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  1. It's a lot harder than it was when new, causing more jarring on the body when you run on it.
  2. The kits will be launched after the players return to training. Probably being worn by new signings to get a bit of a buzz around the place. I think preseason was scheduled to begin 15th June so I'd expect the kits to be unveiled around the middle of next month.
  3. Me too. They gave us a brilliant week in Ceske Budejovice which was the first time I ever went abroad in my life. Doing it to follow Falkirk made it extra special. I know of at least one saddo memorabilia collector who went round the sports field after the first game nicking all these posters Probably still got them in his house. Anyone remember buying the fish on a stick?
  4. There was no time to do an interview last week. He came in at night, met with the board, presumably had his reps scrutinise the contract and then signed it. An hour after doing that the photographer - me - got him and PS for ten minutes to take some images so that the club could release the story. Then on his first day today he met the press to answer questions and posed for images from the two media outlets who sent photographers. He was planned to do an FFCTV interview today but for a couple of different reasons it didn't happen. I don't see it as a big deal. It'll be done in the next few days and it wasn't down to incompetence from anyone, as I think you're inferring, or conspiracies from dodgy staff / directors which was a major theme on here this time last season. It's just life. Sometimes things don't always go to plan.
  5. It was one of the questions he was asked at the PC today, and he basically replied that he already knows a great deal about our players. To answer the previous poster which you were responding to, I don't think there's any danger of the contracted players returning in the next few weeks. Particularly as many of them are already abroad on holiday. I can't see them back until pre-season training begins in mid June.
  6. There was a press conference and photcall today. Falkirk TV interview will be later in the week. As far as fanfare goes, it's possible they might have some sort of "meet the manager" event during the close season. I'm guessing that if it happened it would be once season tickets go on sale.
  7. The trialists who played that day were Jordan Allan and an ex-Motherwell defender called Luke Watt. I guess it's possible he could have travelled up with the squad but he didn't get any gametime.
  8. No, and I don't know when I will be. Not yet anyway.
  9. Yes. He was here pre-season in the summer of 2018 and came on as a sub in a 2-0 loss to the New Saints. He was injured during the other friendlies and didn't get any more gametime, so no deal was offered.
  10. Yeah that's possible, and it would be a good sign IMO if it were true. Either way though I don't think anything can happen until we announce a manager.
  11. I suspect you may be waiting a while. Normally the manager tells the players after the last game if they’ll be offered a new contract, and the ones who won’t are on the release list which goes out a few days later. This year there is no-one to make those decisions. It’ll be up to the next manager to decide if he wants to offer deals to the likes of Mutch, Telfer etc, assuming they haven’t signed for anyone else before he arrives. So until he’s in place I don’t think you’ll get much of a release list. I guess the alternative is to put up a list of everyone who’s out of contract and add a caveat that the next manager might ask some of them to come back, but that would seem a clumsy way of doing things IMO. We’ll see in the next few days.
  12. I've no idea. All I know is they play under Club Academy Scotland so there ought to be something somewhere. The league FFC are in has us up against Alloa, Stirling, QOS, Montrose and Elgin. I think the league you can play in is determined by the number of teams / staff / facilities you have but I'm by no means an expert. I just turn up and watch them.
  13. So were Hearts dross when they beat them last year? And Fife Academy when they took four off them? And an SYFA select when they did the same to them? Or Celtic when a 17s team lost only 2-1 to them in the cup a month ago? You can only beat what's in front of you. I'd agree the standard of opposition they face in the league isn't great, but that doesn't mean there aren't good players in our teams.
  14. And immediately before that the U16s won 5-0. Yet some people still think these kids are on the same level as what you would see playing down Dawson Park. Some great football on show from both our youth teams.
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