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  1. Even when we win some of our support are still on here all negative. Have a day off and enjoy a result for once ffs.
  2. As much as I didn’t think last weeks was a penalty, let’s see if Rumsby can go 90 minutes without giving one away. He must’ve set a record already for the most given away in a season.
  3. Which was how many seasons ago now? I don’t come on here much now but when I do it’s the same folk posting the same boring shite.
  4. When was the last time we lost a game and there wasn’t posts about relegation or send us to the lowland league?
  5. Lennon made a comment about something happening with parry in his post match interview but didn’t say what.
  6. Think it’s opened now, we posted about it the other day before the game.
  7. They were shite and we were shite but we were a wee bit less shite Always a laugh when Falkirk get beat that they were never outplayed or lost to a better side. ps I know we’re shite, but at least we can admit it.
  8. Having a free week next week might not be the worst thing to allow some injuries to clear up. Anyone know how many goals Goodwillie on now, must be 96 or so?
  9. I had us to lose to Alloa and Cove on coupons, will need to do it for every game.
  10. If Mitchell has got that move then fair play to him. Parry is a good replacement to get in so can’t have any complaints there.
  11. I think there always seems to be a varying degree of opinion on how much information should be given to owners. Some think just about everything, others don’t seem fussed. I’ve only had an ownership this season and last, but I think the quarterly email bulletins and an annual one covering all major points within the club are enough. I know a few have, but I’ve put forward a question regarding Diamond and Corr’s involvement and whether they are financially beneficial to the club.
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