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  1. At least those teams will have earned the right to be in the league through promotions rather than being shoehorned in by the ugly sisters.
  2. The deal is with RJM sports, not necessarily Uhlsport kits for 4 years. Kevin Nicol swap deal for Darren Smith 😂
  3. But I thought this idea would improve the national team, I’ve heard that many a time. The only people that think this is a good idea are, funnily enough, Rangers and Celtic fans.
  4. Why didn’t Rangers play these youths when they were in leagues 1 and 2.
  5. Would have to suspect Uhlsport strips are cheaper than Adidas, so would make sense for this season to go with that.
  6. I see Scott shepherd from Edinburgh city is on the list, always thought he was a decent player.
  7. Ironic that a team who went into administration are claiming others will go out the game.
  8. A new kit would bring in extra cash for the club, we should be doing all we can to get it sorted.
  9. A wee reminder post on social media every so often would be good, I see a link is permanent on the website home page. Don’t want to push it too much and look desperate though.
  10. The donation page had been going up slowly but nice to see just under £1200 go into it yesterday, taking it to £15810. Great effort. Also, well done to all involved in last nights end of season awards. Good content(especially the highlights of the season), along with a bit of a laugh.
  11. What player isn’t weighing up their options just now, I wouldn’t be reading too much into that comment.
  12. Hearts are going into financial hardship because they’re pish not because of a vote, or anything else.
  13. Belgium, Holland and France all decided their seasons were over, and decided if any titles or relegations would be handed out.
  14. The guy shows absolutely no leadership whatsoever, other countries governing bodies have just decided what’s happening and that’s it. Here it’s put to a vote to deflect blame. Also, he’s on something like 330k a year plus a 90k bonus. How can the spfl pay him that sort of money but can’t give clubs money to ensure existence. It stinks.
  15. Thought it was just spl teams so dundee United wouldn’t have been involved? Unless I’ve got that wrong.
  16. If reconstruction is going to happen, there needs to be notice so we all know what we are playing for and what is going to happen at a certain time, not rushed through to save 1 club. Delighted it’s been rejected.
  17. I’m sure he would be delighted with his club being put back in with the bottom tier teams after years of being there, losing thousands in revenue due to playing those teams. Maybe it’s us looking at this the wrong way...
  18. Don’t know about anyone else but I’m about off my head with the amount of folk giving it “it would still be the third tier” if reconstruction goes through. Brainless wonders.
  19. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Howie and McNiff. Would be happy enough with any of the 3 though.
  20. Would probably go for Mcstay as well, just. A shame that today would’ve been the last game of the season, overall an up and down season but I think we were heading for a comfortable mid table finish which I’d have been delighted with at the start of the season.
  21. There’s a meeting on Thursday about a proposal Rangers, Hearts and Stranraer have put forward. Can’t find what it is but I don’t suspect it would benefit us.
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