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  1. Our form and run of results are starting to become a real concern especially taking into account Albions excellent result against Elgin. We should we performing a lot better than this and are beginning to be cut adrift and dragged into the wrong end of the table. Our goal threat is disappointing this season. Good performance from the goalkeeper on loan today and game close today and unlucky not to take something from the game but with no goal threat we are going to struggle for 3 points. Not easy though with the difficult unprecedented circumstances clubs find themselves in this season Big game against Brechin next week
  2. Would sign him thought he was okay with us when he played.
  3. Brilliant programme and pleased for the people who invest a lot of their own time in making such a good programme. Nice to see their efforts once again being highly recognised and appreciated.
  4. Would agree we would have a good chance as things stand however if Kelty Hearts and Brora are granted entry we will potentially be competing against three well funded teams Queens Park, Kelty and Brora I assume.
  5. Does anyone know how these club representatives are appointed to be on this group? Is it from volunteering clubs who wish to take part ?
  6. Obviously there are far more important things going on around us just now outside football but when we move towards getting back to some form of normality and in better circumstances. What would everyone's view/opinion/thoughts on SPFL league reconstruction? My personal football fan opinion so far appears to be from what I read is it is very much focused on just adding two further teams to the Premiership and I don't think this will enhance the overall game and benefit all SPFL clubs I think we should only have three leagues, a Premiership of 14, Championship of 14 and League 1 also containing 14. Two automatic promotions and relegations from all leagues and third and fourth placed facing of in a promotion playoff with third bottom team also involved in the higher league in regards to relegation. Continuation of Pyramid playoff to remain in place for bottom of league 1 placed team from a Cowden fan point of view as I doubt any lower SPFL club would vote automatic relegation unless perhaps a further lower SPFL branded league was added inviting up some Lowland league, Highland league clubs and colt teams into it with much the same level of prize money as this current pyramid playoff model provides an insurance policy if you like given the potential risk factors of dropping out of the senior ranks could present to current SPFL clubs given the level of income outside the SPFL is significantly different and that the current level of SPFL prize money SPFL clubs get probably keep many of them in existence. However I guess you could argue as there is potentially more movement between SPFL and the lowland league these leagues may in itself get more competitive and attract more finance's I. E price money/parachute payments to help clubs reducing the fear and protect any Club going out of existence as at the end of the day's these clubs are peoples communities and livelihoods and nobody would really like to see a club going out of existence. However it is not something I would like to experience as a Cowden fan and my ambitions and vision for our club is very much looking upwards that will help continue to sustain the club as the pyramid system is not an easy return to the senior ranks as we have already seen with the likes of East Stirlingshire and Berwick who have unfortunately left the senior ranks. We were fortunate enough to avoid this with credit in my opinion of avoiding this from hardworking efforts from all connected with cowdenbeath at the time board, players/management/fans/community and volunteers. Also if there was interest a Football You tube or other format to be cover the lower league games in terms of highlights and interviews with the lower league clubs Championship down to League 1 and perhaps Lowland and Highland if there was enough interest. Ideally mainstream TV ie bbc would cover our lower spfl leagues in addition to just their Premiership games. For me there needs to be ambitious plans that benefit all SPFL clubs when it comes to reconstruction whilst enhancing the overall Scottish game . Moving forward to I think there should be opportunitys for fans input to SPFL decision making process and to gauge ideas this could be done via an appointed fan representing their club or a fan representing each league for the respective clubs in their own clubs current league. Having just three leagues with this model also may increase the chances of smaller clubs having a gateway into the Premiership even though that may be a once in a lifetime opportunity it is a chance one that may help sustain such clubs for future generations given the income opportunities that are on offer. Look at Arbroath as a potential example of that this season not far of the promotion playoffs for the Premiership and they were in similar lower league positions like ourselves recently. Arbroath like ourselves in recent history of what can be achieved for lower league clubs. Take care and stay safe everyone and would be good to hear everyone's views from both a Cowden fan view or view from a bigger picture perspective as a Scottish football fan. Also be interested in people's thoughts of new suggestions and ideas when we get over these challenging times that will benefit the football club. Personally thought there was a real sense of togetherness at the club this year especially with the bar being opened which attracted excellent hospitality opportunities. Good chance for us all to reflect on this season too on what went well and and what could be done better. As I say there are far more important things going on just now but nice to think about our hobbies and interests I. E the football club 💭 Again stay safe and take care everyone
  7. Yes our away form hasn't been great especially compared to our excellent home form Not sure if Morrison will be playing this weekend. Coves defence isn't as good as their attacking players and agree hoof ball doesn't work. We look our best when we play it on the ground. It will be a tough match against Cove but we are capable of beating them if at our best
  8. Disappointing to lose a 1 nil lead at half time which was excellent to be up at half time. Delighted for Jordyn Sheerin to get on the score sheet in his second spell at the club but disappointingly we couldn't keep it level for long. We don't half make things difficult for ourselves as we were comfortable in third now we have a challenging end to the season to try and keep our place in the top four. If tonight's Stirling game is anything to go by we will have to be at our best defensively on Saturday if we want to take anything from the game.
  9. For me 3 points dropped yesterday. If you had said take a draw against Edinburgh before the game though I would have taken it. However based on our performance yesterday we should have been well ahead had we converted our chances. The City goal was unfortunate for us as we probably had the defensive ability to keep them out but you could see it coming I thought. Good character shown throughout the game from the team putting in a good effort. These games in hands are very important to ensure we win them to claw back points to get us back in the promotion playoff mix and get a winning run going All in all we have certainly improved overall from the past few seasons but we must not get complacent given we have until after full time been a top 4 side for the majority of the season. One game at a time though.
  10. Not posted for a while but astounded on some people's views that Bollan should go. Yes it was a very bad day at the office yesterday no excuses for that performance but to be third at this stage of the season is very good work from Bollan with probably a relitivley small budget compared to some other clubs. Difficult few games coming up for sure but 100% backing is what is required in my opinion and see where that takes us come the end of the season whilst we are still currently in a fortunate league position.
  11. Thanks Alan no problem at all. Glad everything went well for the club, fans, guests etc today
  12. ☺ That must have been post Fox and Nish ☺ Bollan was my first realistic choice he knows these leagues well similar to Campbell. Great set up just now
  13. 😄 Great to see my recommendation of Gary Bollan as manager finally paying off I openly said he was the man the club should go after following the departure of Locke due to his track record/win ratio and nice to see the benefits now appearing to finally be paying off. This is what it's all about sticking with the club you love through the difficult and good times Not getting ahead of ourselves as each game at a time but we should focus our attention now on grabbing first place Great atmosphere around the club just now that we need to continue to build on Game on
  14. Another great result on Saturday. Really good atmosphere around the club which obviously the results contribute to this but the efforts by management/board/volunteers behind the scenes have to be applauded and cannot go unrecognised as they too will also have made a valid contribution to the positive atmosphere and performances of the club Dissapointing to read about the injury to our goal keeper and the events leading to the injury. A great keeper with a very bright future in the game and seems to love his football.
  15. Sore one Unlucky to cowden but you make your own luck not great giving a goal away in stoppage time. Whilst it's only three games into the season and the league is currently very tight averaging losing three away goals a game, two goals every game and averaging only scoring one a game doesn't seem a team who will be promotion contenders. Good fighting spirit however to be two nil down up at Cove and getting back into the mix. Lessons learned hopefully taking into next Saturday to hopefully collect all three points but if we are serious about being promotion contenders we have to collect points on the road regardless of the opposition as that's the reality in league two Encouraging signs and potential still though with this team hopefully this season as if we can take it to Cove which we seemed to do today who are league title contenders then surely that has to be a positive. Hopefully team bounce back with a win next week as always a sore one letting a goal in the end as this could have been a well earned and hard fought point
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