allowed to continue undoing the good work everyone else was putting in. He was eventually let go after drunkenly hitting on a happily married client at a conference. He walked straight into another very well paid position at a rival company. Lather, rinse, repeat. Nice work if you can get it.
  12. I was wondering where you were. We've already had the rapist apologist with his smiley face emoticon, the virgin and his Ainsley Harriott gifs and at last, you show up to complete the Trifecta of Tedium. We can relax now.
  13. I remember asking him at the time if he was upset by minorities being under-represented on television and he admitted he wasn't. But a few weeks of what he perceived as over-representation had him barking.
  14. It seems that a certain sector of society take pride in not knowing, or caring about football. Which is fine. What I don't understand is the incessant need to tell football fans this, as if it's something we need to know. There are lots of things I know absolutely nothing about. There are also lots of things I care absolutely nothing about. Many of these things overlap. I acknowledge there are people who both know about these things and care about them. Yet, I don't feel any need to tell those people that I know absolutely nothing about the things they know about, or care absolutely nothing about the things they care about.
  15. Or thinks Orwell was a good Conservative and 1984 was a treatise against the dangers of Woke Culture.
  16. Since she was a wee girl my niece has scoffed at the idea of memorial benches. Usually when she was visiting her grandparents on the coast. “If anyone puts a bench facing the sea as a memorial to me, I’m going to come back and haunt them.” etc etc. Her sister always promises that not only will she get her a memorial bench, she’ll position it facing a blank wall so nobody will ever sit on it.
  17. I was in New Orleans on a business trip a couple of years ago. A colleague and I walked into a pub and the first thing we saw were four stereotypical gammons. Red faces, crew cuts and with Chelsea tops barely making it around their guts. From the look of them they were only a couple more beers away from singing “Rule Britannia”. We went somewhere else.
  18. Just in time to mar the centenary celebrations of the last time Engerland won a trophy. Lovely.
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