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  1. Think the majority of suggestions I agree with, obviously Goodie and Mitch for starters, then Cunningham, Cuddihy Howie, Love. Wilson will do fine as 2nd keeper. McNiff I would keep as back-up, not really let us down at CH, but would hope we would sign another experienced CB such as someone mentioned previously Ryan McGeever. Would also consider Bain unless we can find better, would hope the last 2 games are more indicative of his game than what we have seen previously from him. Obviously midfield is the biggest issue, hopefully DL and AM get the funds to help there. Also need another striker, and hopefully get Etoo and Jamieson back again, can't see them getting too much game time (if any) at their parent clubs, particularly Etoo. Sad to say Rumsby just not good enough, even though his attitude and commitment can't be questioned. The rest can leave at any time.
  2. Good luck in the play-off lads, would love another wee trip down to the Rock next season 😉👍
  3. Megginson is a top player. Like Webster and Ballantyne (well one of them anyway 😆) from Montrose too.
  4. In theory they have nothing to play for. In reality they will be doing their utmost to ensure we don't win the game !
  5. Fair play to Dumbarton. It's probably right anyway that winning games gets us out of trouble, rather than relying on others. As for the game on Thursday, I really haven't a clue how that will go !
  6. No need for tears just yet, plenty time for Clyde to still f**k it up. Dry yer eyes son.
  7. Agree. With Mitchell probably missing again, the young lad Wilson did enough to suggest he is a decent replacement (unlike Vajs!). Other than that, the team that beat Forfar will hopefully get the nod. Worth noting that Peterhead are only 3 points ahead of us and face EF and Falkirk in the next 2, so good outcomes tonight and v Forfar could pull them right back into trouble for the post-split games.
  8. Reckon we could pull Peterhead and EF into this yet....
  9. The young lad has been outstanding again. Very impressed, Danny's last signing might well prove to be the most crucial 😉
  10. Awful so far. Not passing the ball at all.
  11. FFS can we not string 2 passes together. Desperate stuff.
  12. Calm down son. On another note, we are absolutely dreadful. No leadership at all on the park.
  13. FFS you called it 10 minutes before the commentators 🤣
  14. What a shite goal to lose. On the back foot already.
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