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  1. Credit to Bollan for moving swiftly to address our poor goal scoring form this season.
  2. Good luck for the future we know only too well of the worries faced with and how it feels as a fan of your club being in one having experienced two pyramid playoffs.
  3. Time to regroup, review and build with what will hopefully be a better season next season and as mentioned more normality with hopefully fans returning. Glad we are safe from any pyramid playoffs. Difficult set of circumstances for all clubs this season due to these continued strange times we live in but thankfully we pulled through and hopefully on the road to better times ahead. Although this season was an underachievement I think a huge thanks has to go to the volunteers, board members, players and coaching staff for their resilience and continued efforts in very difficult and unusual circumstances. Best wishes to everyone connected to our club and hope you and your family remain safe and well and have a good summer. Hopefully we will all be together soon at Central Park and having a few beers and laughs together in the not too distant future.
  4. Far too negative tactics especially at home and where all that was needed tonight was a draw.
  5. We should be looking to perform ourselves without relying on other results. Wouldn't be surprised if Brechin win on Thursday as they will likely take confidence from tonight's game. However am I right in saying Annan could still be pulled into the bottom of spot which will make it an interesting battle for both?
  6. A complete shocker tonight. One up front???? Brechin will take confidence from that tonight. Really poor, awful to watch and strikers lining up the bench when our issue is a lack of goals Not a happy bunny tonight
  7. Disappointed not to collect the 3 points but was just one of those games where the ball unfortunately would not go in the back of the net for us despite the efforts to do so. Positives we created plenty of chances but just couldn't convert plus the Brechin keeper pulled off a good save as did Hogarth thankfully for us from the Mckee free kick. Next season we definitely have to get our forward line right with someone who is going to score goals as 10 goals in 18 "games is where part of our problem is I feel which compared to Brechin they also have scored 10 so no surprise a nil nil Still though a draw better than a defeat to the keep the gap the same. Not sure what fitness levels were but think Harvey on from the start he might have either scored or created a goal. Who do we play next?
  8. No same here can only hear the commentary if turning up tv full volume must be a sound issue as seen other comments experiencing the same.
  9. Or we could have overcome that bad run of form but we were still fourth at the time. Who knows and we will never know.
  10. The whole unprecedented circumstances of this season hasn't helped and the impact of the start stop season has also impacted. Bollan for me has the experience and knowledge at this level and yes he certainly isn't getting some things right just now but surely with fingers crossed we end the season safely then he is given another first proper season. We were doing well remember last season in 4th. When you say potential manager who decides and assesses that potential we have been down that road before and look where it has landed us. Experience in these leagues I believe is what is required for now my personal preference certainly wouldn't be gambling with up and coming potential managers whilst in league two with no experience unless they were bringing in an experienced backroom team maybe in League One but not for me with the pyramid below. Just my opinion but I appreciate sometimes you have to take risks and if you are fortunate enough to get a Mixu then great but a risk and a higher risk in this league. In regards to today's result the less said about that the better, and move forward to Tuesdays crucial game. Key is pulling together and a huge reaction on Tuesday and dust down from today's poor result. We go Tuesday
  11. What a difference and huge improvement from our last couple of games. A big well done to the team for today's performance taking into account only just played on Thursday. Great response from the team. Harvey looks better and more threatening by each game he plays , we showed solid defensive efforts today, good midfield with Hutton showing in my opinion his best performance for Cowdenbeath so far. Barr and Todd leading the back line and Renton put in a great shift and got us the goal that rewarded us a very mportant 3 points. That was more of what we are capable of when we press teams as we look more dangerous when we press the opposition. Overall a good performance and something to build on. Well done Cowden
  12. Maybe a call is needed for Sir Alex again it certainly played a part in our revival the last time. Something like a message of good luck to the remainder of the campaign and they are looking out for their results may inspire the team. https://www.centralfifetimes.com/news/16092018.sir-alex-ferguson-backs-blue-brazil/ Any suggestions during this rut will surely be encouraged as certainly something is not quite right on the park right now. We have been here before and could be there again and us all working together with no fall outs is key. It's been a horrendous few years but football clubs at the heart of the community gives us all a sense of belonging and togetherness. Come on Cowden let's get out of this rut and help move forward our special community club.
  13. Well no dressing this up that was another awful performance tonight in my opinion and huge huge question marks about our team overall. You would not have thought by watching us that a win would be massive for us. No urgency to our play, lost count of the amount of stray passes, no real creativity, no goal threat.,hardly another shot on goal and at some points to our play it was as if the ball was a hot potato albeit Stenny pressed and closed us down very well due to their urgency. Harvey Swann was the only person who looked to cause Stenhousemuir problems and put in a really good shift as did the efforts of Todd. Deeply concerning as a Cowden fan and I just can't see where our goals are coming from. Congested fixtures won't be helping but that is the same for our opposition opponents who are collecting points comfortably against us. Bollan has a huge job and responsibility to lead the team and stop this rut now and collectively as a team or sadly we can all see where this is heading. Big chance to take the pressure of tonight and missed but never looked like we would take anything and credit to Stenny in the way they played tonight Wonder what people's view's are now on League Two reconstruction being expanded in time for next season?
  14. Another agonising watch for me tonight and I'm sure other fans are as bitterly disappointed and frustrated. Where is our threat going forward these days ? Renton is great at holding the ball up, great physical presence but as a forward/striker I want to see goal threat in my team, shots attempted and goals being scored by forwards. The qp commentaries flattered us by saying how organised we looked tonight but sorry getting beat three nil and posing no threat at goal, if that's organisation that counts for nothing by getting beat three nil and scoring nothing as we are now pulled into another battle of survival. It could have been a lot more if it wasn't for the good performance from Hogarth To be fair though the intensity of the fixtures will not be helping us nor has the unprecedented nature of this season probably helped us however we really need to step it up as our next game is crucial and in my opinion a must win that will immensely help get ahead from bottom. All the best to qp for the rest of their season and thanks to their coverage of the game
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