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  1. Ref must’ve had a draw on his coupon think we’ve found the Montrose Twitter admin.
  2. Fair enough, didn’t know how that has came into being public knowledge. Probably not something I’d have put out there mind you.
  3. How do we know Balatoni contacted Lennon himself?
  4. We know, and we’d only seen him a few times to know.
  5. Looking at the website 823 and 753 for the Stranraer games. 1000 should be fine for the majority of the home games other than Falkirk and maybe Airdrie. Bumping the walk in price to £17 won’t attract people back after 18 months by the way.
  6. Do you seriously think 1000 will turn up for this game? I think 700 tops.
  7. Don’t remember him doing much to be honest, very bit part player.
  8. What's the threshold of games for folk being allowed to point out that a player is clearly miles out of his depth in the role he was signed to fulfil? Did he even play against EK actually? A few more than he’s had especially when one of those was Killie.
  9. Docherty could play centre half and play well, we never know. The guys had 3 games and been slaughtered, it’s actually a bit embarrassing .
  10. If this was posted in maybe October, November I think folk could be inclined to agree, but it’s embarrassing at this stage. Ally Love for me is a strange one, I think he is a decent player and gives his all for us, so for me will always get support. Is he as good as some make out? I’d have to say no. Almost in a John Sweeney/Kevin nicol bracket of being overhyped.
  11. We’ve had 3 competitive games and telling folk they can leave whenever a waste of a wage. We have a better squad than last season IMO, I don’t know what others expectations are but I think the reality is if we can push further into mid table that would be a good enough season. There are too many teams with bigger budgets and better squads than us to have a real go.
  12. Fully expect the bottom 4 to be us, Dumbarton, Peterhead and East Fife. I think a few teams could go for the title but would put Queen’s Park in as slight favourites ahead of Cove.
  13. Given celtics manager only started a few weeks back it’s interesting that your pal knew Otoo would be first team a while ago. He captained the B team yesterday at Bonnyrigg and I can’t see how he would go above the B side this year. Wasn’t there yesterday but feared the worst after 20 minutes. Livingstone should be our first choice left back, that was obvious even from Tuesdays game.
  14. Think we can all agree we didn’t play that well last night, but to be saying it’ll be a long season etc already is pressing the panic button at this stage. I thought Balatoni and Rumsby were pretty decent together, Mortimer was alright but Docherty needed off after an hour max, don’t know how many times Stranraer got in behind. Gomis broke the play up well, but probably should’ve been sent off. Splaine looks a decent player too. Thought Cunningham looked sharp, we could do with a good season out of him. Stranraer played some decent stuff and have a few good players, 14 and 17(I think) especially. We’ll obviously need to be better, but it’s still early days.
  15. The SPFL will give whatever punishment suits at the time, like making sure Hearts still got through the group. No offence, but they won’t bother anywhere near as much if Killie went out.
  16. I think comparing what we have this season to last, we “should” be harder to beat. Gomis should harden up the centre of the park where we were particularly weak, Balatoni brings good experience at the back although a few question marks over the full back areas still linger. Scoring last year wasn’t an issue and shouldn’t be this. I thought Jones was poor for Dumbarton but as Danny Lennon said, we were one dimensional in attack so I can see the logic in bringing him in for something different. Going to be a tough league again, but we might just do alright. If we can push further into mid table towards East Fife and Montrose I think is a realistic target.
  17. Comparing himself to Graham Forrest as well.
  18. I watched the first hour then about the last 5 or so, again I’m not seeing all the negativity either. Raith had good chances first half but we had 2 or 3 ourselves, but thought we played well enough. From what I saw second half it was much the same and we scored a good goal. As above Gomis looks a great signing if we get that out him every week, Mitchell made some cracking saves and thought Cunningham looked sharp, big season for him I think if he has ambitions to get back higher up the leagues. A good workout against a good Raith team. Couldn’t believe the size of Tade though…
  19. The positivity on this thread is absolutely draining at times. I’m certain some folk in our support will have been raging we actually stayed up.
  20. Could you stop mentioning the higher up teams and stick to the lower league jobber teams. That’s the narrative on here.
  21. Thought it was bad we slated signings after they’ve been announced but doing it even beforehand now.
  22. The lowland league didn’t do the pyramid any justice letting them in but this would completely undermine the whole point of it.
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