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  1. Apparently very highly rated by St Mirren, in fact some fans were surprised they let him go out on loan instead of including him in the First Team squad.
  2. Supporting the Club is the only way we will survive. Bleak times ahead with no fans allowed for the foreseeable. Hopefully we can get the live streaming up with good security measures, be nothing worse than illegal streaming denting the funds gained via this option. Also need it to be accessible PPV to everyone, including away fans, in order to maximise income.
  3. Like the sound of Henderson. Does have a bit of physicality about him as well ? One of the players we lost (Chris McStay) was a good physical presence in midfield, and I feel our other current options may leave us a bit light in there.
  4. Would be very surprised if Bryson even dropped down to Championship level. As is family is in Ayrshire, I wouldn't be surprised if he rejoined Killie.
  5. Hopefully has improved in the 9/10 months since he left there. Still only 19, so have faith in Danny and Alan to bring him on. God knows we need a left back, so good news at least for now !
  6. Think maybe you got mixed up with the 'On Trial' part : https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/4981019/shaun-grady-paisley-student-cocaine-drugs/ 😆
  7. From the source that 'confirmed' Agbonlahor. You never know if you mnetion every player who is free in Scottish football you might eventually get one right 😒
  8. Can't believe relegation talk already because someone has signed a decent player who is likely to be injured half the season, ffs get a grip. Most of the teams in our situation will be waiting until September earliest, no point paying players to sit on their arse for 2 months when the budget is so tight.
  9. Should your name not have changed yesterday ? 😂
  10. I would agree, similarities could be drawn with Tony Wallace, who was a decent League 2 player, but not good enough for League One. I think Omar would come into the same category.
  11. I take it you weren't too impressed by him then...
  12. Got the feeling he was trying too hard at times, and it just didn't quite come off for him. Seemed like a decent guy though and never hid, even when things were going tits-up for him. Wish him all the best, hope it works out for him at EK.
  13. Giving the money to charity is all very noble, but if this had been the intention I'm quite sure James Anderson would have done so himself !!
  14. 'Hearts reiterated their belief that no club should be disadvantaged unnecessarily amid the Covid-19 pandemic' Yet they did everything to push 14-14-14. Kevin Bridges would be delighted with material like that 😂
  15. I think you would just click on Clyde FC Owners' Forum, then instead of Login click Register Website Account. Not 100% sure though, been a while since I last registered.
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