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  1. I'm a heavy metal man. I don't know any of that shit.
  2. Or "we will follow Falkirk...", which both of us have probably been singing for decades.
  3. They were both announced as having two year deals when they signed last summer. However, there have been rumours about the second year being dependant on promotion. Neither were listed in the "definitely staying" category in the last club update so you could speculate that M&M might choose to let them (and others) go. https://www.falkirkfc.co.uk/2020/06/14/club-update-2/ As far as I can see Connolly, Dixon, Durnan, Hall, Miller and Telfer aren't confirmed either way. Now that M&M are off furlough I imagine we'll start getting football news again soon.
  4. No arguement from me on that score. I must admit that I know absolutely nothing about mumsnet though. You seem to be quite clued up on it. As we've little else to debate, will you share your experiences? 😉
  5. I've no idea. I was hoping the management could be back after the latest govt restrictions were lifted in mid-July, but from a brief conversation last week I got the impression that August might be more likely. The first thing we need is confirmation from the SPFL. The vote deadline was Friday so I imagine we'll hear tomorrow. Once that's confirmed things can start moving. I assume season ticket sales will be next announcement.
  6. I'm not certain that will be the case. Last year we planned to have an 18 man squad and only ended up with more due to some late signings in August / September, which I think arose due to extra cash becoming available. When the season ended we had exactly 18. Plus Lee Miller as an "emergency" substitute. (Buchanan, Connolly, De Vita, Dixon, Doyle, Durnan, Ferrie, Gomis, Hall, Leitch, McManus, MacMillan, McShane, Miller, Mutch, Sammon, Telfer & Todd). Not counting Laverty & Johnstone as they were out on loan. Given the lower number of games and revenue I wouldn't be surprised if we went with the same again.
  7. I judge the (likely) accuracy of information by the name of the source and what I know of them. How they deliver that message doesn't really matter. If you feel differently that's your prerogative. Tell me, what delivery method would you always take as gospel? Written on the side of a bus perhaps?
  8. Someone contacted me on social media after that post and gave me salaries of specific players at junior clubs. He's in a position to know what he's talking about. It seems there's a lot more money in the semi-pro leagues than most fans realise.
  9. Ironically enough, it's the transport that's the biggest problem for football matches. You could probably accomdate 30,000 socially distanced fans in Hampden for an international or Ibrox for a league game. But how do they get there? By being jampacked into buses, trains & subway. Or do you have parking for 30,000 cars because fans aren't allowed to carshare?
  10. I asked the question of the retail manager a couple of weeks ago and he said it was a collaborative effort, with a number of people having an input. As an example he pointed to a part of the design which was his idea. It rings true. When RW and I had an involvement in retail in the old days of the VMC there were 3 or 4 of us involved in deciding the final stip. The kitman was also part of that group. .
  11. I can't argue with you because I don't know anything about it. I'm simply reporting what I've read elsewhere. I'm sure most folk recognise that much of the stuff that you read on fan sites is absolute nonsense. However, I thought the story was credible because the original poster will have a knowledge of junior football. Curiously enough, it's been backed up by someone else on a different FFC site who could also be considered credible. An Ayrshire man who played professionally for both Falkirk and Kilmarnock. You would assume he knows what he's talking about. Perhaps a case of no smoke without fire?
  12. Interesting statement on another forum from a Falkirk fan who's heavily involved with a local junior club. I presume he'll know a fair amount about teams at that level.... and he commented that Darvel are paying £300-£450 a week for players. Edited to add - it appears a few of the former junior clubs are spending big in order to get into the pyramid system and eventually the SPFL, with Kelty obviously being a prime example.
  13. I believe that was part of the plan for this season. We were keeping our eye on a few young players and one was training with us during the week. Sadly that plan was pre-covid. From the chairmans comments last night I suspect it'll be put on hold now for another year.
  14. While many posters have political opinions, only one person has made an anti-precautions post. And I doubt the name of the poster will surprise anyone. I'm sure he'll wear the red dots and negative responses as a badge of pride. Going back to football, todays news is encouraging. Hopefully the announcements will increase the chances of L1 & L2 voting for a restart in October. If that happens, then teams usually start preseason about a month and a half before kick off. So if the vote on Friday is positive then the players could be reporting back to TFS in mid August. If the club staff return a month before that to begin player recruitment and marketing (such as selling season tickets), then we might only be a couple of weeks away from having football news to discuss again. Fingers crossed. 🤞
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