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  1. I actually heard his name last night when someone mentioned Alloa but can’t remember what was said.
  2. Clyde have signed Lewis Jamieson on loan from St Mirren.
  3. Having just watched the goals on Twitter, Currie is in no man’s land for the first and how far out is Livingstone with the second
  4. Airdrie play some really good stuff and if they had a clinical striker they would be right up with cove, that’s probably the only difference between the two teams. Will happily take a point from it as the gap between the teams is massive. Jones managing to run from behind to in front of the defender for the first was also poor defending from whoever it was, currie making an arse of the second was just class after his celebration. We cannot go on with hoping there will be 2 worse teams and we just stay up, it won’t go on much longer.
  5. Lewis Jamieson recalled by St Mirren from his loan at Inverness, lets hope there’s some truth in the rumour he’s coming back to us.
  6. Would take more than that to change the face of a Falkirk supporter who’s been going since 1968.
  7. Airdrie are better than us all over the park so we’ll need to be at our best to get anything here. Would take a point as well.
  8. Thought he was pretty good for Stranraer when they were up, would certainly be worth a 6 month deal anyway.
  9. They signed a striker on loan from livi last week who scored twice on Saturday.
  10. Can’t blame Parry for the goal just unfortunate it hits Splaine. Initially thought it was a soft penalty but seeing it again the defender goes into the back of Goodwillie. Don’t know his name but number 19 for queens looks a player.
  11. Absolute meltdown material, a great read. “We’re as good as anyone in the league until the final third where it matters” a particular highlight. Cry some more.
  12. If Annan are that good what does that make Benburb after scudding them 4-0 a few weeks back, or Kirkintilloch Rob Roy who came back from 2-0 to win 3-2. Class stuff.
  13. We’ll need to keep it tight at the back as Queen’s Park do have players who can take a chance when they come, but no reason why we can’t get a positive result out of it. Would hope for a new face or two before the game but that’s fading quickly.
  14. What have the recruitment team done to improve things though? Absolutely nothing.
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