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  1. He's been with us since the players came back for preseason. There are no reserve games for him to feature in so I'd guess we're just giving him facilities to keep fit, possibly with an eye on recruitment if we go up and have a reserve side again next season. Not sure though; that's just speculation on my part. We may just be looking after one of our ex-academy players.
  2. My understanding is this isn't true. We made a loss because we chose to spend the nest egg, but as long as we don't have the same payoffs / staff turnover this year that will be a one-off. Remember the budget was described as "break even" at the start of the season. I have a wee suspicion that we may actually be performing slightly better than that on the balance sheet right now. It's an obvious question for the AGM though. Are we on target to break even at the end of the season? And if we don't go up what happens with the budget next season? I won't be there but I'll be interested to hear what gets said.
  3. The media have no idea who's applied, or being considered for interview, so there's been a few "here's a guy who might be considering it" stories. Utter drivel. It's nothing more than clickbait.
  4. I didn't even see it coming. I heard a massive thump, looked around and there's Deccy lying at my feet about two yards away. It's normally only women I have that effect on....
  5. I tend to agree with that. Most of the squad are tied up on two year deals so the likelihood of making wholesale changes next season is limited. Unless of course we have the cash to pay off a third set of players for the third year in succession, which considering the AGM figures looks unlikely. So whoever takes charge won't be able to gut the playing squad as Hartley & McKinnon did. Their job will be to motivate and organise the existing players. If they show signs of doing that in the next few weeks then they should get the rest of the season to finish the job. If we go up, they get a new deal. If we don't, advertise again and take it from there. To me the job is theirs to lose unless there is an absolute standout candidate from the list of applicants. And even then, if we rack up performances and results in the interim then M&M should be in pole position. Tomorrow may only be three points for our club but I think it's huge for them. There's likely to be only one week or maybe two before a decision is made on their futures so they need to impress against Stranraer and maybe East Fife. Good luck to both.
  6. None whatsoever. If the players can train on it today then they can play a match on it tomorrow. Daytime temperatures are still above freezing.
  7. A member of the MSG. One who made himself look rather silly at the EGM by making claims about the MSG which were immediately shot down by former fans who served as reps on the board.
  8. During the press conference yesterday one of the things they were asked is what would they bring to the table. They replied that they were both motivators. No questions were asked about tactics, formations etc. Graham Henderson is still at the club are will continue doing fitness; M&M are only there to coach the players. At least for now anyway.
  9. Despite all the "mercenary" stuff that gets banded about online, some of the players came here specifically because of McKinnon. You may find that some of those will choose to leave in January without having to be either pushed or paid, regardless of how long their contracts are for.
  10. I think so. All that was done at the Academy in Stirling so I didn't see it but I believe he was up there all the time. He also coached at every single U20 game.
  11. I think you've misquoted Welshie; it was Shadwell who asked that and not me. I tend to agree with you though that's speculation and not knowledge.
  12. I like Alex as I think everyone does, but I genuinely don't see him as a football person any more. I can't quite explain it, but Alex Smith still had something about him that made him "gaffer" when he needed to step into a dressing room. He had the sort of growl, the glare, that could still intimidate even if most folk didn't see that side of him. I just don't think Totts has that now. He's been a salesman for too long.
  13. Say it takes two weeks to get applications in, decide on a shortlist, interview and then pick the best candidate. Who takes the team in the interim? Paul Dixon? Derek Jackson the goalie coach? Bob the kitman with Laura from the shop as his assistant? You're moaning for the sake of it without knowing any of the details. At least wait until you have that FFS. I think there should be something online today.
  14. The club won't run the story until everything is signed, sealed and delivered. The press however will publish based on either speculation or intel from the club. I don't know the details but my guess is that David Oliver of the FH calls our media officer on Monday. He gets told that we're in talks with McCracken / Miller and hope to appoint them but that nothing is confirmed yet. He can run the story as a "might happen" and by giving him it the club can let the fans know unofficially what's going on. Or I suppose they could tell the Herald to feck off and let nothing out until they run the story themselves. I'm sure they would do that if it was a signing who could be poached by another club gazumping us at the last minute, but that doesn't really apply here. There's plenty of things the board can justifiably be criticised for but I don't think this is one of them.
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