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  1. How long do the board think this will take? What plans do they have prepared for this outcome? What specific things are they going to do to achieve it & over what time periods? Brilliant! What are the plans? Which owners? How ambitious? How realistic at being successful? What are the consequences of those ambitions not being met? What disciplines and strategies? Do the board already have those skills? Do the board need help? Where do they plan on getting it from? In what ways to the board think the match day experience needs improved? What about outwith? Where are the weak points? Who, how and when do they believe these can be done? It seems odd that the middle of the boards strategy planning cycle falls at the end of a season. What plans need to be put in place now? Suggests that there a planning cycle and a separate seasonal planning that are separate from each other. Is that just a one off due to the ownership change or a long term cycle. How? Who is going to do that? Do the board believe they have the skills to achieve this? Do they have the say from the owners to allow them to? It appears most clubs had this a long time ago. Who instigated this purchase? The board? The manager? Are we going to be hiring a full time or part time data analyst professional to make use of this? Please don’t waste money on an app, please! Apps are dead. The time for an app was 10-15 years ago. Just make a good website that’s mobile first! You say groups, how many? What knowledge and experience are you looking for in each of these? What is each one focussing on? Is the outcome of them public? There are lots of funding opportunities from government to support physical and mental health, particularly in men. involving football clubs, this is what this is, right? In what way will the charitable trust flow money into the playing budget? It’s undoubtedly a good thing to do but I’m struggling to see the benefit to the first team beyond the idea that the wider community will see a benefit to the club in the community (which is very highly unlikely on any sort of measurable scale, in my opinion) without any of that openness, honesty and detail it’s hard to see this as anything but word salad. It’s not like it’s business sensitive detail to hind from competitors. If all these detailed plans exist there’s a number of people interested and willing to move mountains to make it happen - if the clarity and realism is there.
  2. It should be settled in a court of basketball as the street rules dictate
  3. Haha! Get it round ye! Happily catching up on this story red dotting any cretinous scumbags that are posting absolute drivel - sorry to disappoint you, it’s not just you. Away crawl back in your hole.
  4. If it helps at least clear up reasoning as to how that badge has become yellow - the SVG club badge that’s the master copy was produced in bright yellow. In about 2007 I changed it to the proper club “sunflower yellow” and started using it on stuff - I guess somewhere between all the board changes and what not the original SGV file is being used again - assuming it’s not intentional it’s just all they currently have.
  5. The previous owners got the land use of the pink areas changed in 2008 when they first bought the club.
  6. Been producing this podcast for the last year, finally got a Sons player on! http://trampledbet.com/jaime-wilson-scots-abroad/
  7. For the last week Trampled Bet have been doing a Lockdown Football Quiz every day, 10 random questions out of 100 to a football podcaster guest, they've had Sean McDonald, OldFirmFacts & Guy Kilty from BBC Five Live & others so far (with another 10 to go) http://www.trampledbet.com https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/trampled-bats-trampled-bet/id1427389771?mt=2&ls=1 https://open.spotify.com/show/3vaCe34IiRgQDgyaTdYKEn https://www.google.com/podcasts?feed=aHR0cDovL3RyYW1wbGVkYmV0LmxpYnN5bi5jb20vcnNz
  8. I’m not suggesting it, I’m requesting you actually do it For every “well that mitre one is okay” you’ll get “that’s an embarrassment” I did it for two and a half years. Those questions I have suggested were real life questions put to me in actual job interviews by marketing managers. Just trying to say it’s not as simple as “get some student to do it”.
  9. Who though? I defy anyone to go through these and find a set of home & away kits that everyone agrees fit the job with no alterations - if you think Joma's range is limited then you're in for a shock! Plus, even if you do find one - you're signing a 3-5 year deal, maybe next year they change the colours or designs available and you're back where we are now. Here's a start for you... Joma Teamwear Adidas Teamwear Nike Teamwear Puma Teamwear Umbro Teamwear Macron Teamwear Hummel Teamwear Errea Teamwear Kappa Teamwear Stanno Teamwear Mitre Teamwear Uhlsport Teamwear Pendle Teamwear I don't THINK its the cost per unit per se, I think it's more the initial outlay & holding of stock - having to order them once & get the number right, whereas off the shelf you can be way more precise in the units you need and staggered as you need them without the risk of being left holding them. I also believe (but have no hard facts) that we sell a very small amount of kits compared to most other clubs. If it was easy & cost effective there's literally no reason not to do it every single year! But you know, if we are doing a 150th one .. I would love another go at designing the strips, if anyone is reading this with the power to make it happen again - filming footage should always cost money but I'll sure as hell design a load of kits again for nothing!
  10. Also, if the white kit vote was up to me I’d have gone with ... ... but that’s probably not helpful just now
  11. Good experience would be being immersed in a professional team for a few weeks to learn the profession. This isn’t that, this is taking advantage of someone’s lack of experience to get them to do something for you - that you’re then going to ask £15 a head for. I can promise you that filming lower league Scottish football off your own back does not do anything good for your career prospects it opens you to questions of - if you’ll do it for free why should we pay you & if you were any good they would have paid to keep you. Just like we do with players, I’m not suggesting a full media truck of crew is required, but just like we do with players I wouldn’t want to pay £15 a match to see people that had been rounded up at the local park to play free to get experience of playing in a real team. we’re not a charity, if a media product is required that can generate a proper income then we should be spending the proper level of money out to get the best job done we can at the price we want to sell it at.
  12. Firstly, the infrastructure in the stadium would need a fairly large upgrade including a hardwire up to the back of the stand. there isn’t really a great deal of room up there either when you factor in the camera + tripod. For charging people a full admission you can’t really get away with missing any of the action. Two or three seats removed from the back two rows might be required. you need someone specifically on putting up graphics, someone just watching the game to tell them what to put up (both out of earshot of the camera if you’re taking the sound source from there or you also need to have someone monitoring the sound of it’s being done externally. If you want the full price of a match ticket do you also need more than one camera? You need a camera person for each one and an editor/director too. My heart sinks when I see people say “just link up with a college”. We’re supposed to be a semi-professional outfit; not a bunch of amateurs. Asking a bunch of kids to do it with no one in charge and no prospect of it becoming any sort of long term thing because we’ll just wheel in the next lot of free kids is garbage. It’s not great experience because it gives you zero insight into working in any real life situation, it’s absolutely not great for your CV & will be treated with suspicion why you did it all for nothing when you could have gone out and made your own short film, something creative or done something where you could earn. If it can’t generate enough money to have it done properly and fairly it’s just not viable. I was at a meeting in Hampden when the SFL suggested to the clubs that “asking your local high schools” was a great way of getting footage done cheap for highlights packages. It’s embarrassing. on top of all that I heard that Raith TV very quickly appeared for free on these tv boxes so you could get access to all the streams freely, there are people out there who will know how to access them in ways we don’t so you need fairly robust (expensive?) security in place too.
  13. Sure, we could have Nike, Hummel, Adidas, errea, puma, Umbro, mitre, take your pick, we’d still be getting a choice of yellow & black. I searched EVERYWHERE & I could only find one amber jersey in the whole of the teamwear world (Macron & it was Edinburgh City’s away top this season). We sell hardly any replica kits, if there were hundreds of people (or even one hundred) and it generated money (like Airdrie) then why wouldn’t the club be doing it? it’s not even the expense per jersey of making them, it’s that you have to make them all in one go, you need to get that number exactly right or you’re left holding them, selling them off at cost or running out. Badging up off the shelf stuff takes all that risk away at a time when every penny needs to be absolutely scrutinised. I’m not the worlds biggest fan of yellow either (though I am a fan of gold & black over white!) but in my mind there’s absolutely no question that our club can’t afford to take the risk on it just now.
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