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  1. we had one backfire a bit. Couple of years ago, there was a craze with a prank phone call app where if you put in a persons phone number it would ring that person with a realistic pre-recorded message. I remembered these things from the 90s(usually listed at the back of the Daily Sport) but back then you had to get the person you wanted to prank to ring the number which itself took a bit of convincing and automatically gave the game away of who was involved. However the recent ones on the app, you give the app the persons number and the computer automatically calls the person you want to prank. Theres various 'themes' you can choose... but we went where someone phones your number accusing you of "stealing their wifi". The beauty of it is, as it calls the person it also records the conversation and through the app you can play it back to your hearts content. We had this South African guy at work, old school bloke and only confirmed what the the Spitting Image song said. He was our manager but sat in our department and due to his seniroity in age and experience of the job, felt he had to get involved in allsorts of stuff that he shouldnt have. He was also a grumpy old f*cker so prime for this type of thing. Anyway, we tried the prank on him when he was out the office as we knew we'd all burst out laughing if he was in the room. So he went outside for a smoke and set the wheels in motion. Five minutes later he came in all red faced and stormed to his desk. We were all gagging to listen to the playback, so few of us crowded round the phone at the next tea break......he starts off friendly enough "no I havent stole your wifi, wrong number" but as it goes on and the recorded message gets worse, our work colleague snaps, adn without real warning starts shouting racist abuse at the recorded message, calling the recorded message allsorts of stuff. So none of us could figure out how to confront him on it. We couldnt say "ha ha listen to this, we got you" and then have his racism broadcast across the office. We also knew he'd probably try get us in trouble for wasting his time, especially if we called him out on his racism. So we just left it it...and no one really spoke of it again...we did keept her ecording though but he left the company not long after. not a very exciting story but there you go.
  2. all the work/snow stories reminds me of a time in the 90s I was working in east kilbride. I still lived in Falkirk at the time so it was a b*stard of a commute most days. East Kilbride sometimes had its own weather system and this one particular day the snow started coming down pretty heavy with no sign of stopping. After about 30 minutes I was advised I should get going home(it was about lunchtime) as I might get stuck. So I battled on through the weather and down the dual carriageway towards the M74...as soon as I pretty much got down towards the roundabout the snow cleared and sun came out... turn back? nae chance!
  3. one that I've noticed is this, and apologies if mentioned before...heres the example... Bloke on my facebook page(and no, not me, think my last status update was 2014) just wrote a post about Brexit, essentially saying he was against it but would just get on with it. This then descended into a few folk laying into him for "giving up". Which then escalated into him defending himself and an argument, and amongst it, someone saying "I thought better of you - UNFRIENDED". Why someone had to announce they were unfriending him, apart from the obvious attention seeking sh*t, is beyond me..I just cant understand as an adult posting something like this is normal behaviour... "you are not my friend anymore" - last heard in primary 4.
  4. had our post xmas meal last night. Revisiting a curry house we'd been to a few years previous. Even though i had been there the last time I had missed the funny moment when one of the guys was talking about the Chilli Paneer he ordered, and refered to it as Chilli Vaneer.... So during the meeting during the day, talk turns to the place we are going: "remember richard, when you had your chilli VANEER" Then its explained to the people that hadn't been there last time that this bloke had said Vaneer in stead of Paneer.... then, as we were finishing the meeting some cad come out with "cant wait for some chilli VANEER tonight"....ok yep get the picture... then in the pub before the meal..someone comes out with "hope they have some chilli VANEER on the menu" then in the place folk looking at the menu, about three of them, at differnet times say "might have the chilli VANEER" I mean it wasnt funny the first time but table laughing every time its mentioned. I'm sat thinking if i had machine gun then they'd all get it. Told the wife about it when i got home..she responded with "jeez, let folk have a laugh you grumpy c*nt" . Guess I just wasnt made for these times.
  5. aye, my grandparents lived in Lanark...we were from Falkirk. Anytime we went to visit I go out to play football with my cousin who lived there and I had no idea what a lot of folk were saying. One that sticks out was calling a car a .. "corrrr", that really used to confuse me..
  6. i have a feeling this has probably been mentioned, but those f*cking Dacia adverts inbetween the programmes on Dave drive me nuts. I get more and more wound up about them as time goes on about how utter sh*te they are. Plus they've been on for ages now, surely its time to change them. To make matters worse I mentioned this to my mate the other day and he sent me a link to the "creative company" behind the adverts...onthe page it states: "Jellygun’s MD took the creative reins on a series of indents for DAVE. Featuring the Dacia car having issues with some real ‘smutty’ road and place names from around the UK, our hero cars try to protect the viewers from this low grade humour. The DAVE audience deserve better ‘quality comedy’ on DAVE." So that was the thought process behind it? Some c*nt probbaly got paid thousands for that.
  7. Livi fans heard this?...Livi get a mention at 1.57.. not sure if theres many other tunes that mention yer team? Bon Jovi maybe 'Livi on a Prayer'.(sorry)
  8. Just catching up on thsi thread..surpsied theres been no mention of the Michael Kiwanuka album. Its phenomenal..mix of isaac hayes 70s soul, laurel canyon-esque folk, Hedrix/Eddie Hazell guitar...an album I've listened straight through over and over which is saying something these days. For those of your Scottish indie, based up in Fort William, 'Paper Machine Music' album 'Glimpse' is ace..touches of Radiohead, experimental, Sonic Youth, and good earnest tunes..definitely worth a listen.. came in at no.14 in the Scottish albums of the year on Jockrock..ok maybe not that much of accolade but really is worth checking out..
  9. wow! that is something else! brilliant.
  10. this has happened a few times recently and appreciate i'm probably echoing stuff said already. Its always annoying when you put a film on and she sits on her phone all the way through it then asks questions. However i've had this recently.... Me -Ok are you ready to put this film on her - yep Me - Sure? any messages you need to repsond to first? Her -No - (but still on her phone) Me -ok, i'll put it on (film starts) then a couple of films we've watched recently that have had bit of a worded introduction on the screen giving you a background or setting the scene or whatever. I read it, glance over and shes got her head in her phone. Me -Did you see that? Bit giving some info on the film and characters, setting the scene? Her - Oh no sorry, can you just skip back Me - for fux sake.... sorry, happened twice in one week so i'm still fuming! One of my mates has a 'pact' with his wife that mobile phones are turned off and put on the shelf when they put a film on...shit that its come to this!
  11. whit, are you trying to tell me Begbie and Co dont head down to Murrayfield for abit of the rugger?...now that would be a Trainspotting scene I'd like to have seen..
  12. probably a good time to bring back this old favourite but happened at lunchtime and I've only just calmed down. in Sainsburys near work, big f*ck off queues everywhere. Oldish wife in front of me, gets her shopping put through the scanner, watches it all go through as her husband packs it away, so potential for her to get the payment method ready but no...she waits til shes given the amount she needs to pay. Then rummages through bag for purse... then rumages through purse for nectar card. gets that scanned then carefuly puts it back into the correct slot in her purse then rummages through purse for bank card. this then takes ages... then gets receipt and rummages through purse to put receipt in a specific slot then puts purse away. Something that could have taken 30 seconds tops ends up taking 5 minuets...no wonder theres f*cking queues everywhere...
  13. I continued my xmas tradition of watching the Paul Calf Video Diaries yesterday. Probably hasnt aged as well to some but I still love it..so many great lines in it... Even some of the smaller bits...ended up texting my mate the words "lesbian fruit" and he said he got the giggles in the middle of Aldi and had to go out outside for fresh air. But the wife watched it for the first time since it came out and couldnt understand why I still bother.
  14. aye? sounds bit menacing mate, you hanging round the bins oot the back again?
  15. Yeah i think so. I'm not much of a gamer, in fact its really the GTA series, FIFA and Read Dead that I've bothered with. In fact only really bought a PS4 for Read Dead Redemtion 2. Anyway, absolulety loved RDR2 so after completing I thought I'd give the online version a go. I've never really bothered with online stuff before, mainly because I ended up getting killed over and over by some wee fannies from the States when I tried it on RDR1 as I had no idea what I was doing. However I've really got into the online version of RDR2. First of all you dont need to get involved in dealing with other folk if you dont want to..theres essentially tons of additional characters and missions you can do on your own. Theres also a really cool Bounty Hunter side missions where you have to find certain criminals. Theres a cracking one in the swamp where alligators basically chase you. You do get invited to online games from time to time by other players which you can decline - and although I was f*cking rubbish at them initially I started getting better. So yeah, if you enjoyed the main story aprt of the game and want more of the same, the online part is worth a go.
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