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  1. Big game and a win would confirm we wouldn’t be in the bottom 2 after 18(as much as it looks like we’ll get the split, I’m not holding my breath until it’s definitely confirmed). Would also give us a decent gap going into the split. 

    Dumbarton will be tough to break down but we have been scoring more since the restart and generally looking a bit better in all areas. 

  2. 3 wins, a draw and a defeat from the 5 away games we had is a pretty decent return, some effort from the boys. 

    Big week with two home games midweek, hopefully goodwillie back and maybe even Lang depending how the head knock is. 

    Looks like we could go all of April just playing games and no training sessions. Absolutely mental. 

  3. 19 minutes ago, C. Muir said:

    Summer coming up is massive. Offload these players handed out ridiculous 2 year deals. Mitchell and Goodie either end of the pitch is an excellent start but we need improvements just about everywhere else. Out with Mitchell and Goodie, I could count on one hand the players I would keep. 

    It’ll be contracts for league 2. 

  4. 7 hours ago, sirscottyoung said:

    Are you fucking mad? 


    How can't you be interested haha


    Waited a few months for a re start that all the players and clubs wanted. I'm like a kid at Christmas waiting to see football i enjoy again rather than watching some boring EPL game or a Scottish game I'm betting on a team to win so I have some sort of interest 😂

    Because watching games in empty stadiums on a camera that takes a linesman’s bald head or a crisp poke floating about as the ball, it saps the interest. 

    Not to mention we’re shite...

  5. 34 minutes ago, David W said:

    Syvertsen being out is an absolute disaster. One of the very few players to show any quality or form in the first chunk of this season.

    It sounds like Johnston has bigger issues to deal with so here's hoping he's okay.

    Lennon going out about wanting to play 27 or 22 games is absolute lunacy when we're an injury to Mitchell, Lang or Goodwillie away from being relegated.

    Not even sure we are an injury away. As if this season couldn’t get worse then two with any sort of ability are out. 

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