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  1. Although I'm retired now I mainly worked in Glasgow during the decades when Rangers were the dominant force in Scotland. And my hatred for the club stems from the people I met back in those days. As a very rough generalisation, the Celtic fans I knew were ordinary folk. Whereas a lot of the Rangers fans were guys who were as thick as shit and whose job was to sweep the floors and clean the toilet. They were right at the bottom of the intellectual and evolutionary scale. But they thought they were special. Because they supported the Rainjurs. And if Ally McCoist scored against us on Saturday you could be sure they would always make a point of passing my desk on a Monday morning to remind me that they were The Peepul. Nowadays the gloryhunters have probably been following Celtic for the last decade or so. But as I don't know many of their lowlifes they don't bother me so much. Sorry for taking the thread away from Falkirk. But it's surely better than reading about suggestions of Neil McCann for manager?
  2. Must admit that I'd love to the see top league declared null and void. I have a lot of (otherwise-decent) FB friends who're diehard Rangers fans and the gloating from them atm is doing my head in. The absolute fury it would provoke would almost be worth it. I despise that club more than all the rest combined.
  3. From a purely statistical point of view, there was no "new manager bounce" when we changed policy to a club who sacked managers instead of blindly sticking by them. Hartley failed to win any of his first nine matches, seven of which we didn't even score in. McKinnon lost six out of his first seven. M&M were a slight improvement because we stopped losing games under them (Clyde excepted), but were still drawing with the likes of Airdrie, East Fife and Stranraer. And of course failing to beat Raith. Partly for that reason I have my doubts that they'll be binned before the season ends. I suspect they'll get the chance to finish the job they started, providing of course that we don't bomb again over the next couple of games.
  4. I usually have a look round at who's in the stands and while I can't be certain because they're all wearing masks, I haven't seen Andy Thomson at an away game since Kirkcaldy. Gary Deans at Clyde was the only time I've seen any Falkirk director outwith TFS since the season began. I don't think any of them are travelling. We have a media officer who writes the match report, tweets during the game and sometimes does a post match interview, as he did after Clyde. He's quite capable or setting up the camera on a tripod and then pressing the "record" button without any help from me.
  5. FFCTV weren't there to make any. One of the East Fife TV guys said they would interview our management for us after the game. No idea what happened to it.
  6. Go talk to the FFCTV guys about the treatment they received from a certain ex-manager. When he was actually prepared to talk to them. Which wasn't long, because after a very mild set of questions following a defeat at Firhill he never did a post-match interview with them again. Everything afterwards was done by a club employee. I'd hate to do that job. No matter what line you take you piss someone off. Either the fans who think you're being too soft or the management who won't take what they see as disrespect from an unqualified nobody.
  7. Yep, because the likes of Camelon Juniors, Shire and Stirling Uni Women are still allowed to play.
  8. Professional sport follows a different set of rules which were agreed by the government. before the season began. Those haven't been changed. If professional sport followed the same rules as everyone else then none of our games could have gone ahead. You're not allowed to leave your council area if you're level three, which we've been for the majority of games since we started playing again in mid September.
  9. I wouldn't disagree with this, although there are on or two exceptions in Falkirk's case. Gary Holt at Alloa after Phil Roberts threw a hissy fit after being sent off was one. Steven Pressley at Peterhead when he slaughtered Jack Compton was another, though I think that was only in the press conference rather than to a TV camera. Paul Hartley at Firhill when his contempt towards the FFCTV interviewer shone through clearly was another, as it gave an insight into how odious he could be IRL. Zak's Ruddens "I'm just here to effin score goals" at Firhill was a good one, as were Housties "deal with it" and "journeymen" for the rage they created amongst opposition fans. I think I can mind him getting some sort of SFA charge after slaughtering a ref at Ibrox on FFCTV too.
  10. The FTV ones are usually done on a Friday, at least with the current management. I think "accidentally forgetting about" injuries is standard practice for most managers. I've sat in press conferences with different ones over the years when they've given their squad a clean bill of health when asked by the journos. Meanwhile, I'd just come back from a school visit with a player who got lumbered with the job because he was injured and so unavailable for the weekend.
  11. I've no idea what they'll ultimately decide but it wouldn't surprise me if games were kicking off at twelve noon for a while to come. There are no home midweek games scheduled for this season so it might be better to do without until the summer. At which point we'll know what league we're playing in and whether we can budget for fans attending again. Then they can decide whether it's better to do a patch repair or maybe even renew the whole lighting system.
  12. There's damage high up on one of the pylons which creates a possible risk of things falling onto the pitch. The damaged bit will be removed by a crane tomorrow. I'd guess it takes a while to hire in specialist equipment and make all the safety arrangements.
  13. That's not the point. In the current climate every business has to assess the risk of stricter controls and further lockdowns limiting their income before deciding how they operate. Football clubs are no different. While I have no idea of things like ongoing ground maintenance costs, I assume most clubs could have avoided any danger to their existence simply by sitting out the current season. Without any football penalties. They had the chance and they said no. Fair enough. But surely you budget for a worst-case scenario, which is a season with no fans. Given the lack of a vaccine when the clubs voted to return that was always a possibility. If Morton are staring into the abyss before even the first round of games has been completed then someone at that club has seriously screwed up. Particularly as their expenditure should be lower than originally estimated. (At the time clubs gave a commitment to playing, covid testing was mandatory and must surely have been budgeted for. In Falkirk's case, the requirement to test was dropped only a few days before the players reported back for training) Does the government step in every time a company screws up its finances and goes under? Did they step in when Falkirk went into provisional liquidation? I think we both know the answer to that one. Nobody should step in to help Morton.
  14. Just been thinking of something. If we win or avoid defeat next Saturday we'll have gone through the first round of league matches unbeaten. When was the last time that happened? Not since we got relegated from the SPL, and certainly not when we were in it. Which takes us back at least fifteen years. We won the league in 2004/05 but I remember us losing the first game of the season at Love St when John O Neill got a straight red for what I think was an alleged spitting incident. We also won it wo years before that, in our final season at Brockville. Jobbie got us off to a great start. We won every one of our first eight games and were unbeaten until the very last match of the first quarter, when we went up to Arbroath. I can vaguely recall rumours that he'd just told the players he was leaving for Tannadice. Which may explain why we lost 2-0. I can't be bothered checking further back tonight, but I'll have a look through the stats tomorrow. It must be a hell of a long time ago though. Prior to Jobbie's side, the best team I saw was the Stainrod one and it only clicked after a 2-2 draw in thick fog at Dens Park. At which point I'm sure we'd already lost three or four games. And that was around 1990. So at least 30 years since we went through an opening quarter (or third in this case) unbeaten? Anyone know for sure, or care to check up and save me the bother?
  15. Not really. You have no idea why he didn't start, but given that Hall hasn't played RB for us before, and that a match against the best team in Scotland probably isn't a good time to experiment, I suspect your conclusion is wrong. Particularly as Mercer hasn't even been in the squad in the three previous games since he was dropped without explanation. I think it's more likely that's he's been unavailable through injury. And that last night - when he was named on the bench - saw his first steps back towards full fitness.
  16. I believe we've always taken it extremely seriously. For example, I heard that none of our directors have travelled to an away game since the season began. I certainly haven't seen any, even though the SPFL rules for professional sport allow it. I also heard that the Rangers board will be travelling from their tier four area to attend TFS on Sunday. Of course, that may turn out to be a completely unsubstantiated and inaccurate rumour when matchday arrives.. We shall see..
  17. They're not in changing rooms because AFAIK the players turn up to the stadium in their training gear and never go indoors until matchday. Not sure about away games, but at TFS they're split into two dressing rooms and socially distanced in each. Which makes teamtalks a challenge. They obviously do come into close contact during training and matches but as the govt allows that I'm guessing the risk of infection in those is considered minimal.
  18. One was a retired ambulance worker who returned to the service when the crisis began in order to help his former colleagues. He caught covid, presumably in the course of his duties, and died from it. A sobering reminder to all those who take an "I'll do what I want" attitude as to what price others might have to pay for their actions.
  19. I know we asked for the recording, if for no other reason than to give the management the opportunity to do video analysis. I'm sure one of the FFCTV guys said on social media they hope to put to put together a highlights package.
  20. Spoke to the guys after the game today. They're not allowed to travel because as long as the home club is streaming then you can't justify their journey as being essential. Dumbarton will be streaming it.
  21. Not sure when press interviews are currently held, but they used to be done on a Tuesday so that may be out of date.
  22. The usual three FFCTV guys were there so they'll do highlights plus an interview with McCracken.
  23. You know I'd get my arse kicked if I did that Ranaldo. He's an ex-FVFA goalie. I'm sure Banta can find out, even if he did get the trialist at Montrose wrong.
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