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  1. Had two moments against your lot this season already.
  2. With injuries cleared up we have the squad to make changes if anyone is feeling it from tomorrow’s game, if on. Will need to put a performance in given Falkirks recent form, McManus out is a bonus.
  3. Hoping it is in since I’m going to be heading through but can’t see it.
  4. Agreed, if there’s any team to take points from it’s that shower of shite.
  5. Sounds like we should’ve got something from today, we need to take confidence from today into our remaining games.
  6. More likely to save us than you ya thistle b*****d.
  7. No worries, comfortable home win coming up.
  8. Sounds like Ross Lyon back to last years form, was surprised to see him back in today after being out. Lang was a big miss but Howie and rumsby had a good partnership going before he came back. If we stay up, and that’s a big if, we need to move a few on. Simply not up to this level.
  9. We need to start taking points as Forfar are right on us now, I think airdrie are beatable but I’m not confident we’ll actually win. I’d stick with livingstone at left back, please drop Lamont and cuddihy.
  10. That was a Dundee United event if you want to post it in there.
  11. What were folk expecting from this season? The amount of folk saying it’s been disappointing is surprising. With Falkirk, raith and airdrie all full time, the rest of the league are fairly well established league 1 teams I’m not delighted with our position but I wouldn’t have expected us to be much higher. There is always a massive overreaction when we lose a game. Also, the comment about Celtic putting us out the cup next week, do we expect anything other than that? Stupid comment.
  12. Nothing lost in Wallace, not good enough for league 1.
  13. I think Wallace has improved a bit lately, still not brilliant but better than he had been. Quitongo was training with us and now just a phone call, which one is it 😂
  14. No, been very little in way of rumour all of January.
  15. Just to confirm I’m not debating that we need to strengthen the full back positions, and another striker. My point was I didn’t think we would bring anyone else in, but was happy enough with the business done.
  16. Big game on Saturday after a positive result for us on Saturday, alongside forfars drubbing at Falkirk. We should’ve won the reverse fixture at broadwood, a win here would go a long way to keeping us in this league next season. We have good options now that the injuries have cleared so would feel more confident of getting a result on Saturday now.
  17. Don’t imagine we’ll do anything else in January, but would say I’m pleased with the business we have done. Wylde and Lang in for the rest of the season, alongside getting Mitchell and goodwillie on longer term deals. Well done to all involved getting those deals done.
  18. Rumsby has been probably the most consistent performer for the last year and a half, I was very sceptical when we signed him but have no complaints about him.
  19. Big 3 points especially with Forfar getting a thumping. Pleasing stuff.
  20. Given that there was just over 2 weeks until the game when the time was decided, we don’t exactly have much time to start with ST holders, owners before opening it up to public sale, especially with the only home game today. Given more time I imagine it would’ve been done differently.
  21. With Stranraer away at airdrie and Forfar at Falkirk, this is a decent chance for us to open a gap to them again.
  22. The home crowd has probably went up to around 700, which is a few hundred more than we were getting in league 2. Cant have any complaints given we had a decade of being horrendous. We could do with a win here, especially with Forfar being away at Falkirk.
  23. I’m sure Alex Williams had a goal wrongly ruled out for offside, Tom Brighton was pulled down when running through and no red card. We had another disallowed before Bryson’s opener, missed a penalty then scored a cracker from the resulting corner. Was backs to the wall in the closing stages but what a day.
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