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  1. It’s hardly a surprise, it’s not pre season we’re in.
  2. Something similar to last year where a standing order is set up for people to put £5 a week for example to held tide us over could be an option. I know that was a lottery type thing where there was a chance of winning, but making sure the club are seen through I’m sure most would agree is the priority.
  3. The season has to be finished, you can’t just void a season 3 quarters of the way through. All these articles about not playing until August/September is just guesswork and a shock story to get clicks. Wait a few weeks and keep assessing the situation throughout as it goes.
  4. Can’t see anything other than having to play games behind closed doors. Only way I can see the income coming in is charging to view online to make up some of the losses?
  5. Even going into the last 10-15 minutes I wasn’t sitting worried that Dumbarton were going to score. It was a comfortable afternoon all round.
  6. Agree on the above, there was a comment midweek that we are a better team than Montrose. Quite simply we are not. I think we are a mid table league 1 side at the moment, which I’m quite happy with given how long we were down for.
  7. As much as Duffy is effective it must be chronic watching that every week.
  8. A thoroughly deserved victory, controlled the game from start to finish. Should’ve had a few more goals as well. I was at the opposite end but didn’t look like a handball to me, didn’t see any Dumbarton players appeal either which tells its own story. Delighted with the 3 home games we’ve had, 9 points and 7 goals scored. Will we just agree to share 2 wins each again next season?
  9. Thought after the game last midweek we needed a minimum 6 points from the 3 home games we had coming up, so I’m happy enough we’ve done that. In saying that it’s another good chance to distance ourselves further from Forfar and Peterhead with their respective away games at Raith and Falkirk. Same team as much as possible again, although agree about an above point on Johnston as this is the sort of game that would suit him.
  10. Not sure we’re a better team than Montrose but certainly not a million miles away. Livingstone was done a few times last night but made an excellent block in the last few minutes to stop a ball coming in. Overall I think him and Cunningham have improved us. Mcstay has been a lot better recently and agree on the above he’s looking more settled into this league. Still bursting a gut to close down in the last few minutes. Also think Cuddihy has been better the last few games, he was woeful December and January but since being dropped for a few games has definitely upped his game again.
  11. In comparison to last Tuesday’s game that was actually a decent game to watch. Still think Montrose play the best football in the league, can’t believe partick let Lyons come back on loan. First goal was well worked, mcstay done well just to put it back in that area. Grants goal is an absolute screamer. Delighted with the three points. Puts a really decent gap between us and Forfar, who are now away to raith on Saturday.
  12. May have the wrong name here, but glad to see Paul Watson on the bench as he ran the game at broadwood earlier in the season. Was possibly Masson but pretty sure it was Watson.
  13. As much as I like Johnston, it’s not the type of game for him to start. We’ll need Smiths defensive side for this one.
  14. Genuinely amazes me Connor Sammon got as many moves to bigger teams, he’s absolutely rotten and looks like a mediocre league 1 player. Hearts were giving him 4K a week. Mind boggling.
  15. Agreed I’d bring rankin in for Love. Montrose were excellent at broadwood earlier in the season, both full backs caused up major issues. Another big game for us, need another performance but should take confidence from Saturday.
  16. That save from Mitchell onto the bar actually looks better on our highlights. Incredible save.
  17. If I didn’t call a shite I’d call it a jobby. Totally irrelevant point.
  18. Is that for the 3rd time this season 😂😂 Honestly, get it so far up every one of you. Yous think you’re too big for this league, toafffffyyyyy.
  19. That looks misleading, almost a few yards in the box!
  20. If you’d taken our 9 points you’d be top by a mile. Get it so far up ye ya jobber.
  21. Hope you stay down for at least another 9 points next season. Shower of absolute jobbers.
  22. We’re thinking the same given it’s at least 9 points a season.
  23. This aged well. Will reply properly soon.
  24. Think we should put Cuddihy in at right back, Howie will struggle against the pace Falkirk have on the wings. Think rankin should come in for Lamont and get Cunningham closer to goodwillie.
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