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  1. Welcome to the Lowland League Linlithgow. What are your average home and away attendances like? Hope to welcome many Linlithgow fan's to central park next season where usually away fans are welcome to have a refreshment at the clubs bar.
  2. Another really good podcast. Enjoyed listening to that. Callum comes across well he certainly knows what he wants/has a vision. Positive vibes for next season and as came across on the podcast vital everyone do everything they can to support the club.
  3. That's the aim. Not going to be easy but always and must be our objective. I want us to get out the mindset of there is other clubs better than us in the league or have more money to a mindset of every game our players fight tooth and nail to win our games regardless of the opposition in the league. We are a historic club mainly in the SPFL with hopefully a bright future to make more history in the not too distant future in the SPFL. To achieve this though we need full backing from all of the Cowdenbeath support and/or those who have deep affection for the club and to move on from previous horrific and disappointing seasons. Did folks see Cowdenbeath complete in the Championship for 3 seasons, beat Dunfermline at East End Park, say Cowdenbeath would play Rangers Fc not B team in the league and draw nil nil at home with them............. probably not so no reason why we can't achieve our objective to returning to the SPFL in the not too distant future.
  4. Usually a good opportunity to promote at the gala too which makes a return this year. An idea too might be to have an open day at Central Park if early July more than happy to volunteer/help such an event
  5. Flurry of activity tonight at first I read the Gala evening thinking great another one to look forward but some creativity from the social media team.
  6. Should sign him on a pay per game agreement
  7. Think this shows Callum making his own stamp on things and potentially utilising any incoming transfer fees to make his own team. Clearly there had to be changes as at the end of the day we finished 15th in the Lowland league so exits were always going to happen if we are serious in our ambitions to take the club to where we want it to be. Enjoyed Lovey at the club and wish him well.
  8. Liking that another striker brought in who sounds good on paper. Our downfall last season was we didn't score much so hopefully we build on a fairly decent defensive record from last season with more firepower and creativity. Looking forward to next season. Callum appointment I feel is going to be refreshing following years of poor performances. Onwards and upwards
  9. As a club and as we know we need to come up with new initiatives. What's folks thoughts on a home game next season where the objective is for every home fan attending i.e our core support of 150 brings at least one person to the game with them to double the crowd whilst utilising the club bar and maybe a buffet could be arranged etc. Thoughts? Not a groundbreaking Idea but a very simple one.
  10. Congratulations Spartans. All the best in your SPFL journey.
  11. Can't believe it's 9 years today from that famous victory at East End Park. I wonder if there would be some interest in organising next year a 10th anniversary event of that successful day? Think someone has the infamous surreal video of celebrations in the Junction Bar gents tops off to hey jude/on pool tables what a day and night that was and on a Sunday
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