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  1. The Falkirk FC Thread

    At the moment our reserves are comprised of around six ex-Academy players, most of whom have never been near the first team, and several out-of-the-picture Hartley signings. All their contracts expire in the summer. I think it's reasonable to assume that many won't be here at the start of next season. Which means there'll be spaces in our reserve team. McKinnon is on record as saying he wants the reserves to be comprised of young players who can make the step up to the first team within a year. Langan might be such a player. So it seems sensible to have a good look at him before deciding if he'll get a longer contract in the summer. Not strange at all IMO.
  2. The Falkirk FC Thread

    I've no idea. It didn't strike me as unusual until you mentioned it, but I've had a look back through my records and Mitch hasn't played for the reserves at all in 2019.
  3. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Anything they own, we can take. Just because we're Falkirk. He played three or four reserve games as a trialist and I think was initially just filling a jersey . However, he showed up well so now has a contract to the end of the season along with Souley and Reekie. He looks a decent wee player, even if he's not a candidate for the first team at the moment.
  4. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Just a couple of guys of guys filling spaces in the team. There's been a few of them this season.
  5. I'm not smug. I'm actually pretty pissed off that we continually fail to win "must win" games, unless they're against Alloa. I like McKinnon as a manager. He did extremely well to get results from a previously dire squad, he's a genuinely nice guy despite all the crap you hear from Inverclyde, and I think his recruitment in January was decent. I'd just like him to be a bit more daring with team selections. Given that some of the players he's throwing in aren't delivering I'd like to see Todorov and Lavery get a bit more of an opportunity. Both have shown up well when playing for the reserves.
  6. He wasn't smiling after Falkirk - for the third time against his team - came from behind to get a draw. Nae luck Gary.
  7. Given that Morton aren't very good at putting clauses in their contracts, I doubt they got much.....
  8. The Falkirk FC Thread

    He'd either be totally ineffective or MOTM. His decision-making sometimes goes awry and he occasionally runs into blind alleys. However, when he gets the ball down and runs at people he can go past two or three of them as if they weren't there. He's very raw and probably not consistent enough to be a first pick but there's definitely a player in there.
  9. Last time DKD was out Waddington started. And scored. I wouldn't be surprised if the team against Alloa is the same team on Tuesday night.
  10. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Does anyone know where they're training? It's certainly not the Bleachfield, which I where is used to cycle down on a Tuesday or Thursday night to get autographs.
  11. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Saw them all. Being old does have it's advantages.
  12. That's where you're wrong BPM. I don't "know" anything. I never asked any questions about the Academy. I have a couple of friends who're closely involved with the club and who did ask before I got the chance to. They were satisfied with the answers given. That was enough for me as I trust their judgement. I know there are plenty - maybe the majority - who would disagree. Fair enough. It's such an emotive subject that I tend to stay away from debating it. Which is why I was surprised that Kenny used it a couple of times at the start of his presentation. I think it's the first time I've ever heard someone outwith the Board give an analysis of the decision without condemning it.
  13. Did you go to the presentation night held in the South Stand regarding the fan ownership scheme? Kenny Jamieson said that as a result of the decision to cease funding the Academy we were now in a financially stable position. That we began each season knowing that our projected income from normal sources - season tickets, commercial activity etc - was sufficient to cover our operating costs. That we now didn't start each season with a deficit which had to be filled by either transfers or cup runs. He stressed the point several times, and one of the phrases he used was "stable but stagnant". In that while we no longer had black holes, we didn't have any prospect of future windfalls either. After saying that it gave him a platform to launch into one of the reasons why a fresh cash injection via fan ownership would be beneficial.
  14. Imagine someone dresses up in a costume resembling a giant penis. He goes out at rush hour, sits down in middle of the busiest roundabout in town and holds up a placard saying "rip the piss out of me". One of your posters has been doing the online equivalent of that for eight months. And yet we're the weapons?
  15. No we haven't. That may be the story being told around Inverclyde in order to justify the loss of your best player, but it's simply not true. And before you ask, no I don't know the exact salary he's on. But I'm fairly confident I know roughly where he sits in relation to our other players and overall wage structure. No ceilings have been broken. I think a few Morton fans have been though, at least to judge by some of their posts this season.