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  1. f*ck me! wheres this come from?! I've been pretty non-plussed over the past few months...even at one point my brother texting me about the Israel 1-1 game afterwards and I didnt even know we were playing. Not in "I dont care about the National team" way...more in a "hard to get excited about it" way. I do live in England though.... Anyway, got butterflies about this now.... me and a mate were talking about World Cups and Euros....I remember vaguely Spain 82, but Mexico was first big tournament I got into. One I keep forgetting about is Euro 92...I swore we didnt qualify but we did...I think its around when i started drinking so maybe that explains it!
  2. Says a fuckign million after yer result today, you feel the need. God bless you my fifer friend
  3. Yeah I was gonna say. We could do without laughing at other teams. Clyde will fuckign repeat last seasons dominance no doubt
  4. I’m pished on red wine. But I still can’t get my head round a team who train together and do this as full time job struggle so much against part time teams. No disrespect to mo’ but why do we make things so fuckibg laborious
  5. Just catching up after work, bbc stats look er, interesting.
  6. I'll take the result but wasnt pretty. Clyde's tactics, which were spot on, seemed to be have two of their players round ours every time we got the ball, putting pressure on. In most cases we played the easy pass and it either got knocked about or we lost possesion. Obviously we're not good at spraying the ball about but I did think that if we could just get into a bit of space we couldve exploited that tactic more. I dont have a lot of faith in the centre backs. We need someone commanding back there and having two centre backs who don't seem to want to take control is worrying and I fear Zak Rudden will rip them a new one. A backobone of any good side is wehn you have faith in a ball coming into the box that your central defender will deal with it, but everytime that happened last night I had the fear...which doesnt bode well. Initially with Francis I ws a bit wary but as the game progressed he looks promising. Great to see a Falkirk player take on a defender, havent seen that much lately. Also wouldve been amazing if Blairs free kick had gone in. I agree with the Gomis posts, he was great.
  7. Jeez this commentary sounds like my dad, he doesn’t watch much football but will say things “whit aboot that VAR? Rubbish” and I’ll go “aye”
  8. Looks like he could be out for a wee while, according to the commentator who literally just seen the incident same as the rest of us. Ha I though exactly the same thing when they said that!
  9. Fux happening? Just logged onto have a look at the world of Facebook... link to the game, clicked on it and in watching for free?
  10. Probably dont need to ask this as I'm sure its just some daft c*nt trying to get a bite.... I've been an exiled Bairn for a while now, but noticed a post on the Premier Laague forum under the 'yer da'..thread. Mentioned Falkirk fans singing "We are the People". I distinctly remember my best mate who is still a season ticket holder telling me Falkirk fans were singing "We are the Steeple" to try and wind the Gers fans up......I thought it was funny at the time....I'm sure this was the case? Surely there were no Falkirk fans singing 'We are the People'? Again, I appreciate I shouldnt have to ask. But I'm going to anyway! About a year ago I went out for a beer with a Scottish guy I work with. He's a big Celtic fan although hes been living in England since 1978. When i told him i was a Falkirk fan he gave me the whole "**** without the bus fair" patter. I have known some older Falkirk fans who were affiliated with Rangers - a mate of my dads was in the Orange Lodge but a Falkirk season ticket holder for years. But when I was growing up and supporting Falkirk the guys I went to the games with, and on the Elliots Bus, and the lads in the choir, were total anti-Old Firm from what i remember. I'm sure I recall a Union Jack Falkirk flag appeared in the Hope Street End once match and it got booed until it was taken down. Of course theres an argument about the Union Jack and what it represents but thats not the point here.... But just interested if these claims have ANY truth or if it is just some tw*t trying to get a reaction...
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