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  1. Can’t remember exactly but he’s good pals with Steven Fletcher and missed a game or went to Sunderland for something when he should’ve been up here.
  2. That was as bad as I’ve seen us in a long time. How many long balls did we try and hoof it out the park, barely ever found a man. 2 shots all game, Peterhead’s midfield done a job on us. Not anyone with pass marks.
  3. Defending has been awful and an all round terrible performance.
  4. Even though Peterhead have just scored this game has been dreadful.
  5. A postponement, then move a game and the forecast is for pishing rain all weekend, but to name a few reasons.
  6. I’ll personally be surprised if Tuesdays game goes ahead.
  7. Be interesting to see if Jay Henderson starts, he seemed heavily involved in anything positive in pre season before having to isolate.
  8. The referees performance was only topped by Blair Currie throwing it into the net twice.
  9. Commentary and in the 2 games I’ve watched the camera works fine as well.
  10. See for once, could we actually keep a Clyde thread to just about football. Just once.
  11. If we play like we did against thistle and Dumbarton in our home games we should be getting a result. Peterhead have a decent record at broadwood though. The last game at broadwood was a great game to be at!
  12. This thread has been more difficult to watch than the midweek game we had earlier in the year. Chronic stuff.
  13. Minus season tickets who watched. I’d guess between 6k and 7k income.
  14. We should’ve been more comfortable in the cup tie last week, but if we defend like we did on Saturday then we should be able to close things out. We look good going forward and would like to think we can score a few, but it’s always a tighter game away at dumbarton on the smaller pitch.
  15. You already tried to get our manager which in turn made him sign an extended deal with us, but thanks anyway.
  16. Excellent start to the season, will put it down to great goalkeeping than poor finishing but that’s a great start to the season.
  17. Blair Lyons was a stand out for Montrose most games, especially when I saw him. He should be a big part of any squad in this league
  18. Genuinely amazes me that there are still Thistle and Falkirk fans saying they won’t pay for a game because the opposition club didn’t vote for reconstruction. Why would any club vote for something in another teams interest over their own?
  19. Graham is a decent striker but would have to disagree he’s the best in the league.
  20. Didn’t watch it tonight but there’s no chance I’d pay £10 to listen to those two that commentate for Falkirk.
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