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  1. My all-time favourite band. Released a new album last year---"Slight Disconnects"---and its arguably their best yet.
  2. No Offence A rather excellent police drama but with some elements of black comedy about it. Joana Scanlon is bloody brilliant in it.
  3. Plus, a more nuanced take on proceedings would require said journos to actually understand the case. Given that most of them struggle to get the names of players right, the odds of them understanding a potentially complex legal argument based on the intersection of SFA/SPFL articles of association and competition law is about as likely as me waking up with Scarlett Johansson tomorrow.
  4. With Budge in charge of the task force looking at an expanded top flight? You'll be waiting a while. Total stitch up.
  5. Whilst I am quite enjoying the absolute trolling masterclass from Dens and the hilarity that is the anger of the Sevconians I can't help but think the whole shambolic exercise just entirely encompasses everything thats wrong with Scottish football administration. Amateur hour from top to bottom.
  6. A vote to decide on the settling of the lower three divisions before they were even scheduled to finish, whilst still seemingly holding out hope that the top league can be settled differently, with a vague mention of an unspecified league reconstruction in the future is absolute peak Scottish football administration. If the end result of this is that we end up in the seaside leagues then (un)fair fucks but rushing the whole thing through now when theres still a shit tonne of uncertainty is farcical. Its not even clear that football will be possible this calendar year at this point. If clubs need the end of year payments to stay afloat then some funds should be released to them in the interim but the current approach just seems like bribery.
  7. Wanted to like this but on reflection its all just trying a bit too hard to be clever and I can't be arsed with it. Thumbs down from me.
  8. Working in Edinburgh, the Jambos going down would be absolutely hilarious but from a Thistle perspective it would be a bit of a disaster (assuming we get ourselves out of the shit and manage to stay up). I keep thinking they'll turn it around but I just don't know if Hearts actually have it in them this year.
  9. I don't think I've ever seen a sport with a rule that's called as inconsistently as PI is in the NFL.
  10. Beginning to feel like this could be decided by a single big defensive play.
  11. Next possession huge for SF. As a neutral I'm hoping they can square it up.
  12. Really like the XFL overtime rules. Sounds like a lot of fun...
  13. Is it normal for NFL teams to be such overwhelming favourites with the bookies at this stage? You can get the Packers at almost 3/1 to beat the niners. That seems like rather good value for a one off playoff game...
  14. Jones is a moron. Even taking that at face value - that's not what Neville said.
  15. f**k me thats absolutely horrific from Sky Sports man (David Jones? ). What an absolute bellend. Have to be honest, the more I see of Gary Neville the more I like him. Him challenging Sky man straight away was really good.
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