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  1. Spoke to the guys after the game today. They're not allowed to travel because as long as the home club is streaming then you can't justify their journey as being essential. Dumbarton will be streaming it.
  2. Not sure when press interviews are currently held, but they used to be done on a Tuesday so that may be out of date.
  3. The usual three FFCTV guys were there so they'll do highlights plus an interview with McCracken.
  4. You know I'd get my arse kicked if I did that Ranaldo. He's an ex-FVFA goalie. I'm sure Banta can find out, even if he did get the trialist at Montrose wrong.
  5. I think that's us done, albeit the AGM comments about 2 new defenders pretty much said that anyway. If you include Lee Miller we have 23 players now.
  6. Not really. New arrivals are usually the first choice when selecting a player to promote something; think Morrison re snoods, Keena re training wear, Gow re season tickets, etc.
  7. We had trialists on the bench last season between Cammy Bell leaving and Ferrie coming in from Dundee. I'd be surprised if we did anything differently this time.
  8. Keithgy correctly named him earlier in the week and am sure will confirm for you. He was only there for the one game as there were no trialists in the League Cup ties. I wouldn't expect to see him tomorrow given that he was also a left back.
  9. The impression I got is that he's considered good enough to start, which isn't quite the case yet for BS. As others have alluded to, that would allow Dixon to move into the middle and if we bring in a CH that gives us four players for two centreback positions.
  10. No, headshots of the players. Sadly no team photo this year for obvious reasons.
  11. Spoke to him this morning. It's not a long term injury and he'll back much sooner than I think everyone feared. The manager might give out a timescale next time he does a press or FFCTV interview.
  12. No no Shadwell, the new posters are " bang on" with their info, even if they'll disappear like snow off a dyke as soon as the vote is closed and their cheerleading is done. I don't have any ITK knowledge of boardroom shenanigans as it was never an area that interested me, as one or two folk who know me personally will confirm. I have no skin in this game. And from what I can see from public statements the Rawlins investment appears to be sound. They have a proven football background, money to spare, experience that will be useful and credible reasons for wanting to get involved. It seems ideal for us with no obvious downsides. Were I a shareholder I would be voting for it. Do you know what puts me off? The only thing I can find fault with? The PR effort that's gone into promoting this and rubbishing a possible alternative. Not so much on official channels but on various fan forums. The scare stories, the cheerleading, the reliable sources who only seem to give out information that points one way. All of it makes me uneasy. It smacks of trying to manipulate people to get the result you want which I'm not comfortable with from a football club.
  13. No offence, but that sounds like a Project Fear story. I'm pretty sure ML cut all ties with the club when the rest of the BOD basically forced her out. The thought of her getting involved again - and doing so with AT - seems unlikely.
  14. How does the resolution prevent them selling their shares? Surely that's a separate transaction which is irrelevant to the new investment. Particularly as the person who was rumoured to be keen on buying MSG shares has nothing to do with the Rawlins.
  15. Serious question... WTF is this? Tied to one of the terraces at Links Park yesterday.
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