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  1. It might be, but then again were probably playing a team of trialists we seem to have had that many.
  2. How do we know all of these guys are in training? Source?
  3. Remember he was injured for a while in the first half of the season and was in and out the team. Once he got a run in the team he played well, scored a few goals and won countless flick ons for mccluskey, who was completely incapable of reading what he was going to do.
  4. I thought after Christmas macdonald wasn't great, didn't look interested at times and knew he was going. His performance at east fife was shocking when were trying to get promoted and was more interested in making sure he didn't get injured by not putting the effort in. McKinnon more than capable of being a good replacement.
  5. Yea we were the ones that were an embarrassment last season, being bottom for majority of the season etc etc
  6. Its a 3rd strip so its not like were going that often, so hardly something to bother over. I personally like Kevin Watt and always thought he was a better striker to have on the park than mccluskey. Hopefully bring another striker in though, whether it be a loan or a signing.
  7. Would prefer a new right back, McGhee was alright but would prefer someone with more experience and just a bit better
  8. What's to be gutted about here? A guy with a bit of pedigree behind him, will have contacts in the game. Whether we can use them or not is another thing. Will do a great job on the park at our level, a guy the players can look up to having played with rangers and Scotland. The fact he played with rangers isn't a bad thing, most good players in this country do!
  9. Any decision made by the club will not sit right with some fans after the ek vote. Lets give the guy a chance before we write him off at least eh.
  10. Ferguson nowhere near it. Hoping it's Allan Moore.
  11. You'll be waiting to hear for a while with spelling like that.
  12. Would lose count every game where he would try and take on defenders and lose it as opposed to playing the easy ball, and blame anyone else around him for it.
  13. We all have our opinions about mccluskey. Mine is he was vastly over rated, very greedy on the ball and not a team player, only in it for himself. I reckon he'll get found out at Morton but that's just me.
  14. Also, vastly over-rated by a lot of Clyde support. Too greedy on the ball, won't tackle and gets pushed off the ball and just looks for fouls as opposed to looking to win it back.
  15. You should be worried, he's going to get found out big time. His ego far bigger than his ability on a park.
  16. 3/1 favourite were the odds on Houston last week.
  17. The express reporting about Houston being offered the job this morning. Do you think the appointment will be made soon? I've got money on this!
  18. Your just after saying accies fans wouldn't turn up and now saying you will, make your mind up. Typical Hamilton thicko. Take the full team if you want, will be good to see you relegated. Although that's more than likely going to happen anyway.
  19. Blair spittal off to one of the Dundee clubs, your only good player last season haha
  20. Hardly an exciting transfer story in all honesty.
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