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  1. no was definitely the old Cathouse..it was on Brown Street I think?... Only saw two gigs there I think...that Verve gig with Oasis supporting, then when Oasis toured again June 1994 for their first UK headline tour they played the Old cathouse again. Also saw them supporting the Boo Radleys at The Tramway in April 94 as part of Glasgow Sound City. Barfly didnt open til a few years later...think it was 13th note club and then Barfly...could be wrong though. But yeah I always remember the jogging bottoms bit too! Also I had this vague recollection of Oasis doign a cover of 'You Sexy Thing' by Hot Chocolate. I thought I'd dreamt it but it turns out Liam used to change the lyrics and sing it on one of their songs (Cloudburst maybe?) . Saw them at T in the Park in 94, and then the Loch Lomond gig in 96 and then that was it for me with Oasis until Bencassim in 2003...
  2. aye probably...when i first started going it was more skinheads than casuals really. Then as the 90s kicked in they seemed to 'evolve'(pretty sure that term doesnt work here!) into the more "dressing up in yer best gear" for the football type. Did Hibs not come from and smash up the Argylle Bar once? Sure I remember that...possibly a lot later on though.
  3. my first away game, and first trip on the Elliotts Bus was to Broomfield..loved it!
  4. my first ever Falkirk game was 1988 against ST Johnstone at Brockville. Sure we won with Alex Rae scoring. Anyway after the game there was a lot of fighting around Grahamston station between Falkirk and Saints boys. I was living in Larbert at the time, I would have been 13 years old, so my mate and I were getting the train back to Larbert - same train that goes to Perth. We were standing in the waiting room at Grahamston when a load of, what I assume were Saints finest "casuals" were directed into the waiting room by the polis and the turn shut in with us, and said polis standing guard at the door not letting anyone out until the train to Perth arrived. We werent exactly happy about this but obviously with us being kids these casuals werent ars*d about us. However we listened as they chatted to each other saying things like "should've brought more", and moaning about the police presence. One of them though started going on about "that mental Falkirk boy with the spider web tattoo on his face" . So me and my mate got talking on the train home and at school on the Monday, fascinated by this Falkirk guy with a spiders web tattoo. After a few games standing in the Hope Street end, we moved into the Choir and we spotted the guy with the spiders web tattoo coming in 5 minutes into the game where he proceeded to go upto the segregation fencing to stare at the oppostion fans for 90 minutes.... not watching any of the game. There was always talk that you'd take your life in your hands if you went into that pub in Falkirk on Princes street/Vicar Street(name escapes me) where he supposedly drank? In later years we used to go to gigs above it at The Happening Club sh*tting ourselves about what was going on downstairs. It probably wasnt that bad?! anyway - point being I'd totally forgotten about that guy until now..!
  5. Listening to this..Scottish Indie, with some electro flourishes..features King Creosote, Pictish Trail, Malcolm Middleton, My Latest Novel...
  6. Watched 'Dolemite is My Name' with Eddie Murphy on Saturday, quite a good film and worth a watch if you are looking for something not too heavy. Good soundtrack as well!
  7. yep totally agree with this...one of those films you are still thinking about days afterwards....only slight downside is I've had The Glitter Band in my head since watching it(great tune though...) Dont't think its for everyone though...saw my first ever cinema rage. I live in Leicester, two young lassies came in about 5 minutes into the start of the film and sat in our row. Sat about 5 seats along from me with no one in between(I hadnt showered). From my side vision about 30 mins in one of them starts looking at her phone..not just a quick check either but full blown scrolling through stuff. She was too far along for the light to bother me but was thinking how annoying for the folk sat behind her...especially as instead of holding the phone looking down, she was doing that thing that a lot of young folk do where the hold the phone up at eye level and scroll through. Few minutes later theres a bit of a commotion. One of the lassies turns to the person in the row behind and says "stop hitting my chair", then theres the reply of "well get off your phone then". She then replies "i'll kick your f*cking head in. Dont tell me what to do" . She goes back on her phone so the person behind must've hit her chair again, so the lassie shouts "do that again and I swear you are f*cking dead" she then does this sucking air through the teeth thing that I hadn't really noticed anyone doing until I watched Top Boy on Netflix...must be some wannabe gangster sh*t? It calmed down after that and she put her phone away but I was (sadly) secretly hoping things would kick off....but yeah could tell she wasn't remotely interested in the film!
  8. yeah thats ace. Theres a music doc about the music of Laurel Canyon out...anyone seen it? Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Byrds etc?
  9. I've got Bonnie Tyler 'Holding out for a Hero' in my head..but the truth is we go to games and pay to be entertained to a certain degree. I've always expected as Falkirk fan(maybe wrongly?) that we'd play attacking football where possible. We've been commended in the past for the way we go at teams and set out to score goals. Thats just not really been evident to me the past couple of years apart from a handful of occasions. Also, and to refer the 'hero' thing - even if we had one or two players who were a different class. The type of player young fans love, someone who can consistently turn it on. We've been blessed down the years by some cracking flair players that you would pay money to watch. I remember as a young lad the excitement of getting into the choir and seeing Crunchie warm up(ooh er) but you knew if he was playing you were in for some entertainment. I appreciate the game is different these days(but is it?) and we've seen a few cracking goals this year and some nice football but it just seems few and far between. My old man has a theory that we watch so much great football on TV now that we forget that in the past there was a lot of sh*te as well, (I mean Big Crawf was a legend but how many shots ended up on the railway? ...but at same time a happy medium would be nice.
  10. McKinnon for me... no direspect to the league(and I know several Bairns have!) but I did hope we'd see some attacking football and bit more excitement after a couple of sh*te seasons.. I appreciate we've had a few decent results but the 'fun factor' has been sucked out of me by McKinnon.... cannot be arsed at the moment...
  11. Yep said this a few weeks ago..where in the (business)world have you seen this sort of interaction before anything has been done. its a complete and utter shambles.
  12. Any fans of Music Bio's? I'll pretty much watch and usually enjoy any decent music bio/documentary even if its not my type of music. I found a film called CBGB on Amazon Prime. Came out in 2013 and not sure how I missed it at the time. Thought at first it was a documentary but turns out it was an actual Biopic about CBGB's in New York throughout the New York Punk Scene of the 1970s. A bit cartoonish and had a similar feel of 24 Hour Party People but an outstanding soundtrack as well as all the bands featured you'd expect, Television, Talking Heads, Ramones, Patti Smith, Blondie, Dead Boys etc etc Its not perfect but if like me you are into music films then its worth a watch.
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