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  1. Not even sure we are an injury away. As if this season couldn’t get worse then two with any sort of ability are out.
  2. Can’t say I’m bothered about Shiels going back, he was at fault for plenty of goals we conceded.
  3. We can’t even decide if the league is going to get played yet. The Scottish cup scenario is a joke as well.
  4. That money wasn’t given for testing, clubs had to show how some of the money would be used to benefit the community. Testing is a massive expense, no idea why anyone agreed to it without knowing the cost.
  5. With everything else staying shut until end of April it would seem like complete stupidity to me to start the lower leagues back. Would we be able to get all games played without any more outbreaks? Clyde and Albion rovers had games postponed and no decision yet after an investigation, maybe they thought there wouldn’t need to be one. But with Killie and St Mirren winning their appeals it seems unlikely they could impose a fine and 3-0 win to the opposition, but then again I wouldn’t rule it out.
  6. With lockdown now running until at least start of March, surely we are ever closer to ending this season. Of course there is no guarantee games will start again in March.
  7. I don’t think 18 games is enough to base promotions and relegations on. Even if we do get started are we expecting no more covid outbreaks, especially if we will be testing, unlikely.
  8. If it goes to an 18 game season, which I don’t think it should, there shouldn’t be any promotion or relegation. Are we just going to extend suspensions every few weeks until it’s too late. Do us all a favour and chuck it now.
  9. I wasn’t arsed at all when they announced the 3 week suspension, and think trying to restart in March is stupid. How can we get a season done. Call it quits now and aim for August.
  10. We’ve had 2 and Albion rovers had 2, Raith rovers have now had an outbreak
  11. Keith v Clyde has been postponed tonight so assume the Brora game will be too. Our game was meant to be tomorrow, camelon v Brora going ahead.
  12. Don’t see this happening at all, that would only work if every club managed to go through the rest of the season with no covid issues, weather didn’t put any games off. We haven’t played anywhere near enough games to justify promotion and relegation. Only option I see is void the season, furlough players as long as possible, use government cash for costs and restart in august when we should have had the majority vaccinated, crowds back as well.
  13. I’ll hold off any opinion until I’ve seen the boy Thomson, if the alternative is the likes of Kevin Nicol then why not.
  14. Yellow warning for snow tomorrow night up north, anyone with a game up there can forget it for the weekend.
  15. You’d have to guess not, they’ve only played 2 league games this season so far as well.
  16. It’s quite impressive how many pages we can rack up on threads for games that get postponed.
  17. If the 2 loan players are injured for any period of time we should put them back and replace. Positive reading the chairman’s message and not the usual we get from John Taylor(which isn’t a criticism btw). We absolutely need 3/4 players beywen defence and midfield.
  18. There’s only hundreds dying a day with covid but aye it’s no that bad.
  19. We’ve recalled a keeper from his loan at BSC Glasgow, we’ve seen this script before.
  20. I don’t know much about Keith but they haven’t been the near the best of the highland league sides that I remember. We should be going there even in poor form and winning.
  21. Yesterday was Mitchell’s worst game for us I think, not just the goals he gave away either. Rumsby was absolutely horrendous, Lang not much better and mcniff should never be seen at left back again. Bain was a bit better than them but still not great. Cuddihy and Palmer were ok but how much space can you give a team. I remember people saying nicol is the type of player we needed, he may be the type but good god he isn’t the player we need, that game absolutely passed him by yesterday. A truly pointless signing. Love done his usual work hard, Cunningham was decent first half when he got the chance to be and goodwillie did ok again when he got the chance. As said above, if we don’t strengthen in January we are in trouble. We are just simply not good enough, makes me wonder how bad Forfar are that we are 4 points clear of them.
  22. We are miles off the pace, an airdrie guy slipped on his arse and still managed to get a cross in. I take it Mitchell is still pished from last night, wtf is he doing.
  23. First game since Peterhead at home on October 31st. Last for a while.
  24. Dreadful goalkeeping and defending, like really shite.
  25. Danny Lennon was out with the Clyde foundation I believe handing out hampers in our area. Good to see clubs during these times still out helping.
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