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  1. For me, Kennedy was our standout player in the game at McDiarmid Park midweek. He scored our goal and rarely failed to beat the fullback when he took him on. The boy looks a player. With him, Lawal and Alegria fit again our attacking options from the bench now look really strong.
  2. What are you looking for? The player listing is up and has been for some time.. They could do with using the proper Kai Kennedy headshot but that apart it looks fine to me. Players – Falkirk Football Club (falkirkfc.co.uk)
  3. They had an away game against a premier league side. I'm slightly wary of going into details in case the manager wants them kept quiet, but it was basically what he said in his FFCTV interview. The team was made up of players who're not getting game time right now with a number of the Under 18s featuring. McGlynn seems quite open in his interviews; I'm guessing he'll go into details in either his weekly press interview or the next one with FFCTV.
  4. Last August. Beat Peterhead, Airdrie & Clyde in the League and East Kilbride in the cup.
  5. Luke's a decent player. He was prolific in scoring at youth level, just as others before him such as Kevin O Hara, Scott Shepherd, Ally Graham and Thomas Grant were. He's probably at a similar standard to Scott Honeyman who we now have on loan to the Shire though I think he's a bit older. I'll be interested to see how his career goes from here onwards. Good luck to the lad. Except when he plays against us, obviously.
  6. To the last question, yes it does and it's gorgeous. I noticed it on Saturday.
  7. After years of the team being jeered off the pitch at fulltime in every game, that felt significant for me. Another sign that maybe, finally, we've hit rockbottom and are now on the way up again.
  8. Shortly after that we played a cuptie in, I think Dundee. The team team had their prematch meal in a hotel up there and by chance Collum was also in it. He asked the manager if he could speak to Alston and when this was granted he said he'd watched the incident again afterwards and realised he'd got it wrong. Alston got an apology out of Collum for it.
  9. Conversations with club staff around that time. In those days I was in almost every day due to the Commercial jobs that KK seemed to arrange for at least five days a week, and when you're sitting with players in a car heading out to a photoshoot you pick up bits and pieces. I obviously couldn't have mentioned it at the time but it's ancient history now.
  10. I have no idea what we're paying for Hogarth, but at the time we recruited the likes of Mark Waddington and Aaron Jarvis it cost more to put them up in accommodation than it did to pay them. English clubs were happy to loan them out for pennies as long as they they were being pushed harder than they would have been in English youth leagues.
  11. They're been covering the role between them since Connor Park left in September 2020 and were in place as his volunteer assistants for a couple of years before that. They've been at the club for somewhere between three and five years.
  12. I thought that was a bit strange, so I asked the two media officers when I was in earlier for Hogarth. They very rarely block anyone and checked when I was there. Three people have been blocked in the last three years. Two were trolls from who supported Dunfermline & Aberdeen and the third was a Falkirk fan who said that Paul Sheerin should be hanged.
  13. Yes he has. He ruffled Paul Hartley's feathers in a post-match interview and the manager refused to speak to him ever again. Thereafter every interview had to be done by Connor Park. Never underestimate a managers ability to take offence at the innocuous. And I say that from personal experience of the same manager. It's happened a few times over the years at Falkirk with different managers and staff/volunteers. Lewis is right to be cautious. Because if he did have a go at the manager, and the manager responded in kind, the interview would never see the light of day. And the interviewer might not be there next week, depending on how much support each side had from the boardroom.
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