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  1. Surely he’s not going to Darvel, think we could be doing with someone like him.
  2. Why after sticking 3 past Peterhead would Duffy go back to sitting for 0-0, it must be torture to have watched that every week.
  3. Your teams in the middle of a play off and you’re writing this. Absolutely seething.
  4. Connor Sammon has dropped through the leagues and showed nothing at Falkirk to suggest he should be signed. I’ll give him this, a brilliant conman.
  5. I’d agree with this, mcniff is a decent enough backup if we can keep him in league 1 but not a regular for me. I think when Cunningham has played better when in his more natural position. We need 2 solid centre midfielders though, a large part of our problems this year came from being too soft in that area.
  6. I thought Ross Cunningham was excellent tonight and done a lot of what was good. Hope we keep him next season.
  7. Well done to Danny, Allan and all the team for staying up. The suspensions of the season and then a gruelling fixture pile up wasn’t easy, everyone has done their part to keep us up. Superb effort.
  8. You’ll have had a refund from the original game, mine came through Friday or Saturday last week.
  9. Fair to say I’m not looking forward to this at all.
  10. Just got round to watching the highlights, whoever said Omar was falling and naturally brought his arms up is kidding himself on. He is clearly still running and only falls after hitting Howie.
  11. Is it likely that Duffy will leave in the summer regardless if you stay up or go down?
  12. We literally need to go back 3 days for some of your fans lack of class and graciousness in the same situation. Swings and roundabouts, that’s football.
  13. As negative as I felt before the game, obviously delighted with the result. Feared the worst given previous results and performances against dumbarton. Hope Peterhead can do us a favour on Tuesday.
  14. Our midfield is so soft it’s not real and a big part of the issue this year. Cuddihy in there doesn’t fill with confidence. I’ve hit a stage of not even thinking a win would really bother me today, it’s been a shambolic season and we are just complete shite.
  15. Feel like this could be an all too familiar feeling for a lot of people. The midfield is the biggest issue for me, Cuddihy is too soft and Nicol should never have been brought back, a liability. I’ve mentioned before but the signing policy has been diabolical and we need questions answered on Diamond/Corr’s roles. 7 boys from the SPL clubs is woeful stuff. Btw, the 4 from Rangers plus the guy that left are utter dug meat. If they got a colts team in they’d be near the bottom of league 2. I couldn’t face league 2 again, other than a year and a bit we were shite in that league. The thought of going back to Albion Rovers, Annan etc is brutal.
  16. The game a few weeks back was eye bleeding. No thanks.
  17. On the flip side, what is the incentive to go back? Blind faith? It’s not even habit anymore.
  18. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lennon chucked it in the summer.
  19. We could still be playing from the game against you at broadwood a few weeks back and not have scored.
  20. If all we’d get is a 1k fine I’d take a forfeit for next Thursday and save us all the hassle.
  21. Maybe on a tackling front and card count but nothing else.
  22. The latest financial issue involving Norrie Innes has been really tiring, we have continuously got ourselves into problems which has led us to pay money out which could’ve been avoided. We all dug deep last year and we have had next to nothing back. Coupled with being shite and watching games on a live stream, it’s just been an all round disaster. Paying wages to two guys who can muster up 7 academy players between them is just the peak of it all. We are poorly run, and due to getting ourselves into more financial difficulty now can’t back our best management team in years.
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