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  1. Signings

    Is it true that Jean-Claude Darcheville has signed for Stirling Uni?!
  2. Scottish Cup

    Haha cheers! I thought it would be unicorns since it's the next right after narnia? As long as there's a pub we will be fine! Looking forward to it! Cheers for the photos! What's the team like? Don't fancy a 7 hour journey home if we have been beat haha
  3. Scottish Cup

    I'm coming up north this weekend with Dalbeattie Star, to face Golspie Sutherland in the Scottish Cup, and I'm just on here wondering what it's like up there? Could anyone help?
  4. benni macarthy

    So this isn't a joke? Jesus! Thought he had retired..
  5. Transfers

    Any word on Dalbeattie Star signings?