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  1. Usually when I see that sort of stuff, I just do a brief internal eye-roll and move on. But when it's posted by a man, I start thinking about changing the locks.
  2. Would you consider a team which... 1. Came last in their division despite having the 3rd highest budget. 2. Voted to end the league on account of a global pandemic and then complained that the league was ended. 3. Was given not one but two opportunities to provide a template for league reconstruction but were still unable to do so. 4. Attempted to bribe the other teams but still couldn't win their support. 5. Threatened to force postponement of the season in the hopes of bankrupting other clubs. 6. Took the governing body to court only to be told they should've gone to arbitration first and being ordered to pay costs. 7. Went to arbitration only to be told they have no case for reinstatement or compensation. 8. Was fined for not following procedure ...to have had a successful 2020?
  3. Another good question would be "The McCanns - murderers or simply lying bassas with undisclosed connections to senior levels of authority?"
  4. 1. Is it acceptable to you that Prince Andrew is a pedo because after all, he isn't a superhuman saint? 2. Which is your favourite episode of 'Still Game'? 3. How many major trophies have Rangers won? 4. Would you be willing to face Smudger for a square go? How about if he had 3 paws tied behind his back? 5. Can you tell the difference between old and new Irn Bru and do you have any contacts in the illicit Irn Bru black market? Should sort the wheat from the chaff imo.
  5. More likely to be a rockfish! Get it? I said "More likely to be a rockfish! Eh? Eh? Because he's surfing on a rock. So... Oh forget it.
  6. "Andrew Albert Christian Edward Mountbatten-Windsor, you stand accused of multiple counts of paedophilia. What do you have to say in your defence?" "Well, I'm not a superhuman saint." "Fair enough, case dismissed." Wow. Just fucking wow.
  7. My theory is that whenever these mutants go to Benidorm or Malaga, they're surrounded by Old Firm tops so they mistakenly believe that translates to "Global Fan Base." In my experience, while people from outside the UK may have "heard" of Rangers & Celtic, if they follow a UK team at all, it's Man Utd, Liverpool, Man City or Chelsea.
  8. I'm really wishing I'd followed through on my plans to marry her back in the 80's.
  9. Apparently the daughter of one of my sister's friends is among the "badly injured" in that. Don't know the details but it sounds like she was in one of the cars fired into the air. Sounds fucking brutal.
  10. It's like a turducken, I think. Except instead of a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey, it's with partridges....and pigeons.
  11. Yes! If you stand up for racial equality, you're a social justice warrior looking for attention. If you're angry about police in Britain killing black people then you're a hypocrite because you aren't protesting the Somalian government killing their citizens. If you're protesting the Somalian government killing their citizens then why don't you care about what's happening in your own country? But if you spread ignorant, racist hate speech then you're just saying what most people don't have the courage to say.
  12. He's wearing trainers and doesn't even have his helmet fastened properly If a storm had rolled in and the Sauvetage en montagne suisse had to be called in; I 'd like to think the parents would get their arses handed to them. ETA: And the last time I went up one of Colorado's 14,000+ foot mountains, there was a wifey at the top with a baby in a carry-sling. Your move Mr & Mrs Cunto.
  13. The Scottish national team did better on the international stage back then, mind. Reintroduction of this is an idea at least worth exploring.
  14. It's been a few pages since anyone talked about finishing the season. Perhaps we could explore that?
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