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  1. Last August. Beat Peterhead, Airdrie & Clyde in the League and East Kilbride in the cup.
  2. Luke's a decent player. He was prolific in scoring at youth level, just as others before him such as Kevin O Hara, Scott Shepherd, Ally Graham and Thomas Grant were. He's probably at a similar standard to Scott Honeyman who we now have on loan to the Shire though I think he's a bit older. I'll be interested to see how his career goes from here onwards. Good luck to the lad. Except when he plays against us, obviously.
  3. To the last question, yes it does and it's gorgeous. I noticed it on Saturday.
  4. After years of the team being jeered off the pitch at fulltime in every game, that felt significant for me. Another sign that maybe, finally, we've hit rockbottom and are now on the way up again.
  5. Shortly after that we played a cuptie in, I think Dundee. The team team had their prematch meal in a hotel up there and by chance Collum was also in it. He asked the manager if he could speak to Alston and when this was granted he said he'd watched the incident again afterwards and realised he'd got it wrong. Alston got an apology out of Collum for it.
  6. Conversations with club staff around that time. In those days I was in almost every day due to the Commercial jobs that KK seemed to arrange for at least five days a week, and when you're sitting with players in a car heading out to a photoshoot you pick up bits and pieces. I obviously couldn't have mentioned it at the time but it's ancient history now.
  7. I have no idea what we're paying for Hogarth, but at the time we recruited the likes of Mark Waddington and Aaron Jarvis it cost more to put them up in accommodation than it did to pay them. English clubs were happy to loan them out for pennies as long as they they were being pushed harder than they would have been in English youth leagues.
  8. They're been covering the role between them since Connor Park left in September 2020 and were in place as his volunteer assistants for a couple of years before that. They've been at the club for somewhere between three and five years.
  9. I thought that was a bit strange, so I asked the two media officers when I was in earlier for Hogarth. They very rarely block anyone and checked when I was there. Three people have been blocked in the last three years. Two were trolls from who supported Dunfermline & Aberdeen and the third was a Falkirk fan who said that Paul Sheerin should be hanged.
  10. Yes he has. He ruffled Paul Hartley's feathers in a post-match interview and the manager refused to speak to him ever again. Thereafter every interview had to be done by Connor Park. Never underestimate a managers ability to take offence at the innocuous. And I say that from personal experience of the same manager. It's happened a few times over the years at Falkirk with different managers and staff/volunteers. Lewis is right to be cautious. Because if he did have a go at the manager, and the manager responded in kind, the interview would never see the light of day. And the interviewer might not be there next week, depending on how much support each side had from the boardroom.
  11. Offloading poor players can be done by any manager, as long as he has one thing. Money. Or at least enough of it. I have no idea if we have but I'd guess not.
  12. It was said in last weeks programme notes by Jamie Swinney that they hoped to add another 2-3 players by the end of the transfer window. Two subsequently signed after that article in Burrell and Lawal. Lets speculate that the third signing could be a rightback to replace / compete with Williamson, given that he was dropped in favour of Yeats yesterday. Which leaves us with four midfielders in Hetherington, McGuffie, Morrison and Nesbitt that many want dropped. Who do you replace them with? Based on my speculation in the first paragraph, we probably won't sign another midfielder. So you then have possible midfield cover of Henderson, Kennedy, Malcolm & Ross, all of whom are injured atm. Yeats is an obvious candidate to return and based on what I saw yesterday I think Lawal has something to offer, But you're still going to have two out of the original four starting every week. The only other possibility I can think of is playing two up top, say Alegria & Burrell, with three in midfield of Yeats / McGinn / Lawal. Then five across the back with two attacking wingbacks in McCann & Williamson. (or a new RB). But I don't think we have enough fit central defenders to do that unless MacKay is able to return alongside Mackie & Donaldson. Unfortunately I don't think it's as simple as just saying "drop all four" from yesterdays midfield.
  13. It was always obvious. If you post on the same subjects, with the same frequency, using the same language syntax then you're giving very large clues. He gave himself away weeks ago when he replied to something I posted. There were two replies from two separate posters but both said the same thing in almost the same words - privacy, anonymity and private lives to be respected. Which I did, because I commented on the behaviour of a username and not the real human being behind the name.
  14. I assume this refers to me? That’s not a new one; I’ve been accused of being a board sycophant / areselicker (inset any random insult here) by multiple people in relation to different boards over the years. Usually in an attempt to discredit something I’ve said. Which part of the current board am I reporting to? Is it all of them? There appears to be a disagreement between one former board member and presumably two of the others, at least judging by your claims. Am I on the side of the FSS, which I should be given that I’m a member, just as I was of Bairnstrust? Or am I siding with the two patrons and reporting back to them? Or am I part of some fiendish plot by the old MSG board to undermine everybody? It’s complete nonsense, just like most of the conspiracies that get aired on here. I have no communications or contacts with anyone of the board. The only time I normally see them is when they walk into the office on a day I’m working there. Two of them - Nigel Serafini & Kenny Jamieson - are folk I’ve barely spoken to, though when we have chatted I’ve found them to be pleasant & personable. The same description would apply to former director Douglas Moodie. Of the remaining two, I like Gordon Wright. He seems to be at most of the youth games I watch and any director that goes to see the kids gets brownie points from me. He often stops to chat about their performance when he’s walking along the touchline at the end of a game. I just find him to be a pleasant, inoffensive old man. As I think I said previously, Keith Gourlay and I are former work colleagues. He always makes a point of coming over for a blether when he sees me and we do get on well. I’d describe us as being friendly but not quite friends. We didn’t keep in touch during the 20 years our careers diverged and we’re not in touch now, despite your insinuations to the contrary. That’s probably all I want to say on board stuff as I think folk are getting bored with it.
  15. I’m afraid we’re going to disagree again. And the reason I disagree is because of your final sentence. You are 100% correct in what you’ve said in it. Neither of us know if there is an issue, but I think it’s very likely given the comments from some of his friends and his response to them. The question is how you deal with that. For me, you do one of two things. You come out openly and tell the world what the problem is. Or you keep your mouth shut and work quietly behind the scenes with the FSS committee to get it fixed so your successor doesn’t encounter the same issue. What I don’t agree with is endorsing people who’re dropping hints and innuendo. I just don’t see any benefits to anyone in taking that approach. It’s neither open nor transparent, which is something we’d been promised the new setup will be.
  16. I assume you're taking that from the contact page. FFC has ten non-football employees, some of who are part-time. Seven of those employees are listed on the contact page, with the omissions being the groundstaff. SLO appears to be a volunteer; the role has previously been done by both employees and directors. I believe the lady currently doing the role is on the FSS committee. Safeguarding is a volunteer who's been at the club for decades. Disability Access used to be a director who then became a volunteer and has now left. The last three roles are, I think, requirements for all football clubs under SFA rules. Football Operations comes under John McGlynn in the same way as kitmen, physio, sports science etc.
  17. The BOD is Gordon Wright who stayed on after the previous group all resigned, Kenny Jamieson & Keith Gourlay elected by the patrons and Nigel Serafini & (formerly) Douglas Moodie elected by the FSS. As for volunteers, Jamie Swinney said at the last AGM that he had 10 staff and 35 volunteers under him. I think the majority are only needed at home matchdays, such as boardroom attendants, hospitality hosts, 50/50 sellers etc.
  18. That's a stat I like, as it suggests that he does have something about him. From what I can see, he's hardly played any professional football so the lack of goals isn't a surprise. In fact, if I'm reading the stats on transfermarket correctly, half of his professional appearances came at Kilmarnock. All as a sub coming off the bench. He got 3 minutes against QOTS, 11 minutes against Inverness, 4 minutes against Morton and a whole minute each in games against Hamilton (twice) and Dunfermline. A total of nineteen minutes played in six games. No wonder he's never scored a goal! His other appearances seem to be four games with Grimsby as a seventeen year old, in which he showed enough for Middlesborough to sign him as a U23 player, and two on loan to Bradford. We're highly unlikely to get a proven goalscorer at L1 unless we get incredibly lucky due to circumstances, as happened to Montrose with Rory McAllister. So we're probably going to be taking a punt on unknowns and trusting the managers instincts. Given his recruitment of Finn Yeats and Sean Mackie, neither of whom had much of a reputation when they arrived at TFS, I'm inclined to trust him.
  19. I was out at Horizon this afternoon doing a Commercial pic for them with John McGlynn & Paul Smith. I might have had something else on, though I can't for the life of me remember what it was.
  20. Going back to the days of Connor Park, the media officers have always asked for around 8 or 9 pictures for a match report which I send to them immediately after the game. The club also get a full gallery of images a day or two later which they can use as they like. As for pics during the applause, here are a few:-
  21. Cinch were doing promotional stuff. Was more a case of using our ground than Falkirk having an involvement.
  22. The players page will presumably be updated when the new headshots are done. The timing of that is entirely up to the manager; Houstie didn't usually do it until well into August when he felt his squad was complete. The individual headshots are pencilled in for later this week though that could change as it's already been rescheduled a couple of times.
  23. Hopefully with boards being fan-led from now on those days are over.
  24. In my case I would say there's also a (c) option - the club would have no difficulty replacing me, but would be unlikely to get the same quality of work from my replacement. Not because of any talent I have, but because I'm fortunate enough that I’ve been able to buy expensive equipment which may be out the reach of others with different personal circumstances. The equipment plays a large part in work quality and the club would accept that as long as they get something useable from whoever eventually follows me. As for treatment of volunteers, I can honestly say that in thirteen years I’ve never been treated with anything other than appreciation and courtesy by (almost) every director and staff member I’ve met. The exception being one former manager who was an odious little wankstain and he’s long gone. For me the key to enjoying your experience as a volunteer is to have a passion for what you’re doing. Most of the issues I’ve read around volunteers seems to be that some don’t feel appreciated, valued or thanked for what they do. While still being asked to do more and more. If you go in as a volunteer expecting to be loved, then you may end up disappointed, depending on who you work with / for. If you go in as a volunteer loving what you do, then other people don’t matter. That’s me. They could ignore me completely but as long as they gave me access to the pitchside and left me in peace for 90 minutes I’d be happy.
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