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  1. Just seen Alan Hutton was on sky sports news tonight, anyone see if he was discussing a move to us...
  2. Find this one hard to believe, near impossible to believe.
  3. What’s the best pub near to Dumbarton east to go to before the game?
  4. Definite red for me as well, doesn’t look like he takes the ball. Some finish for the first, goodie is unplayable when he’s in that sort of form. The header is a cracker as well.
  5. Bit different going through a civil trial to a criminal one, but I’m sure you’re aware of that.
  6. Goodwillie looks slightly off balance from the first challenge but seems that Robertson definitely made contact in the box.
  7. Just off the back of the chairman’s message talking about extending current players deals, is it only Mitchell, Howie, rumsby, Wallace and Johnston who are signed past the summer?
  8. Not convinced he will be signing either, think if anyone was going to take him from us it would’ve been before now. Seems like there would be a bit of an uproar from Falkirk fans if they did sign him. Could be wrong.
  9. Thought goodwillie was signing today? There’s been nothing on the Clyde side to suggest a move or that anyone is interested. How would people feel about paying money to bring the obvious baggage with him?
  10. Doesn’t look like it, the boy that scored that goal in the Glasgow cup recently is in the squad.
  11. Still waiting on this chairman’s new year message...
  12. Is goodwillie not working as an electrician or some other trade? Wonder if he’d give that up to go back full time at 30.
  13. I’d like to think we’re speaking to hearts about extending petkov’s loan. Injuries have impacted to an extent but it is starting to show that some of the players who came up aren’t cutting it and without getting better players in we could be in bother.
  14. I think if the money wasn’t used for players then questions would then have to be asked. Just noticed Stranraer only have 4 subs and dumbarton have 2!
  15. Surely if Falkirk aren’t short on anything it’s strikers?
  16. You are off your head if you genuinely think Forfar could make 4th place.
  17. A striker in on loan would be a priority for me, I have no idea what the budget is like if there even is one for January.
  18. Petkov is alright as a squad player and has improved as the season has went on. Syvertsen will be back in the squad when fit I’d imagine. A decision needs to be made on rankin, he’s old enough for retirement and is a coach at hearts youth so he’s not leaving us to have nothing anyway. He’s probably a bigger earner as well.
  19. After losing 9 to thistle in the Glasgow cup what makes anyone think the under 21s, who aren’t actually associated with the club, are good enough. Away win tomorrow, we’ve been rotten for weeks now.
  20. Don’t see airdrie fans being in the away stand, as above only Falkirk have had that stand. Can’t imagine airdrie would bring enough to justify opening it.
  21. Will phone up your office and ask for 1 million quid to be put into our bank, heard it’s fairly easy.
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