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  1. Obviously going to be a hard game for us, thistle are my favourites to go up. We looked good going forward on Saturday, defensively we’ll need to tighten up. Especially Shiels. We have a great home record over the past 2 seasons, 3 defeats all in I think or there abouts. That needs to continue this season with the improved league this year.
  2. Agree with pretty much all of the above from Dumbarton fans, thought we looked sharper and quicker in the first half. The penalty was admittedly soft. Was disappointed we let you back in with your first goal though. Shiels was at fault for both goals, hoping that doesn’t continue but you guys didn’t rate him either. It’ll be a different game in 2 weeks time at your place.
  3. Well done to all involved to get the stream working for today, a few times the camera panned away from the play but that’s probably more to do with pixellot than us, overall can’t have any complaints. Commentator made it a lot better too. Thought we looked really good first half, shame we let Dumbarton back in at the end. Superb strike from Cuddihy. Second half both teams were a bit flat. For a first competitive game in 7 months can’t have any complaints. Thought Josh Jack was at the centre of a lot that we did today, keen to see him and Henderson when he’s back. Pleased Cunningham got his first goal for us as well.
  4. Worrying that Dumbarton have had 2 chances and scored both.
  5. Haven’t listened to the podcast but I’ve seen enough of McNiff at left back for a lifetime, much better centre half.
  6. Anyone heard from Hammyton? Is he ok?
  7. Saw a Dunfermline fan on twitter say he was a bad influence in the dressing room and at training. Delighted to have him back again as it seems he’s the complete opposite with us.
  8. Glasgow city women are using broadwood this season or for part of it at least.
  9. Find it hard to believe that most of our season tickets live local to the ground.
  10. Crowds are getting back in germany because they actually listen to their government and follow guidelines, whereas here we have folk arguing over which government they follow, and people having an attitude of “I won’t be told what to do anymore, I’ve done my bit”.
  11. 2 goals for Scott Banks in Crystal Palace’s first under 21 premier league game against West Brom.
  12. Pleased with Cunningham. Thought he looked good when he came in last season.
  13. A position we needed someone in, really need midfielders now as we are fairly well covered in defence.
  14. Gabriel Agbonlahor to the amateurs, at least we are keeping our search on quite an open scale.
  15. Reality is we couldn’t compete with Cove if we were in for him. They’ve given him a 2 year deal on probably good money. We need a left back, mcniff is much better at centre back.
  16. Wonder how many concessions haven’t renewed.
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