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  1. I suspect everyone was so taken by the loafers that they missed that this comes from a website called "Footwear News". Do you ever reflect on the path your life has taken L'immortale? I worry for you sometimes.
  2. Better than being called Mercy, I suppose.
  3. The site's been going up and down like a tart's knickers for the last week or so. Today's been particularly bad.
  4. Right but after 12 mill. they’re still asking for more funding . That can’t be routine for a 13 year old cold case.
  5. Do we know how many Plod are on this task force? I would just love to see their time-sheets and learn exactly what they do all day. If PC McCabe works 40 hours a week, 46 weeks of the year, for 13 years, that's in the region of 24 thousand work hours. For each of them. Just how many clues can they be following up on and what case could possibly be made that there's more to learn. I wonder if we'll ever learn why the McCanns have such influence over TPTB.
  6. Have you ever done the exercise where you take your age, and subtract it from your date of birth? Then you think of all the monumental world events that took place in that period of time before you were born. For me, that would everything from 1905 to 1962. Ancient history, right? Then you consider that a child born today, will look at everything that's happened while you've been alive in exactly the same way. The Cold War, man walking on the moon, the introduction of the Internet, 9/11 and the resulting wars, Britain's time in the EU...all ancient history.
  7. I've been saying for a while now that I'd like to see Liverpool win the EPL this year. But I'll admit, it would be funny as fukk if they were to Sevco it at this point.
  8. Is it the name 'Mercedes' you're referencing? Cuz Mercedes Benz cars are named after one of the designers' daughters. The girls' name came before the car. Or am I missing something obvious?
  9. I, and a few others had the same argument on Facebook with a colleague a couple of years ago after some poor sod "inconvenienced" her by ending his life, thus delaying her train ride home. In her words, he was an "inconsiderate b*****d."
  10. Your story's all over the place Philpy. There's no kids or parked cars there. And that isn't even a Mini. Go back and start over.
  11. ...and I'm pretty sure pensioners have access to libraries now, don't they?
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