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  1. Would’ve had him back and I’m sure he has his reasons for moving there, but it seems a strange move given they are in the Northern Premier league.
  2. We need to capitalise on keltys poor start and take 3 points here. Won’t be easy as they have some good players but no reason why we can’t.
  3. Just seen Scott Banks has joined Bradford on loan for the season, interesting to see how he gets on in that league.
  4. Always thought there was a player in there, but it’s good to see Ross Cunningham already having scored more this year than last, even with his injuries last year. If he keeps going we should be getting 15-20 out of him.
  5. You’re going nowhere with this guy in charge.
  6. Thought getting a laugh out of Falkirk would’ve been finished this year, how wrong was I. Excellent reading.
  7. Did Cunningham get both or Allan then Cunningham?
  8. Is that a 3 game ban for Connelly?
  9. That red card is one of the worst tackles you’re likely to see, disgraceful.
  10. Thistle were a better team than queens are this year and the league was weaker as well. Queens will be fine this season despite yesterday.
  11. There is a definite look of “we’ve chucked it” at our 4th goal.
  12. How do people survive on holiday absolutely brainless.
  13. Was interested to hear Cunningham say on the podcast a few weeks back he prefers playing through the middle, was injured a lot last season but only 1 behind his goal tally for last season already. Have to hold hopes he can get 15-20. Mcdonald, although I’ve only seen him v Bonnyrigg, has the potential to be a real find.
  14. Not to rub salt into the wounds but that’s the first time we’ve scored 4 away from home since March 2016, and that was away to East Stirling.
  15. A lot of pish about vaccines during the lockdowns and another lot of pish about the recent heatwave.
  16. Genuinely amazing that people don’t like Neil Parry, what a keeper he is.
  17. Willie Gibson might be best sticking to the day job rather than running conspiracy theories on twitter.
  18. Probably because I support Clyde I think this but betting on your own team is madness, double rage when they burst your coupon on top of a bad result.
  19. Is it not only Thicot waiting for clearance?
  20. I doubt when the fixtures came out many expected anything from Falkirk and hibs away. The big disappointment was Bonnyrigg at home. Overall, I think we have a better squad and more depth in it. We won’t have the same goal threat as previous years but that was always going to be the case, I think what we’ll be hoping for is that Cunningham, Allan, McDonald can all get double figures or as close to as possible. Roberts, Duthie and the midfield need to chip in as well. Defensively we have Grant, Thicot and McLean which is a fairly strong centre back group. Full back we are probably the weakest in the squad. im still hoping for a left back and target man style striker. I do think we are a good bit ahead of Peterhead who are a bit of a mess and although they’ve made a few good signings, should be better than Edinburgh.
  21. I for one am absolutely stunned that a player of Rob Jones quality is playing for a team with 12 points from 24 games, scandalous.
  22. I don’t think Rodden done much wrong against Bonnyrigg, he’s maybe lacking a bit of physicality if anything. If we can get better then we should do it though. Up front we need a target man style striker, we have a good few runners in that area but nobody like McGachie(not that I think he’s good but everything goes through him for Bonnyrigg), to hold it up and bring others into play.
  23. Wasn’t there yesterday but having seen the clip there and from midweek I quite liked the look of Duthie. Very quick, direct and always looks like he’ll take a man on. End product wasn’t always great but he tries often enough that things will come off during the season. Good finish from McDonald, also liked the look of him when he came on the other night. We have Peterhead, Kelty and Edinburgh early in the season and it’s important we get points on the board early from that run of games.
  24. Always funny how the tables turn when something backfires like the above comment on Grant being the worst Morton centre back in history.
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