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  1. Sorry, no. Enjoyed the last one a lot but work is too mental just now. Apologies.
  2. Almost certainly. But that's what it's about these days. An additional problem they have is the cost of staging the show jumping bit in particular, apparently its mad expensive and you could fund multiple other sports with what it costs on its own.
  3. The next Olympics will have an even more mental modern pentathlon event - the whole thing is done in one place and finished inside 90 minutes. Should be good for spectators but the traditionalists seem quite upset and I think a lot of the competitors don't like the huge changes.
  4. I seem to remember before they introduced it almost every race featured multiple false starts. The new way is harsh but I think its preferable to what we had before.
  5. Cup result ChessBassGuitar beats Board_Stupid Great game, enjoyed it. HOWEVER, I'm finding it impossible to keep up (im stupid competitive and don't want to half-arse it) so please put Board_Stupid into the draw for the next round. Cheers
  6. Qe3 followed by Rd2 seems like a better way of doing the same thing. Also covers the c5 square which looks a decent destination for the knight.
  7. Not sure if its just because I'm losing interest in football or not but I agree. Found that I just couldn't be arsed with lots of it.
  8. Just finished what I think is my last Div A league match... ChessBassGuitar beats AH13STU I do a *lot* of puzzles. So when we got to this position I spotted the next move instantly. Lovely end to the season. Thanks very much for the game AH13 Not sure I'll have the time to play "next season" but I'd like to say thanks very much to all my opponents over the last few months, really enjoyed playing some slower time controls.
  9. DivA ChessBassGuitar beats Beef2711 Beef got off to a bad start, dropping a whole piece for nothing, and never really recovered. (did I report this one already?)
  10. Thanks. I play the Alekhine with black (Nf6 in response to e4) and I've messed up in pretty much every way possible so it was nice to be on the other side of it for once.
  11. Div A ChessBassGuitar beats Bri1962 by resignation. Really enjoyable game (for me at least). Unfortunately Bri fell into an opening trap that I'd seen before on the black side and lost a piece for a pawn early on. However it was still looking like a bit of a slog and I was struggling to find a way to break through when he unfortunately terminally weakened his kingside giving me an attack that was either going to eat all his pieces or deliver mate. Thanks for the game!
  12. Two results Madwullie Cup ChessBassGuitar beats PurpleKangaroo89 My first 'proper' game of 360. I'd read that getting an early attack in can work wonders and this was certainly the case here. Its very hard to defend when all your pieces are stuck on the wrong side of the board! Div A ChessBassGuitar beats Ziggy_The_Spider A strange game, think Ziggy resigned a wee bit early to be honest. I wasn't quite sure how I was going to continue. Was intrigued by a few of your moves - why did you take on d4 with the rook and not the Bishop? And did you mean to sac the knight on f4? That one had me scratching my head.
  13. @bri1962 waiting for you to accept my challenge for the latest fixture.
  14. I think the most emotional thing for me was being stood at Hampden at kick off, realising the full extent of what covid had robbed from us all. Our first game at a major tournament in 23 years, at Hampden? It should have been a glorious celebration regardless of result. In normal times the place would have been absolutely jumping. Friends of mine who have been going to games together for decades had tickets but either lost them due to the reduced capacity or being unable to travel (thanks Covid). Although the atmosphere in the ground was about as good as I could have hoped for in the circumstances it definitely felt bittersweet - we were robbed of a proper cathartic moment. The game itself was almost irrelevant to that.
  15. Whoever came up with the "stagger arrival times to avoid crowds of people congregating but just let everyone leave all at once" policy needs shot. What the f**k was the point in that? If there was covid spread yesterday, I guarantee it was in the stairwells at full time.
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