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  1. Second part of my previous post totally proven correct there. You think I'm talking shite, I think you're talking shite. We'll agree to disagree here and move on from this topic as we've all put our point across. Moving on, it looks like were building a pretty decent squad, if the signings are true. Good bit of depth about the team as well which is pleasing.
  2. It's quite clear that I'm not the only one of this opinion, we can't all be wrong. Also, thought this site was for opinions and discussion, obviously we aren't allowed to disagree with certain folk.
  3. If you read any of my previous posts you'll see why I don't particularly like him. Far too often has his head down and hides away from the action.
  4. We don't go by the official website, we go by people's twitters and what Darren and mike say on here.
  5. One shitebag in the team is bad enough without needing another!
  6. If any player in this country has ability, the chances are they will have been at rangers or Celtic at some point. So signing a few guys that played with rangers is hardly going to make us a mini rangers is it? Especially when they didn't even play in the first team.
  7. We are supporting the team, and when someone isn't giving 100% we'll tell him. Mccolm doesn't far too often!
  8. Were not talking about results, were talking about an individual player. Aye he puts in some decent crosses, but I could lose count every game of how many shite crosses he puts in as well. He needs to harden himself up, for the size of guy he is he doesn't win anywhere near enough headers and gets pushed off the ball far too easily. More often than not his heads down and shifts responsibility as he doesn't want it.
  9. Agree with this. He shows flashes of what he can do and the other times doesn't show it. Bit of a hider I think as well, if it's not going our way he's not one to put the effort in to change it. Think he has potential to be one of our top players but he's not at the moment.
  10. David W put your stats book away for once, nobody cares how many assists or how much possession we had. Stuart mccolm is a shitebag, watch him every game jump out of tackles and lack effort. Since you know everything David, how many times did ferguson cross for mccolm to score last season?
  11. I'd drop mccolm any day, a complete bottle merchant. McKinnon has to start.
  12. Wondered how long a Blackpool loan deal rumour would take...
  13. If they have signed, which it doesn't seem we haven't yet as the club haven't released anything, why not give them a chance instead of writing them off because a few other fans said they aren't good?
  14. We don't know why he didn't play, was he injured or just signed as cover? Remember Dumbarton were in good form and nearly got in playoffs so would've struggled to break into the team probably
  15. Until it appears on the clubs twitter or website, I'm not taking anything as confirmed. Although this does have truth that he actually has been training with us.
  16. Agreed. One day someone on here will have a legitimate claim to who were signing and not just a "source I have no reason to doubt".
  17. It might be, but then again were probably playing a team of trialists we seem to have had that many.
  18. How do we know all of these guys are in training? Source?
  19. Remember he was injured for a while in the first half of the season and was in and out the team. Once he got a run in the team he played well, scored a few goals and won countless flick ons for mccluskey, who was completely incapable of reading what he was going to do.
  20. I thought after Christmas macdonald wasn't great, didn't look interested at times and knew he was going. His performance at east fife was shocking when were trying to get promoted and was more interested in making sure he didn't get injured by not putting the effort in. McKinnon more than capable of being a good replacement.
  21. Yea we were the ones that were an embarrassment last season, being bottom for majority of the season etc etc
  22. Its a 3rd strip so its not like were going that often, so hardly something to bother over. I personally like Kevin Watt and always thought he was a better striker to have on the park than mccluskey. Hopefully bring another striker in though, whether it be a loan or a signing.
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