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  1. Logic and sensibility has no place on p&b.
  2. League cup games were forfeited as that was the agreed rule before it started, no such rule for the league as far as I know.
  3. Awarding a 3-0 win would mean a forfeit, there are plenty midweeks this could get played. Not like there’s a mass of teams sitting with cases. My personal opinion would be postponed until the first available date to play it, as it should be for all games.
  4. Raman from STV put it on Twitter other players were isolating.
  5. With 4 positive and others isolating you’d think this would have to get postponed. Albion rovers got theirs postponed last week.
  6. The game against us was also 7pm, believe it or not it’s a UEFA rule so games don’t clash with the champions league...
  7. East Fife have had a poor start to the season but wouldn’t take anything for granted given our recent form, even with the win over Montrose. A point would be a decent result, but if we can win it’ll give us a good gap to the bottom of the table.
  8. No chance we should be playing any Glasgow cup games, imagine we ended up getting a positive case through it. Outrageous to even suggest playing it.
  9. The love ins some of our support have with some players is worrying, signing people like him tell you all you need to know about this season.
  10. Jesus Christ. That is a truly baffling signing. Even in the promotion season we played better without him.
  11. Dunfermline are a good side but we should be seeing that out. We lack any leadership or character in that team.
  12. Surely you’d want to go through as group winners with a chance of 4 wins from 4.
  13. Howie got injured in one of the pre season games, I’m assuming his absence is because of that.
  14. Tomorrow night will be a case of how many Killie want. Assuming they’ll play a fairly strong team as well, do Killie have any international call ups?
  15. Bizarre comment given we were 3-0 down at half time. Must be something about Lennons being oblivious to how pish their team has been in the past few weeks.
  16. If anyone casts a man of the match vote for this game they want their head checking. Couldn’t give a toss what happens in these cup games, ideally we’d have to forfeit them as 2 3-0s is better than what we’ll get playing the games.
  17. The last 3 performances have been reminiscent of performances we put on under the likes of Chapman and the likes. Utterly embarrassing stuff.
  18. Another £12 saved, going to be saving a lot of them this season. Absolute shite.
  19. This is the sort of post that gives our support the reputation of being full of roasters. Hard to argue with on the basis of this website anyway.
  20. Don’t know if it was worse watching Sawyers or listening to his dad in the stand.
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