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  1. Pish talk. It's always the same
  2. Listen you get tae. Haven't u nothing better to do with your time. I've got an opinion lyk a lot of other people . Y would I be so silly and write about myself or let my 'so called dad' write about me. U need to stop watching soaps darling and start realising ur a trouble maker the same as what has been said in previous posts
  3. Think caddis and Johnstone are great players. Match winners tbh. From what I seen on sat They looked good mistake from breen for third goal but all St ants goal were winton mistakes
  4. Seen a few teams with a thread so thought I'd start 1 for winton Saying as I went over to watch them today.Pretty much my backdoor anyway.whats people's thoughts on winton season ahead ?
  5. Realistically what are the ardeer fans predictions for the league ? From what I've heard this there still a decent team . Might pop over to there game just see if there any better from last season . They were good when I seem them last season . Old Reid never loses it haha
  6. Heard Derek cook is front runner at the moment . Any truth ?
  7. Cazzy123


    I don't know what whitlets have done in regards of punishment for him but if he was my player he wouldn't be playing for me again
  8. Hope ardeer and the winton do well am a local guy so it's always good to see them doing well . Not to fond of saltcoats ryt enough haha but 2 out a 3 ain't bad haha
  9. To be fair winton guy Darren Miller and Craig breen did help ardeer get promoted last year . Breen played almost every game and I watched ardeer 3 or 4 times last season and he played really well and Darren Miller in my mind has the ability to play at a higher level of junior if his attitude was a hell of a lot better . Just my opinion tho mate
  10. Cazzy123


    Never seen bonner play.Is he a good signing for ardeer and is breen a good swap ?
  11. Why post it on an ardeer forum then lol
  12. Ardeer have got a new gaffer a thought
  13. Cazzy123


    Excellent . Was it the same team that started against Annbank
  14. Cazzy123


    8-0 winton . Any1 at the game ? Must av been a good game to watch
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