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  1. I suspect “That couldn’t be made today” or its partner “You’d never get away with that today” are just tropes from the American right wing. I hear it a lot from Trump supporters and whenever they start spouting the same opinions all of a sudden; it’s an indication they’re being fed them by talk radio or Fox. I learned this week that ‘The Full Monty’ couldn’t be made today because the ‘Me Too’ movement would be all over it. Would they though? Would they really?
  2. If they’re secret, how would you know?
  3. + a thousand on the joys of aimlessly wandering through a new city. I've clocked 15 - 20 miles in a day and have often been disappointed when I come across a landmark or a street that I recognise from earlier. When I first went to Australia though; it took me a couple of weeks to get used to the sun being in the north. Threw me completely for a loop and I was constantly heading off in the exact opposite direction of where I wanted to be. It didn't help that for my entire life, I had thought that if you sailed from the Opera House under the Harbour Bridge and onwards, you'd get to the sea. On the topic of dropping off the bags and immediately heading out to get blootered; I once met a Welsh couple in Ostend, who had done exactly that. All they knew was that their hotel had a big tree outside it. It was Saturday evening on a bank holiday weekend and their travel agent wouldn't open until Tuesday morning. Also, their travellers' cheques were in the bags and they only had about £15 between them. I imagine they're still there.
  4. There should be an option for "Thick as pigshit but nice to look at." Not that either of those apply to me, of course.
  5. If the Star is giving away Gareth Southgate’s lucky tie, then that has to be a good omen for the Italians.
  6. That's SOP for Republicans whenever a cop murders a civilian. They immediately go into overdrive scouring the victim's past in order to find something...anything they might have done wrong. Better yet, if they were resisting arrest and/or under the influence of drugs , because then the murder was absolutely justified. It isn't just cops either. When Trayvon Martin was murdered, I lost count of the times I read a variation of "He had previous for marijuana possession. Hardly the innocent victim the liberals are making him out to be." In their sick minds, the fact that he'd once been busted for carrying a joint meant that it was perfectly OK that a bigot had killed him due to his skin colour. Ugh.
  7. I’ll add another SAS Alumni to the last. He pronounces it ‘Sass’. Told me within 10 minutes of me meeting him. He’s fought with the Ghurkas and was given a ceremonial kukri as a thank you for his service. (From the photo it looks very like one you can buy on Amazon). He’s worked undercover in China for the CIA, and was asked to join the FBI but didn’t want to work for those assholes. At the time he was a Polis in a small mountain time. I think that’s the only one of his fantasies that might be true. The high profile cases he solved, perhaps not so much. He worked security for Sean Connery, is a 7th Dan Tae-kwondo black belt. He’s performed in soft core porn and dated super models. And I still get people coming up to me with “Hey, did you know Scott used to work as bodyguard to Elvis Presley?” Did he aye?
  8. BMW, Shirley? Or are they not in alphabetical order?
  9. While you did well to shoehorn in ‘woke’ and ‘offended’, you let yourself down by failing to use either ‘snowflake’ or ‘libtard’. Rather than simply reusing buzzwords in the same post; aim to add more variety. That will help those of us playing along at home to complete our bingo cards earlier.
  10. Glad Skye’s OK @Rizzo I had a similar experience a few years back when I was running with our husky mix and 2 Rottweilers went for her. One on her neck the other on her rump and they were out for the kill. Her thick coat saved her from the worst of it, which was good because me kicking them (wearing running shoes) was having no effect. Finally the owner arrived and called them off but even so, she had numerous puncture wounds. The vet fixed her up but she lost all her joy of life and was never the same dog afterwards. A neighbour saw the whole thing and told me the owner had previous for this and had a legal case pending from when his dogs had ripped a young girl’s wee dog to pieces. We filed charges and went to court but because his dogs hadn’t bitten ME, the judge didn’t give a f**k. He was ordered to compensate me for the vet bill and that was it. And it took him almost a year to do that. Yep, still angry. Anyway, best wishes to Skye and Morse. (and you)
  11. and secure bank accounts.
  12. A beautiful morning for breakfast outside with a book and a dug.
  13. And I've just switched from Neutral with a leaning towards Spain, to full on 'mon the Suisse!
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