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  1. Whoever is in charge we will have to move at pace so a competitive squad can be assembled for next season or we may have slim pickings and behind in preparation for next season like what has happened in the past when assembling a new team or manager. Hopefully find out asap if current manager Maurice is staying on or not A prime example being Berwick have signed ex Cowdenbeath player Jamie Stevenson from EK would have been good to see him back playing for Cowdenbeath at Lowland league level. Great set piece player, long range shots
  2. Well the high emotions of yesterday have settled and some reflection done. It has been a very poor couples of years at Cowdenbeath but now is not the time to blame anyone as we are a family club so we should all share some of the responsibilities to our underachievements. We now need to regroup and have probably an emergency meeting to have meaningful open and honest conversations around the future of our club. Personally following us in the Lowland league is not something I have much appetite for looking at the standard of football based on yesterday but our number one priority right now is to keep Cowdenbeath FC at the heart of the community and it to continue to exist. Then we must develop say a 3 year plan of where we want the club to be and that is how we measure and compare our progress against and review it together Also we should develop a club philosophy for example it could be players playing 100 percent playing for the club jersey, players engaging with the community and community activities. There is no doubt massive changes are required but it is key we all stick together as a club who all deeply care about the club whether board members, fans and well-wishers. We can bounce back to the SPFL stronger and better when that will be nobody knows but we need to aim high, be ambitious whilst ensuring as the main priority the club survives.
  3. Well it's here the biggest game probably in Cowdenbeaths history. Today's outcome will have a huge factor on the future direction of the club. Let's be the 12th man today and make some noise to ensure SPFL survival and keep Cowdenbeath on the map. Let's do this and keep this special crazy little football club at the heart of Scottish Football Also a very welcome to fans of other clubs today to support the Cowdenbeath cause including our nearest freinds at Kelty. Good luck Cowdenbeath one last push.
  4. Will our friends at Kelty be coming to Cowdenbeath Central Park this Saturday to try and cheer on the Blue Brazil to SPFL survival?
  5. Anyone else still fuming about Saturdays players performance and the penalty, I am. Shame like a player's Red card it can't be appealed as the video evidence of that penalty would be surely to chop a goal off Bonnyrigg going into the second leg. To be fair to Robbie Horn even he admitted it was soft. Hoping these players as said previously show the levels expected on Saturday to keep our senior status like the Cowden stars of yesterday have done in the past if they have any respect to the history of this club. So annoyed about Saturday it would be good for a board and fans meeting with the players and management prior to Saturday spelling out our passion for our football club and what it means to everyone to keep our SPFL status. At the end of the day there is no club without the fans and board players and management move on and loyal Cowdenbeath FC fans don't
  6. Talking about team cohesion, togetherness here rather than rushing to the game. Probably not made a difference and manager appreciating players commitments but surprised it was declined with such an important match coming up might have done the squad good
  7. Hope the manager keeps playing those highlights to the players Absolutely awful. Players look disinterested and not going for the ball at the first goal. Penalty definitely not a penalty. Third goal easy header for Brett Swann really like the lad but what was he thinking let folk down I am afraid The way the most of those players went about their business in my opinion is their mind's elsewhere. Perhaps another club? Who knows Manager for me made the wrong call in not allowing the offer of a pre match meal for the players whilst kind of them to think of their morning family commitments this was the most important game in the clubs history. Would have been good for team cohesion and focus on what's at stake for our club There will be no morning commitments when it's trips to Gretna next season. https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/cowdenbeath-back-in-the-last-chance-saloon-how-maurice-ross-plans-to-escape-the-spfl-trap-door-3682623
  8. Cheers Any post match comments worth sharing
  9. Still no Post match interview comments to be found? Maybe tomorrow on Mondays newspapers? Still can't believe players player of the year mullen didn't start or Buchanan. Something very strange there which there could be a variety of reasons why that was the case that we don't know about. Still extremely unhappy about yesterday which seemed like a slap in the face to everyone connected to the club and those volunteers, board etc who get nothing in return apart from having the privilege to play a significant part in keeping Cowdenbeath FC in operation
  10. Where is Cowden to be housed the Main Stand and old stand?
  11. Any post match statement available yet from the manager? Would be good if there is a statement of some shape or form or from club ahead of the clubs biggest game in history acknowledging what's at stake, encouraging a fantastic turnout on Saturday and manager acknowledging the unacceptable performance yesterday and what went wrong. Personally I think I know what went wrong overly confident going into the tie, wrong team selection, challenges out with our control ie the penalty. Also the sending off obviously didn't help either. Time to dust down and hopefully the players have the character, desire, hunger to keep our SPFL status alive as if they don't we could one day find ourselves in a new relegation battle as the Lowland League gets stronger by looking down to the East of Scotland League
  12. Wasn't that Long ago you were second bottom of League two. Your time may come again. Any club should not mock right from relegation zone of the championship down to League two could quickly be club 42.
  13. As much as I'm hurting tonight and If we do fallout of the leagues as painful as that would be I would still be there but there has to be massive changes including player recruitment ensuring players want to play and win for the club and not just picking up a wage or going through the motions
  14. Just shows how far we have fallen playing Rangers Hibs Hearts same league and now likely vs Edinburgh and Stirling Uni, Dalbeattie and Gala. Not quite the same appeal is it. Not for me anyway I said it a couple of years back and was laughed at by saying if we don't improve and move forward as a football club Kelty Heart's who were in East of Scotland League at the time will be our biggest threat due to their ambitions and set up. Kelty vs Dunfermline Or Falkirk next season or a cold winter and rainy day at Cowdenbeath vs Gala is a scary and likely prospect next season and is why the players and management must bust a gut on Saturday Obviously our loyal support will stay but try attracting new fans when you have a decent set up 2 miles away. Annoying sadly and very frustrating but reality
  15. Baffling and why Buchs wasn't playing with his experience for this tie
  16. Let's hope we have the same fight and desire when we were written off when folk said wait until we get you on the big park at East End If we can replicate that performance and result that will take us to penalties. Let us dream but never say never Feel really let down by the players and management tonight. Fans doing their bit support, donations but sadly not being replicated on the park Too confident going into this tie in my opinion and it's severely backfired Well done to Bonnyrigg for their hunger and desire although penalty decision extremely questionable but does not take away of how poorly we performed It's now very much real to stand up and be counted for the benefit of Cowdenbeath FC and the town as although I am extremely fond of the club and the town right now after watching that standard of football I have no appetite to watch Lowland League football with the continued pleas for funds as we have been doing that and look where that's got us today. We are not moving forward as a club on the park despite positive initiatives off the park My question to the players and management do you want to have on your CV taking a football club out of the spfl for the first time in their 130 odd year history if not finish the job next Saturday
  17. Morning Cowdenbeath fans Are we ready? Remember full voice today with encouragement until the final whistle regardless of score/play Let's Do This
  18. How about as a suggestion and positive momentum fans and well wishers of Cowdenbeath FC and/or town post Good luck support messages for tomorrow on clubs Facebook or Twitter to show the team we are right behind them.
  19. Come on Cowden Is it not Saturday yet folks
  20. I believe there are photos and videos of grown men with their tops of celebrating in the junction on the pool tables that night.
  21. Yeah Hamilton game was a good one to remember. Can remember Lewis Coult asking the crowd what the Dunfermline score was as we started celebrating in the stands knowing If scores stayed the same we would still be in the championship.
  22. Was going to but change of plan lift instead. You?
  23. Silence on here so far of what is the start of a massive 10 days ahead for our club. Hoping for a fantastic Blue Brazil turnout over in Bonnyrigg on Saturday to make a tremendous amount of noise backing the players for the whole game How's everyone feeling this week? It's up to us to play a part in The Great Escape Part 3 by being the 12th man or Part 4 if you want to include Hamilton. Let's create an incredible atmosphere on Saturday
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