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  1. Paid off for you with his two clearances in the last few minutes
  2. How many times have we played a long ball and hoofed it out the park, almost as unbelievable that Jones is actually a football player.
  3. We could play all night and still not even look like scoring never mind actually put one in.
  4. I’ve only had to refresh once other than that worked fine. Give a team of giants enough chances to throw balls in they’ll eventually find their own man, awful stuff. We haven’t even looked like scoring. Swap Otoo and Love over.
  5. Big game and a win would confirm we wouldn’t be in the bottom 2 after 18(as much as it looks like we’ll get the split, I’m not holding my breath until it’s definitely confirmed). Would also give us a decent gap going into the split. Dumbarton will be tough to break down but we have been scoring more since the restart and generally looking a bit better in all areas.
  6. Thistle seem to have improved lately but if Forfar can get a point at firhill then we can as well.
  7. Thought we dominated the middle hour of the game and overall restricted Forfar to long range efforts. Lang, Otoo and goodie were excellent. Good use of the 5 subs to rotate a bit more and not give as many a full 90. Pleasing stuff.
  8. Hopefully Goodwillie will be able to start this game after making a scoring return on Tuesday. Massive game for both but we can give ourselves a real cushion here with a win.
  9. With no fans there’s no real money to be made from the cup anyway, something a bit different if nothing else.
  10. Think he’s been back in Norway for a while too.
  11. 3 wins, a draw and a defeat from the 5 away games we had is a pretty decent return, some effort from the boys. Big week with two home games midweek, hopefully goodwillie back and maybe even Lang depending how the head knock is. Looks like we could go all of April just playing games and no training sessions. Absolutely mental.
  12. Rest as many as possible with 2 home league fixtures next week, no interest in this game at all unfortunately.
  13. We should be resting a good few on Saturday and giving the loans a game that haven’t featured much along with the likes of Bain and Lamont who haven’t started many. Two home games midweek next week are vital.
  14. Given how pish we were before the break it really amazed me how folk could’ve been looking forward to this restarting. We are absolute shite.
  15. Because watching games in empty stadiums on a camera that takes a linesman’s bald head or a crisp poke floating about as the ball, it saps the interest. Not to mention we’re shite...
  16. Really can’t get interested in the restart at all, it’s been needlessly pushed through and the SPFL have done their best to make it as difficult as they could for leagues 1 and 2 clubs.
  17. Darvel are also firing money out like it’s going out of fashion, there’s no way we could cover the wages.
  18. Just been put on the official site how to get it.
  19. Just had a read at the update the club sent out, what a great guy Norrie Innes is... We need to start seeing through people like him who are supposedly all for the club.
  20. Rangers and Celtic colts aren’t even the two best colt teams, laughable stuff.
  21. Syvertsen was outstanding in the run in and play offs leading to the promotion, we lacked creativity when he got injured and it’s something we still lack.
  22. Not even sure we are an injury away. As if this season couldn’t get worse then two with any sort of ability are out.
  23. Can’t say I’m bothered about Shiels going back, he was at fault for plenty of goals we conceded.
  24. We can’t even decide if the league is going to get played yet. The Scottish cup scenario is a joke as well.
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