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  1. So we are well placed on 6th and might just grab that 5th placed spot as Hamilton continue to slip down the league. Hell we might even finish above Utd, who are suffering since selling Armstrong and GMS. So my predictions at the start of the season look pretty solid. Also a few fans, one in particular, continuously slated Irvine and Stewart. They are two of our best players. Still happy to take 10th spot?
  2. Very funny... no I've had internet access all along, simply wasn't interested in the forum. Think I'll head over to the new Dark Blues forum as well.
  3. Thomson is a lot better than Ferry but agree that he isn't worth anything if injured all the time.
  4. Agree with this. We're just in a bad slump. Get in some competition for the centre backs, plus a couple of midfielders. Try and play the same midfield for more than one game...Try and get the balance right. Coach midfielders to pass before dribbling. Play Paul McGowan. Don't go all out attack once you're a couple of goals behind. Work on getting more shots on target. Sign a better wing man.
  5. Yeah and that chomp bloke plus the guy who used to run a blog on tactics...plus one or two others (not NDD)
  6. I wish it was as easy as that... I'd play Clarkson instead of Tankulic. I don't think he's going to turn into a goal machine because he's now scored one league goal.
  7. No I haven't bothered because the content is mostly dull and boring, apart from a few exceptions. And also because it's full of bickering, the match day threads being the worst.
  8. One of the reasons I've not bothered with this forum for a while now are ignorant posts like these. You've got to learn not to be offended by different opinions. Develop your argument without denouncing the opposing view, cheaply, with emotive language and insults.
  9. Is Kevin Thomson injured? Was expecting him to start yesterday.
  10. Well argued point but I disagree. I feel he should have been given a run in the team after the Thistle game.
  11. Absolutely...almost won us the game against Patrick. Yes pity Nicky Riley was injury prone and that he didn't improve his final ball but his dribbling and crazy runs were better than Boyle's in entertainment terms and he did provide some assists. Not that I am criticising PH.
  12. Good ol Nicky Riley... better than Roberts and Boyle.
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