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  1. It wouldn’t be for GCC to build a stadium at crownpoint, the site would be acquired through a community asset transfer then for us to do what we can with it.
  2. Liam Scullion is the culprit, Cameron just isn’t good enough either though. A rare bad night for roberts? He’s only put in 2 or 3 good performances all season.
  3. 1 win in 15, miles behind at the bottom of the league and out the cup. What is the point anymore?
  4. Did say £15 was too much for the live stream, thank f**k I didn’t bother. So shite it’s not real and persisting with complete diddies who gift goals away every week.
  5. This is a must win in my opinion. A chance to get some decent cash in, 10k extra prize money before any revenue. Hoping we can continue how we’ve been under Duffy, will be a tight game though.
  6. Thanks for doing all of Scottish football a favour by putting that circus out the cup.
  7. Scullion and Cameron on the right again, what could go wrong…
  8. No point opening the stand behind the goals for diddy clubs.
  9. Will have a look at the highlights, but if Scullion has stuck an arm out then it’s just ridiculous from him. He more than anyone is costing us regularly with stupid mistakes, that’s Montrose home, Kelty away and possibly today at least.
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