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  1. M&M seem to be working on the basis of not changing much in a winning team. which I suspect will continue today.
  2. Oh dear, is that yet another player we took away from Morton ? Banter aside though, I think it's significant that not only has he been given an 18 month deal but there's a quote from Cracks talking about him being a big part of the plans for next season. That would suggest the board are already considering extending their tenure beyond the summer and have given them the green light to plan accordingly.
  3. If we did that we'd have been paying a salary to Marcus Haber for an entire season. It was only the January recall clause that allowed us to get rid of him. Along with our monthly contribution to a figure which allegedly would have paid for three or four Zak Ruddens. I get where you're coming from, but sometimes those recall clauses protect us too. They certainly did with Haber. I think they may be in most loan deals as a sort of failsafe for everyone's protection, though that's pure speculation on my part. I do know there are often a lot of "what if" clauses built into long deals which never get publicised by the clubs.
  4. If that were the case I suspect they'd have done it as soon as the window opened. He was announced as being here for the season. County may well have a clause that allows them to bring him back, but what then? The player decides what happens next. They can't sell him to someone like Partick if he doesn't want to go. His contract is up at the end of the season and he'll likely get better options in the summer than January. He's settled here and it's no secret that he wants to remain at Falkirk for the rest of the season. The club don't seem to be worried about losing him. I'm going to assume they're slightly better informed on the risk of that happening than you are.
  5. The boy on facebook is an acquaintance of a certain director. He's made multiple comments in the past about transfers which have turned out to be accurate. I think that in this case he'll also be correct, albeit about a week later with the info than he usually is. Maybe Gary Deans is keeping the promise he made at the EGM of clamping down on boardroom leaks as nobody posted about Ben Hall before he was signed. If the figures reported turn out to be accurate then a two and a half year deal for Toshney is a no-brainer for the player. As well as a massive gamble on ICT's part.
  6. Fair enough. All I can say is if you have a competent Media Officer / Football Administrator who're left alone to do their jobs without pressure from above to push out good news stories, then it will never happen. We're fortunate to have one person who combines both roles and is very good at them.
  7. Not IMO it isn't, which I know was shared by staff and directors.
  8. The part from Brian Carrigan which you've highlighted isn't true. (for some reason I can't quote both posts). I have no idea if we were in for him or not. What I do know is that it never got to the stage of him being told to report to TFS for a medical, after which he would sign the contract and would then be photographed / interviewed. The three processes are always done at the same time and in that order. TBH, the idea that a player would be introduced to the press BEFORE signing a legally-binding contract document is just a bit silly.
  9. After the definite "we're signing Goodwillie tomorrow" statements on several sites recently, I think folk may choose to be a little vaguer with their ITK predictions in future.
  10. His ankle was swollen up after the game last weekend. He said the crutches were precautionary - basically resting the ankle until the swelling abated. That was on Tuesday when I spoke to him. Not sure what the current position is; no doubt the FFCTV guys will ask for an injury update in the post-match interviews tomorrow.
  11. I was thinking the same myself earlier. However, if you assume young Laverty is still out along with Bell that gives us sixteen bodies. Five subs plus Miller and Erskine on the bench as trialists will be the same as last week. Three out (MacLean, Toshney & Longridge) and three in (Gomis, Telfer & De Vita). If some of the rumoured departures happen then I suspect there will be new additions to the squad before the Peterhead game.
  12. All are eligible to play on Saturday under their existing contracts. If they want to feature against Peterhead they'll need to sign new ones.
  13. I'm not sure if that's accurate BPM. One of the backroom staff told me that we had Hendry at the stadium in the summer and were trying to get him. The guy in question was / is quite close to McKinnon. He didn't know the answer when I asked why Hendry chose Raith instead.
  14. Sorry mate, but none of that makes your point valid. A loss in the previous year doesn't mean we're STILL losing money. The two aren't necessarily connected.
  15. We are not "currently" trading at substantial losses. We chose to spend more than our income in a previous financial year, which we could afford to do due to having surplus cash. If I remember correctly, there were figures given at the AGM for the current financial year which showed we were ahead of budget. (ie making a profit)
  16. Tosh is fine; I was speaking to him at lunchtime today and he said he was OK.
  17. If things go as planned then the available cash will be unchanged but we'll break even rather than making a loss. I can't remember the figures but so far this year revenue was above what was budgeted for and expenditure below, so it appear that they're on target. One figure I do remember is that when the reasons for the loss were broken down there was an additional cost of £172,000. If I understood correctly what was said, that was entirely due to the mistakes made when recruiting Ray McKinnon. Fines, legal bills and presumably payments to Morton. Oooft.
  18. I call it as I see it M. That was my take on the mood of the meeting and the response on the night to the new chairmans comments. From subsequent posts made by others who attended I'm obviously not alone in seeing it that way. If others disagree then fair enough. We're all allowed to express an opinion. Fair point re BFL. I meant to type BFC, or whatever the correct acronym was for the fans proposed buyout. I'm not belittling people. I strongly supported the KJ / DW proposal and posted numerous times defending them. I've known Mike & Brian for years and worked with both on the old Bairnstrust Committee. Hell will freeze over before anyone will discourage either from speaking up.
  19. It didn't feel that way to me but then I'm less inclined to take offence than some, so maybe I'm not the best person to answer. It was basically a couple of sentences that lasted twenty seconds in a meeting that ran for two hours. There didn't seem to be any real anger in the room at the comments made. At least one shareholder also attacked the behaviour at Dumbarton when he had the floor. I thought the whole atmosphere was quite sedate tbh. I was expecting fireworks after the recent statement from Kevin Beattie but there was significantly less hostility towards the panel than there was at the EGM. Or at the Q&A thing hosted by Margaret Lang on the second floor maybe a year back. That may have been down to Gary Deans. It's the first time I've heard him speak and he came across pretty well. He certainly made a better impression than AT or SA at the EGM or LM tonight. The latter didn't strike me as either an orator or a leader and he looked very uncomfortable with the microphone. TBH the only real annoyance I detected was aimed at some of the questions from the floor. Brian Guthrie's ongoing desire to grab the spotlight drew groans every time he opened his mouth, which was frequently. Mike Dickins asking Cracks about how we mark at corners drew more groans. And surprisingly even Kenny Jamieson joined in, as he wanted to go into great detail about all the people who knew Mark Campbell from decades ago and had told BFL he was a chancer. KJ's long monologue on MCs backstory drew a few shouts of "FFS move on man" or words to that effect. David Olivers bulletpoints on the FH website seemed pretty accurate to me. For the ordinary fan I thought it was a decent night. There was confirmation that the disliked ML & AT are gone, and that the even more disliked LM is no longer acting Chairman. A lot of the things that fans wanted in the summer - at least in terms of departures - have now happened.
  20. The phrase "court papers" has implications of someone being charged with an offence. If that's a possibility then I would be very, very cautious about posting anything on it.
  21. I thought the TV footage of the Telfer / Hendry tackle was interesting. Watch it again. After doing a triple roll with backflip and somersault, RH lies totally immobile on the ground for about six seconds. No movement at all. My goodness, he must be seriously hurt. At least until the red card is shown. Then he's up faster than a rat up a drainpipe and looking for a fight. One of our players should probably have been sent off for a bad tackle on Hendry at Kirkcaldy. I kind of got the impression that it was premeditated and designed to hurt him. I wonder why? I did hear rumours afterwards that Mr Hendry isn't exactly the nicest chap in the world. And now one of our least aggressive players gets sent off for a bad tackle on him. Hmmn. Maybe those rumours are true then. The next game will likely be tasty.
  22. I've never seen him around the club so if he is he's keeping a low profile.
  23. No, they will be managing the team. The Falkirk Herald report on Wednesday speculated about someone else coming in for recruitment and there were comments made about a new football structure. It would seem logical then that someone else will be coming in, possibly in a sort of Alex Smith-type role.
  24. He's been with us since the players came back for preseason. There are no reserve games for him to feature in so I'd guess we're just giving him facilities to keep fit, possibly with an eye on recruitment if we go up and have a reserve side again next season. Not sure though; that's just speculation on my part. We may just be looking after one of our ex-academy players.
  25. My understanding is this isn't true. We made a loss because we chose to spend the nest egg, but as long as we don't have the same payoffs / staff turnover this year that will be a one-off. Remember the budget was described as "break even" at the start of the season. I have a wee suspicion that we may actually be performing slightly better than that on the balance sheet right now. It's an obvious question for the AGM though. Are we on target to break even at the end of the season? And if we don't go up what happens with the budget next season? I won't be there but I'll be interested to hear what gets said.
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