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  1. The difference being, @jimbaxters claimed NO Christians believe God hates. I showed evidence that there are many who do. He can claim they aren’t Christians if he wants but THEY believe they are.
  2. In just a few minutes on Google, you can find literally thousands more examples of Christians who believe God hates the things they hate.
  3. Or homosexuality. Many modern Christians insist God is as obsessively opposed to it as they are and yet it didn't even make his top ten "thou shalt nots". And when God II came to earth for the do-over, he didn't care enough to express an opinion on it. But God hates fags. They'll assure you of that.
  4. Food's better too. The most amusing part for me is that the people who shout the loudest about their faith are always the ones ignoring the basic tenets of their faith.
  5. We're closer to St. Patrick's day 2080 than we are to England last winning the world cup. The invention of the penalty kick is closer to Falkirk's last Scottish Cup final win than the win is to today. The date of my birth is closer to the coronation of Edward VII than to that of Charles III.
  6. Dorothy Parker’s line ‘Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses” should be outlawed. It’s been the cause of generations of women believing they look better without specs than with them. Pah! When I get elected God, women will be required to wear glasses whether they need them or not.
  7. It’s quite common to see Trumpers strutting around with the US version of that shirt here. Curiously I’ve never encountered a single person who is “offended” by the flag. Not one. Offended by right wingers hiding behind it to cover up their vile behaviour, yes. But that’s quite different.
  8. Tow the line. A personal one...I've read the Sherlock Holmes stories many, many times over the years, but I always thought the collection "His last bow" was pronounced as in "bow and arrow." Only fairly recently did it dawn on me that this made no sense and it was taking a bow like a performer at the end of the show. Even so, my brain still pronounces it incorrectly.
  9. How about him getting a job, with a salary that he lives on and uses to raise his family? One that he works at 40+ hours a week, even when he doesn't feel like it. And which means he has to do without things he his wife wants because he can't afford them? You know, like almost everyone else on the planet. Admittedly he doesn't appear to have much in the way of talent but the British taxpayer spent a boatload of cash educating him at Sandhurst. Even if he had to leave Iraq because "the media" exposed his position, there are plenty of other jobs he could do within the military without even leaving England's fair shores. Hell, they would probably have allowed him to pick any role he wanted. But no. Why bother to earn a living when he can have millions of pounds of other people's money for free. And of course he deserves it because he's a Royal. At least, when it comes to the titles, the security, the handouts and the attention. Just not one when it comes to doing any work.
  10. No, the dogs were much better looking.
  11. When we had two dugs, we'd often come back to the car and find them sitting on the front seats. The slightly larger one at the wheel. They looked like an old married couple.
  12. So why can't we see Australia at night? Answer me that!
  13. Older P&Bers may remember watching Dr. James Burke on telly. A scientist who explained things in a way even us normal people could understand. This popped up on my Fizzbook page this morning. The Greatest Shot in TV History Obviously, the greatest shot in TV history was Archie Gemmell's goal against Holland but this is still worth a watch.
  14. Regarding boring names - I used to know a lad called David who had two brothers. Stephen and John. Stephen, John & David. Why even bother giving them names at all if that's all the effort you're going to put into it. With apologies to all the Stephens, Johns and Davids of P&B.
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