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  1. Good on the ball, very composed and can find a good pass. On the flip side, not the strongest defensively but I reckon he’s worth a go in the championship.
  2. Any update on Agbonlahor? Thought Omar was coming on loan too? Got myself dead excited about those rumours too!
  3. The quicker some folk get back to work the better, clearly far too much time on their hands.
  4. Actually burst out laughing at the Agbonlahor rumour, so ridiculous it’s funny.
  5. What group would we actually fancy our chances in though. Bit of money in it if crowds are allowed in, that’s all we should look for in this tournament.
  6. Folk keep talking about our budget, but surely most other clubs are in a similar position with a smaller budget this season.
  7. On the face of it seems a decent signing, good experience at this level.
  8. Another original and hilarious post, keep them coming.
  9. Rabin Omar signs for Morton, how did we miss out on him?! Thought he was signing last week!
  10. Give it a rest, ever since Danny came in we’ve went up and you’ve still went on with your pish. With Billy Reid in your username that’s to be expected.
  11. Although I haven’t bought one and think there should’ve been an alternative for concessions, I think the season card is an excellent idea especially in the current climate. There are plenty of people who will benefit from it, those who go to a lot of games and buy merchandise etc. I also think the people involved should be thanked for coming up with different initiatives to see the club through one of the toughest times we’ll have as a club with no income for 7 months. It doesn’t suit you, fine. There are plenty other ways to have contribute and be able to contribute going forward.
  12. Forgetting you need to drop at least 2 leagues to sign for a team with all this “ambition” this summer. My bad.
  13. Joe McKee leaving dumbarton, would like to see us take him. Looked good anytime I saw him and plays in an area we need to sign a bit of quality in.
  14. Danny Swanson has signed for East Fife, goodwillie obviously not good enough pals...
  15. You’ll be there with the rest of your chronies, don’t worry.
  16. Swanson is even more unlikely than Omar, and that’s got no chance.
  17. Thought Syvertsen had really came onto a game at the end of the promotion season and the cup games before the injury. Worth keeping on and probably not too big a wage.
  18. Why pay someone’s wages for 3 months and get no work from them. There’s no rush to get people signed yet.
  19. I actually wasn’t bothered when Dylan Easton went, decent player but nowhere near as good as he thinks he is. In terms of midfield we have a major rebuild job on, think he’s been mentioned but I like McKee at Dumbarton.
  20. He wasn’t the worst player in that Falkirk defence.
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