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  1. Glasgow city women are using broadwood this season or for part of it at least.
  2. Find it hard to believe that most of our season tickets live local to the ground.
  3. Crowds are getting back in germany because they actually listen to their government and follow guidelines, whereas here we have folk arguing over which government they follow, and people having an attitude of “I won’t be told what to do anymore, I’ve done my bit”.
  4. 2 goals for Scott Banks in Crystal Palace’s first under 21 premier league game against West Brom.
  5. So you can’t see him coming back but you can?
  6. Pleased with Cunningham. Thought he looked good when he came in last season.
  7. Was Paul Emslie from Rangers? He was dreadful.
  8. A position we needed someone in, really need midfielders now as we are fairly well covered in defence.
  9. Gabriel Agbonlahor to the amateurs, at least we are keeping our search on quite an open scale.
  10. Reality is we couldn’t compete with Cove if we were in for him. They’ve given him a 2 year deal on probably good money. We need a left back, mcniff is much better at centre back.
  11. Wonder how many concessions haven’t renewed.
  12. Good on the ball, very composed and can find a good pass. On the flip side, not the strongest defensively but I reckon he’s worth a go in the championship.
  13. Any update on Agbonlahor? Thought Omar was coming on loan too? Got myself dead excited about those rumours too!
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