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  1. We might not have the best squad but we are at least a long way off this.
  2. Seems a bit strange to be on trial but not play any of the friendlies. Rankin might fancy him since he played with him, if not we’ve made an offer to stay.
  3. Says a lot when Owen Andrew gets a club before Rob Jones.
  4. Bulgaria are absolutely rank rotten these days, lost 5-2 at home to Georgia then drew with Gibraltar.
  5. It amazes me every year how worked up some folk get over our strips.
  6. Agreed and been playing at a good level for a few years now.
  7. I’d maybe put it down to Danny’s link to St Mirren in general but either way we’ve had a few good players off them. Also, Edinburgh 20/1
  8. Could be as in he’s someone who could do a job for us, and I think we could do with another striker. He’s signed a new 2 year deal with St Mirren so they must like him.
  9. A loan we could be looking at is Kieran Offord at St Mirren, 9 goals in 12 second half of last season for East Stirling and scored for St mirren in their friendly last night. Lewis Jamieson also scored for them last night.
  10. The information will come if any of the trialists sign for us, you’re hardly going to put out progress reports for closed door friendlies and let other clubs see if someone is playing well. I don’t think any club would put a progress report out at this point.
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