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  1. Mortimer ffs. Worth at least a goal start for Falkirk.
  2. Pretty safe bet tbh. He's been OK, but frustrating at times in losing the ball instead of making the easier pass.
  3. This is exactly what I was saying to my mate on the way down the road. Why is BF playing his best CH in midfield when there is an absolute donkey at the back in Mendy ? Although I wouldn't blame Mendy for any of the goals, there's no doubt we targeted him as an extremely weak link at the back. However this is exactly the kind of thing BF has done in the past. I've nothing personally against the guy (as unlike Bomber, Chapman etc, he definitely did care), but football wise he ain't got a clue. Appears both teams have their fair share of issues !
  4. Docherty is twice the player he was then. Well twice the size anyway.
  5. That's what you get when you raise our hopes about a new signing (obviously posted on the wrong thread). See page 397
  6. Got a feeling he's posted that in the wrong thread !!
  7. We has a water break at EK, and would imagine it was a couple of degrees cooler than that. Seems like madness considering the players' welfare is at stake.
  8. Didn't get much game time at Clyde, then ended up at QP, where he got a pretty bad injury. Not sure where he ended up, but would imagine away from QP now given the cash they are splashing about.
  9. Signing incoming. Presuming it's confirmation of Kennedy.
  10. If indeed Wilson has turned down a deal, seems pretty likely he's off somewhere to get game time, wouldn't blame him if that's the case. Let's be honest if Mitchell is fit he's 100% going to be playing.
  11. Tend to agree, black colouring would definitely balance it out better, and not as if their own logo is red (its purple and black). Given a choice, would definitely get the away top (if it's the black/red hoops).
  12. Well done Dumbarton. Hopefully get a trip down next season. Yflab WTF ?
  13. Can't see last 2 getting many votes. Definitely the third one for me, bit different to what we've had last few years.
  14. So reckon we will go with this line-up: Mitchell Nicoll Love Goodie Surely can't fail with that diamond formation ! Talking of Diamond, get the fkn finger oot !
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