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  1. 'Tom Lang is shown the yellow card for excessive celebration' Fuckn Love it !!! 😃
  2. I'm the same, having to get a mate to get tickets for me as I have a hospital appointment. However I think this is how they did it last time ? Could be wrong.
  3. Does anyone know what match fee we get for a TV game ? Have seen £82K mentioned but also saw £32K mentioned somewhere else 🤔
  4. Ally Love is fast becoming a legend. Playoff winning goal, winner in the Cup leading to hopefully a money spinning tie in the next round. And just his general all round play leading by example with the heart of a lion. Not sure how he performed at previous clubs, but he absolutely loves the Bully Wee, no doubt about it !
  5. If it does go ahead it will be a absolute lottery with the high winds and sweeping rain. Was going to head to this but now thinking it might be better if it's off, then we might get a game of football next time !
  6. Just speaking to big Howie there, as long as training goes OK tonight he should be in the squad for Saturday.
  7. Would probably agree with that, Airdrie pen. Suppose these things even themselves out as it looked like CJ was fouled just before Airdries goal. All relative though I suppose...
  8. Agree with couple of other posters Petkov was outstanding and much more like the player I had hoped for and expected when he signed from the Jambos. We did ride our luck, no doubt about it, but have been due some tbf. Goodie just about back to his best obviously helped. Better Xmas now than I expected
  9. Have to say would rather have some team news than Danny saying we need to be well up for it. We know Danny !!
  10. Speaking to big Howie last night, still injured 😫. I fear for us today, be delighted with a point.
  11. Ah well, I'll not be trusting that guys word again 😨
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