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  1. I was absolutely certain Mark Lamont had signed for Stranraer? Anyway, he’ll very much be a squad player for you. As much as your website says he was integral in the 2 covid campaigns, he wasn’t in the season just played. You’ll see a flash of brilliance every 4 or 5 games but hasn’t done it regularly for us. Surprised he’s moved to you in all honesty.
  2. Still only 30 so should be fit enough to play most games, think he’s a good signing in terms of quality and experience.
  3. Harry Robinson from Motherwell. Stephen robinsons son
  4. On what basis are we likely to see the fruits of their Labour?
  5. Good signing, thought he was good in his first spell and was disappointed we couldn’t get him after his Motherwell release.
  6. Fair enough, I’d expect us, Dumbarton and Peterhead to be nearer the bottom again. I’d like us to push towards East Fife and probably Montrose to mid table but think play offs will be out of reach.
  7. Genuinely do you think you’ll improve so much to go from 9th to the top half? Falkirk and Queen’s Park will have money to spend, Alloa have kept a decent looking squad, Montrose, Cove and Airdrie will all be good too.
  8. Rumours we offered neill a deal but not sure how true it is. Would take both him and Quitongo
  9. Why anyone would sign Connor Sammon is beyond me, absolutely hopeless. Left back and centre mid were two problem areas last season, at least we have made early moves to address them.
  10. Shows flashes of brilliance but isn’t consistent enough for me. Decent league 2 player though.
  11. What in gods name does Tommy Wright see in Mitch Pinnock? He is horrendous
  12. Think the strip looks excellent, hopefully get the red and black away kit. 5 year sponsor deal a good sign, saves the worry of constantly looking for new sponsors.
  13. Howie is decent enough but there are better options plus he was a bit injury prone. All the best as I wouldn’t have minded keeping him but he is replaceable.
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