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  1. I'm friends with a guy who was a fireman, and one of the few liberals in a traditionally conservative profession. He told me how serious the Covid pandemic was going to get, having attended to some of the first victims in Colorado. He was frustrated that so few people were taking it seriously at that time and campaigned to raise awareness. At the height of the pandemic, a work injury required him to take early retirement and he moved his family to Florida, where he was originally from. Within about 6 months, he became a full on Trump supporting, anti-masking Covid denier. I just don't get it.
  2. To paraphrase the Scottish-Jewish poet, The Rabbi Burns, my hame is in the highlands. Pine trees rather than open plains. However, while Colorado is famous for its mountains, large parts of the state are very much like this in terms of topography. Something else not well known is just how desperately poor the bulk of rural America is. Leave the major cities and highways, and you'll find towns just like this, or not much bigger all over the place. Depressingly, the majority of people living in these areas firmly believe that Trump is the country's last defence against the descent into Communism. Fun fact: The architectural style of the white(ish) house shown at the beginning of the clip is known as a "Shotgun Shack", which is where I thought @Miguel Sanchez was going by tagging me. The name comes from the fact that should you desire, you could fire a shotgun from the front door out the back door without any pesky walls getting in the way. I have no doubt there are people who have tried this.
  3. Someone must’ve tipped them off that P&B were on the case. Put the fear into them.
  4. Thinking the 90s were oh, 10 years or so ago.
  5. Few bad apples. Nothing to see here.
  6. “Goldfinger” is read through the fingers stuff. In addition to Oddjob being delighted when given a cat to eat and many other gems of that nature, you’ll learn that the reason there are so many effeminate men around is because women were given the vote.
  7. I used to tell my parents that the only reason they had me was so they wouldn't need to change the TV channel themselves.
  8. I've often said that if the Tories / Republicans really wanted to deal with the "problem" of illegal immigration, they would go after the people employing them rather than the workers themselves. I wonder how many of the...let's see, I count 10 immigration and police officers in the bottom right photo and what appears to be 1, 2 or even 3 others in the top pictures...even spoke sternly to the employer? And the net cost to the taxpayers would be?
  9. OK, “safe” is probably overstating it. 50/50 shot then. BBC2 was rarely on in our house. Now I think about it, if you’d watched the wrong channel, you had no one to talk to all day.
  10. Going to school / the pub / both and being able to talk about last night’s telly safe in the knowledge that you’d all watched the same thing.
  11. I was able to get Radio Caroline on my transistor last night.
  12. Oh sure, blame the dog. Oldest trick in the book.
  13. Wait until you get old. Nothing remarkable there.
  14. I’m betting he does but those anti-freedom libruls won’t let her take her Glock to school.
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