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  1. Thanks Alan no problem at all. Glad everything went well for the club, fans, guests etc today
  2. ☺ That must have been post Fox and Nish ☺ Bollan was my first realistic choice he knows these leagues well similar to Campbell. Great set up just now
  3. 😄 Great to see my recommendation of Gary Bollan as manager finally paying off I openly said he was the man the club should go after following the departure of Locke due to his track record/win ratio and nice to see the benefits now appearing to finally be paying off. This is what it's all about sticking with the club you love through the difficult and good times Not getting ahead of ourselves as each game at a time but we should focus our attention now on grabbing first place Great atmosphere around the club just now that we need to continue to build on Game on
  4. Another great result on Saturday. Really good atmosphere around the club which obviously the results contribute to this but the efforts by management/board/volunteers behind the scenes have to be applauded and cannot go unrecognised as they too will also have made a valid contribution to the positive atmosphere and performances of the club Dissapointing to read about the injury to our goal keeper and the events leading to the injury. A great keeper with a very bright future in the game and seems to love his football.
  5. Sore one Unlucky to cowden but you make your own luck not great giving a goal away in stoppage time. Whilst it's only three games into the season and the league is currently very tight averaging losing three away goals a game, two goals every game and averaging only scoring one a game doesn't seem a team who will be promotion contenders. Good fighting spirit however to be two nil down up at Cove and getting back into the mix. Lessons learned hopefully taking into next Saturday to hopefully collect all three points but if we are serious about being promotion contenders we have to collect points on the road regardless of the opposition as that's the reality in league two Encouraging signs and potential still though with this team hopefully this season as if we can take it to Cove which we seemed to do today who are league title contenders then surely that has to be a positive. Hopefully team bounce back with a win next week as always a sore one letting a goal in the end as this could have been a well earned and hard fought point
  6. Not the start we hoped and disappointing. Any insight on how we are playing for those that made the game so far? Obviously not great from a defensive point of view and on attack reading the commentary we can't break them down just shots from outside the box being blocked.
  7. Who knows how this one will go as both teams enter their first league game of the season. I am going for a 2 1 away win for Cowdenbeath. Optimistic for this season and we can only build on from our 6th place finish from last year and look to battle it out at the top end of the table. All teams in this league could face the dreaded trap door regardless of club status or budgets. One very bad season is all it can take. Look at Cowdenbeath in league one where we dropped again despite some reasonable signings for that level but some misunfornate circumstances went against us. I think we will have a strong management team in Bollan, Easton and Flaherty. A very good piece of business in my personal opinion of acquiring the likes of Craig Easton I am sure you will bring a lot to the Cowdenbeath cause.
  8. Great kit launch tonight. There is a real sense of togetherness across the club just now. Good time to be part of the Cowden Journey. Feeling optimistic about building on last season. Credit to all the volunteers and board of the continuous hard work and dedication they have given the club in difficult circumstances.
  9. Great draw and definitely ticks every box. Ideally you would want Hearts away as last season when we played them mid week the gate was 7500 in attendance. pretty good attendance mid week. Dundee Utd away not as appealing as some might think gate wise on the basis there was only a gate of 1600 at home to Utd against Alloa in the bet Fred Cup last season. Still better drawing them away as I doubt we would get 1600 at home to Utd especially mid week.
  10. Shame Harvey has moved on but that's football. Hopefully we will start hearing of some signings soon. I guess as always in pre season some players sit it out and weigh up their options and offers. I have a good feeling about next season. We have an established manager who is capable of leading the team at the top end of the table. The Club seem to be continuing to do lots of positive and new things to help move the club forward. Betfred Group Draw tomorrow at 1:30 so hopefully the club will get a good draw I. E away to Hibs or Hearts in the group.
  11. Stirling Cove Rangers Cowdenbeath Stenhousemuir Edinburgh City Brechin Elgin Annan Queens Park Albion
  12. Not pleasant for any SPFL side to be in Berwicks position having experienced the threat of the dreaded trapdoor with Cowdenbeath F.C on two occasions. Feel for anyone connected to Berwick Rangers but not so much for those who found it amusing to mock Cowdenbeath F. C last season with the threat of the lowland League and the clubs very existence. Any club in League Two could unfortunately find themselves in this situation. One bad season is all it could take regardless of the stature of the club in League Two. Best Wishes to those connected to Berwick Rangers and hope you can all work together to help move their club forward regardless if what it looks like currently of being in the Lowland league. Cove Rangers are a decent outfit and they could have easily have beaten us in the first leg if it wasn't from the outstanding performance of David Mcgurn.
  13. Really good work so far with Blue Brazil TV which can only improve by getting better and better. A couple of observations the sound quality could be better by eliminating echoing from background noise which probably can't be helped with the busy nature of post match activities. Ideas wise: Next season Blue Brazil TV may want to reach out and interview those who have had a connection with the club in the past whether that be a blue Brazil legend, player etc. To enable some pre match build up to fixtures perhaps some pre match interviews with a player or manager. Blue Brazil TV may want to see if they could develop another documentary for the club. Blue Brazil TV may want to film something by engaging with the town promoting the football club whether that be some sort of survey questionnaire. Blue Brazil TV may want to try and run a live questions and answers session via Facebook. All in all really good work and effort from Blue Brazil TV. Liked the recent commentary too. Who is doing that out of interest? Also to get a bit of an appetite during the pre season perhaps some filming behind the scenes on next seasons preparations whether that be interviews with the board, fans volunteers, manager and players.
  14. Really felt for everyone connected to Cowdenbeath last night following everyone's great efforts on volunteering to protect the pitch and the hospitality efforts behind the scenes. It was dissapointing for the game to be called of as it was going to be a special Friday night for Cowdenbeath but its good to hear last night that Premier Sports will pick the game again so all is not lost. Hopefully the weather will be kind to us. All in all I think Cowdenbeath can be proud especially with our part time status with their efforts of doing everything that they possibly could to try ensure that the game went on. Perhaps as a fundraising suggestion if there are programmes left is for fans that are able to consider buying one and perhaps a fundraising suggestion for fans that are able to would be to donate £10 to Club 135 which I am going to donate to again as I would have spent a bit pre and post match on a few beverages. That way can help some of the financial loss as a result of the game being called of.
  15. Definitely a great wee spirit just now about the team/club and was good to see the players mucking in tonight too helping with the covers a long with Gary.
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