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  1. Dundee United 2018/2019

    Aye just 17. I imagine he’ll be involved tomorrow given we have a few injuries.
  2. Dundee United 2018/2019

    We’ve taken Scott banks on loan for the rest of the season, anyone any idea what he’s like?
  3. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    Would’ve preferred a striker, but we’ll need as many options as possible for the run in. Happy enough to bring someone in.
  4. Clyde vs Albion Rovers

    I’d have Stewart back in as well, McNiff was in to help with Annans long ball policy and worked fairly well. We’ll need as much creativity as possible.
  5. Clyde vs Albion Rovers

    I’d potentially drop Boyle or Lamont and start love, more of a goal threat and think he deserves a start. Would keep Kris up top. Not sure how Albion will set up, assuming they sit in to make it difficult I think love is more likely to break them down. Dont see the need for many changes, would take any sort of win.
  6. Bloo Toon v Resurgent QP

    1 win in 12, resurgent indeed.
  7. Annan Athletic vs Clyde

    More from the point of view that the constant long ball didn’t work as our defence dealt with it well during the game. Dont know if getting the ball down would’ve worked any better, but was surely worth a try.
  8. Annan Athletic vs Clyde

    Lyon shoved the centre half 2 or 3 times giving them an easy free kick. Mcstay lucky not to be seriously injured when shoved into the wall, which the ref done nothing about. Likewise with the shove into the barrier behind the goal. In all the times I’ve been to Annan, by far the biggest crowd we’ve taken, I thought maybe 150 down today.
  9. Annan Athletic vs Clyde

    No idea why but Annan didn’t try at any point to play football, constant long ball tactic. We didn’t do much going forward, but defender brilliantly. Lang was outstanding, rumsby very good as well. Cuddihy solid as usual and McNiff was good enough at left back. Given how the game went, it’s a decent point without losing ground on Edinburgh or Peterhead.
  10. The best post match Berwick interview was after we won 1-0 down there with a last minute penalty. Robbie horn couldn’t get a word in for that Eric tait.
  11. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    The lottery must bring a fair bit in, especially since the jackpot has been sitting at 20k for a long time now. Assuming the 20k is sitting there to be given out, I’d be happy for the club to take 10k of it or more and start the jackpot at 10k, building back up towards the 20k maximum.
  12. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    So you know we budgeted to go out the cup first time of asking ? I’m no accountant, but it would make sense to budget for only having 1 Scottish Cup game when you have no guarantee of getting through it.
  13. Stirling Albion v Clyde

    As much as I like Cogill, I’d stick with Lang and rumsby just now. Don’t want to change a winning team(I know we did but cogill coming off was enforced). Big game for both teams.
  14. Clyde vs Cowdenbeath

    Delighted with the win. Couldn’t make the game but highlights looked like we had the better of it. Excellent cross in from Boyle and an unlikely scorer, we need others to chip in over the season with a few goals. 2 difficult away games but no reason why we can’t win them.
  15. Clyde vs Cowdenbeath

    8/1 on Cowdenbeath is a good price. This will be a tough game as Cowdenbeath are improved as has been said. Hard games for Edinburgh and Peterhead, if we want to win the league we have to win, simple as that.