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  1. I do a podcast called Trampled Bat. In order to prevent it descending into football chat constantly one of the guys did an off shoot called Trampled Bet where they talk about predictions for that week. They also go over Scottish players playing outside the UK. They have an offshoot if that now interviewing players that do or have played abroad. It’s meant to be a bit more serious digging into the decisions & experiences of playing in other countries. The first one came out the other day with Ziggy Gordon. Hopefully it’ll be up some of your audio streets 🙂 Spotify Apple Podcast Stitcher
  2. I have a dusty memory of a rainy Tuesday night against Elgin that was 150 or so in 2007/8 ish
  3. “Hi I want to talk about Celtic going out the champions league”
  4. The council certainly has that frame it puts banners on after the Milton BP on the A82 ... the banner at a big enough size to read, for outdoors, around £50 x 18 games - £900 even if the council charge nothing for allowing it to be placed alongside theres.
  5. Not an expert and wasn’t there but I believe you actually can’t donate money and specify what it can be used for so if an electricity bill or whatever came in then there’s only one pot of money.
  6. It’s very, very time consuming. You’re asking a volunteer to give up pretty much their entire weekend &, if they’re a fan, not actually be able to watch the match. first person in the stand, last person out it, cutting the 90 mins down to the highlights takes multiple passes over it, then rendering that video on a normal pc/laptop is very power intensive. I never for a second regret having done it, the timing accidentally covered an amazing period for the club but to do it right takes time & is a big ask of a person.
  7. I guess most people know I'm a bit of a kit obsessive, but it really is a hiding to nothing - impossible to please everyone! It6 looks like we're at a level/budget where we just can't justify bespoke kits, at which point I'd rather see us in yellow/black than a plain white kit. Given the current Joma catalogue I think the kit was a fair choice, there are maybe a couple of others I'd have been just as happy with but there really is no perfect option, everything in their catalogue uses Empire Yellow except the amber strip that was formerly our away kit. Joma Supernova Joma Grafity Joma Tiger Joma Flag Joma Inter Joma Pisa Joma Winner Joma 50Y if we go super maverick & dip into the Handball catalogue.. Joma Hispa II Joma Hispa
  8. Apart from the placement of the Joka logo I quite like those kits (sorry!) we wore stripes from the late 1880s to the 1920’s ... when we were one of the best teams in the country, if not the world ... before changing to hoops. East Fife adopted them just as we were ditching them, if anything they stole the idea from us as a tribute to the superior team! hope we’re pairing it with white shorts for the full retro effect!
  9. Maybe? Is the new strip the old strip?
  10. How does one go about setting up a think tank? They all seem to be sloshing with cash, seems like a great get rich quick scheme.
  11. Playing to the audience, the people there will have LOVED it and will consider him even more of a legend now. If anything it makes him a bigger draw for those types of dinner because he "says it like it is". No staunch "realfan" is sitting today reading that going "oh no! that's terrible" Bigots gonna bigo, innit.
  12. Was working in a local fast food establishment as a 16 year old (rhymes with flickdonalds) had been getting it in the neck from the manager about not opening the window to take drive thru orders quick enough. Was a quiet night so I had been mopping the metal floor where the deliveries came in when the 'bing-bong' came on to let me know a car was coming, dropped the mop and ran across the wet, metal flooring. Feet came away in front of me, Home Alone style, and landed on the small of my back. Was sore but got back up & took the order like a champ. few weeks later my then girlfriend & I did a full day of traipsing round the shops in Glasgow, got back home & was lying down, was in a bit of discomfort from all the walking then realised I couldn't move my legs, I could wiggle my toes & rotate my chest but nothing else was moving. Called on my Mum & she phoned the doctors to make an emergency appointment at the doctors & went "don't worry I'll help you into a taxi" & tried to lift me up, at which point there was a very loud 'THWAK' and I just crumpled into a heap & started flopping & writhing about like I was possessed. An ambulance was called & I got three injections of morphine lying on my bedroom floor so my memory of the actual pain is kind of vague now but I do remember the panic & feeling like I just wanted someone to end my life there and then. My brother still says the most embarrassed he's ever been in his whole life was when I got lifted out the house into the ambulance, absolutely out my face & saw all the neighbours, I remember saying "hi everyone I'm ok" but he assures me I actually just opened my mouth & went 'uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh' with droll hanging off my chin. Turns out I'd burst a disc, the stuff inside had formed in a lump round the nerves, my hip had twitsted & the last straw was a torn ligament becoming a snapped ligament. Was now 18 years ago, was and is inoperable & I've taken codeine pretty much every day since, look after your back! Oh the next most painful thing, if you ever go to a physiotherapist and they tell you that they need to "manipulate your pubic bone" just say nah it's ok. Whatever they are trying to do is not worth the feeling of being kicked in the balls but dragged out over a minute.
  13. A different definition of 'worst' but about 5 years ago I was walking past a mother trying to get her toddler to stop acting up, she hadn't seem me coming & quite sternly told the kid "if you don't stop that I'll get a black man to come take you away" when she noticed me she looked very embarrassed, which means she did know that raising her kids to be scared of black people was totally out of order but didn't mind doing it in private. Mental. The worst thing I've HEARD is in primary school a guy was taking a short cut over a spiked fence on the way home and lost his footing with one leg over hearing the scream and knowing something was very very wrong has stayed with me for a long time.
  14. I don't understand Labours apparent plan to vote down anything and hold out for an election Fixed Term Parliament Act puts the next GE at May '22 unless: if a motion for an early general election is agreed either by at least two-thirds of the whole House or without division; or if a motion of no confidence is passed and no alternative government is confirmed by the Commons within 14 days. There would need to be 429 MP's voting for an election (2/3rds) which is absolutely everyone (including the DUP) plus a Third of Tories. So they are hoping for a no confidence vote, if everyone rallies behind someone like Davis in the short term while going "well we tried but the EU wouldn't do a deal". The time for either an election or another referendum is passed anyway, is it not? The final rubber stamped deal has to be on the table this week to give the EU27 time to go vote for it. I can't see how there's anything other than a no deal heading our way.
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