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  1. Naw neither we would 😂😂😂
  2. What a difference in the cups this year to last, huge windfall for the club. Excellent stuff.
  3. 2213 total attendance, Bonnyrigg gave it as 380 Clyde but believe 50+ were bought through Bonnyrigg so possibly over 400.
  4. Genuinely can’t believe I’ve just read a Bonnyrigg fan on twitter claim the referee gave them nothing.
  5. Thought bonnyrigg started the better, but as the first half went on we got to grips with their style of play and made a few chances ourselves. Second half followed a fairly similar pattern but thankfully we managed to stick one in. Shocking pitch, almost as bad as the referee. How we weren’t given a penalty in the first half is beyond me.
  6. We had 440 tickets and think most are sold, although I’ve seen some got tickets through Bonnyrigg.
  7. This will be a difficult game, Rose knocked Montrose out in the last round at home. Looking forward to it with a big away crowd.
  8. Glad we took him on a 2 year deal as I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a bit of interest.
  9. Problem is if it’s off tomorrow it’s hardly going to be ready for Tuesday. Could be weeks before it’s playable.
  10. Quite surprised there’s an inspection given the weather hasn’t been that bad this week.
  11. Fair enough, hurlford have money so they’d be able to cover the wages. Mcallister and Dunlop seem fairly substantial losses to your squad, but frees up a good bit of money probably.
  12. What’s the story with Michael Dunlop? Is it a case of not wanting to travel up most weeks or is there more to it?
  13. Hopefully a few more will sign on but a good start getting Mitchell for another 2 years, he’s been excellent.
  14. Think there are some concrete steps behind the goals at that end, they are quite uneven though probably best off on the grass.
  15. He hasn’t really made an appearance for Dunfermline, but that might be more down to him than his agent. His agent got a part time player a full time contract, so he’s done his job.
  16. Doesn’t matter where the tickets have been bought from, sounds like we’ll have 400 or so there anyway.
  17. Inspection at 12pm now, made me out to be a liar.
  18. Who’s to say we will get any more injuries, and it’s not even up to Clyde if the games on or off. Judging by the tweet just put out it’ll be on.
  19. Would be as well letting it go as long as possible without an inspection given it’s not far to travel.
  20. Given last weeks bench and Howie back in it seems we have most back from injury. Would much rather this was on.
  21. Dumbartons match preview has said the weather has been “favourable” this week in Dumbarton but they will keep an eye on it with the forecast.
  22. Been thinking the same most of the week with the amount of rain that there’s been.
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