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  1. It’s an opinion, not a fact he’s written. Can’t believe folk are getting in a tizzy about the font of a wee bit of writing.
  2. What fonts would people have preferred? Personally like the new top and will definitely be getting one.
  3. The yellow strip 😂 that joke for made about 3 weeks ago and it wasn’t even believable then, or funny. Some of our fans get wound up about the most stupid of things. No pleasing some
  4. We are needing a left back, unless we can get Livingstone to sign who we had from Motherwell and has been released but Eckersley would be a good signing. Roberts I thought seemed a good player, did he play in the first game against us at your place? I’ve never been impressed with Wedderburn, far too slow. Also, good to see we have 350 owners which is the total of last season already. Hopefully that goes up a bit more.
  5. Given the budget is tight this year we’ll need to look for decent players at a lower wage, difficult I know. Daniel Jardine has left Stirling and I always thought he looked a decent player who could play higher, think they got him from St Johnstone.
  6. Smith was ok but we didn’t see the form he showed at Stirling unfortunately. The rest aren’t a great loss. Preferably would keep mcstay and grant along with love and Lamont.
  7. Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story.
  8. Is it just me or was the donations page sitting at £16450? When I went onto it it was showing £16150 and now £16180.
  9. The £150,000 losses between the previous two seasons is probably a good starting block for that.
  10. I think no promotions and relegations went a long time ago. This is surely the last chance of any reconstruction.
  11. Anyone believing the stuff you post wants their head checking.
  12. There’s also a penalty JC gave away at the start of that season against Albion Rovers.
  13. They are paying big bucks but that’s a shocking move for someone of his ability.
  14. I remember John Sweeney was described as a club legend at one time, a reminder of how bad we really were.
  15. Ferguson probably went home absolutely chuffed that night that his team had stuck 8 goals in.
  16. At least those teams will have earned the right to be in the league through promotions rather than being shoehorned in by the ugly sisters.
  17. The deal is with RJM sports, not necessarily Uhlsport kits for 4 years. Kevin Nicol swap deal for Darren Smith 😂
  18. But I thought this idea would improve the national team, I’ve heard that many a time. The only people that think this is a good idea are, funnily enough, Rangers and Celtic fans.
  19. Why didn’t Rangers play these youths when they were in leagues 1 and 2.
  20. Would have to suspect Uhlsport strips are cheaper than Adidas, so would make sense for this season to go with that.
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