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  1. Wylde has shown nothing as to why we should justify keeping him, I doubt he’ll want to stay on with us anyway. Wouldn’t be surprised if Rankin retired but hope we can keep him on. Livingstone is a possibility as I’ve heard Motherwell are unlikely to keep him, Cunningham probably not. Lang welcome back anytime.
  2. Agreed club needs to come first. Of the players not signed - Would keep McGee (cheap backup) Grant Mcstay Rankin Love Syvertsen Would release Duffie Lamont Lyon Wylde Fitzpatrick Smith Lang, Livingstone and Cunningham back to parent clubs. If Livingstone got released from Motherwell I’d have him back permanently. I wouldn’t be bothered if we kept Lyon as he was much better this season then last, still not convinced though.
  3. As much as it’s worrying to read on the club update there will be a significant cut in the playing budget next season, would have to imagine most clubs will be in the same position.
  4. Smith and Wylde will be away I reckon, I’d keep the majority if we can add a few good league 1 players.
  5. The proposal with a 16 team top league would put Clyde, Peterhead and Forfar into the bottom tier again, along with keeping Cove down. 4 votes straight away that wouldn’t pass. You can’t reconstruct and make any club worse off.
  6. The only viable reconstruction I can see is a 14 team SPL with 3 leagues of 10 below it. No relegation, Brora and Kelty up.
  7. Mad to think if you’d even taken one point off us this season you’d be sitting sipping champagne just now. Better get that ice topped up.
  8. Now sitting just under 12k, a 2k rise since yesterday.
  9. Doesn’t even surprise me that they would relegate 3 other clubs to keep one in the SPL. Scottish football over the back.
  10. Also just seen something else that the total payments from the SPFL total 9 million or thereabouts so that would probably fit in.
  11. I saw a post yesterday saying the minimum money a league 1 team would get is 70k, not sure where that came from right enough.
  12. Why should there be no relegation though? Hearts, Partick and Stranraer are the three teams who have been bottom of their respective leagues the longest and fully deserve to go down. The fairest way is 3 up with those three down. As usual the governing bodies doing all they can to help the big teams out.
  13. See you next season, champ. Oh wait...
  14. Getting some laugh out of the Falkirk and Thistle fans claiming they’ll be boycotting, they’ll not be at any away games next season then. Some mentality to think clubs should vote to help other teams out rather than themselves.
  15. Falkirk fans are rivalling the two ugly sisters for how self centred they are. Clubs will have voted to end the season due to the minimum 70k payout for prize money. Heard you’re all boycotting away games, will save you all the hassle of watching 2 away defeats at broadwood.
  16. I don’t think the players have been hung out to dry at all, it is slightly disappointing they wouldn’t take the drop but equally understand they still have a mortgage/rent, bills to pay. The club have given us all the information they have it seems, something they’ve been criticised for previously.
  17. Just going to leave this here, see you in the league 1 forum soon.
  18. There is scope to let this run on a bit before making a decision. Someone is desperate to just finish it.
  19. Hadn’t noticed the wee total thing at the side before, cheers.
  20. Anyone know how much the donations are at now?
  21. What difference does it make if it’s announced at 9:30 on a Sunday night from any other time? He said months ago he was leaving.
  22. Kevin Nicol did a job for us and works in certain games, those games are few and far between in league 1 and even then he’s nowhere near good enough for this level.
  23. David Mitchell probably just ahead of goodwillie, purely because he’s a bit more consistent. Young player, would agree with the above on Howie. Started really poorly in the betfred cup and didn’t look close to the level required but he’s came on really well and put in some good performances.
  24. It’s hardly a surprise, it’s not pre season we’re in.
  25. Something similar to last year where a standing order is set up for people to put £5 a week for example to held tide us over could be an option. I know that was a lottery type thing where there was a chance of winning, but making sure the club are seen through I’m sure most would agree is the priority.
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