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  1. Airdrie 2-2 Cove East Fife 1-2 Clyde Montrose 1-0 Partick Peterhead 3-1 Forfar
  2. Team showed great character to grind out a win despite being pegged back twice. Especially after the results weve had the past few weeks. Mon the Bully Wee 🇾🇪
  3. What a counter attack from us there. Good hold up play by Syvertsen. Excellent run through the middle by Cunningham and an absolutely class finish from Goodie for his hattrick. I dread to think where we would be without him. Away to Stirling Uni today in all probability.
  4. Shiels is a liability. Having a stinker today so far.
  5. Kevin Nicoll is not a cult hero, ffs. He had 2 or 3 average to poor seasons with us. Does it now make you a cult hero cause you fly into challenges recklessly, picking up needless bookings and sending offs in the process? Get a grip. It also says alot when your club captain is a benchwarmer throughout the majority of a promotion winning season. A cult hero would be Paddy Keogh, Andy Smith, David Goodwillie, Brian Carrigan, Andy McClay. Nicoll isnae on the same level as them.
  6. He's the type of player we are missing and need in midfield but not sure hes good enough for league 1. Time will tell...
  7. No idea what to expect from us tomorrow. A massive improvement needed from the performance vs Airdrie. I'd take a draw right now.
  8. We were absolutely honking in that 5-2 game up at Starks Park. Pretty sure Love came on as a late-ish sub, too.
  9. We have a support like no other. When we win everyones giving it "this is it, we are winning the league, everyone else is shite." The next week when we lose its "This is a team of amateur b*****ds. Get them all out. We are going down to the Lowland league." Give it a rest, man. We lost to Dunfermline through a keeping error. There's been a lot improvement in the space of a week since the Airdrie game.
  10. Finishing 7th comfortably in our first season in league 1 after 10 years in league 2 doesnt make us a poor side. You've also missed out certain stats like beating Falkirk 3 times, beating Airdrie and drawing with Raith after being 2-0 down. What are you expecting from a newly promoted side with the modest budget we have making the jump to a far superior league?
  11. Anyone saying we have a league 2 squad is deluded. The majority of this squad competed well in league 1 last year and had a bright start this season. But after 3 poor games all of a sudden we have a league 2 squad? Turn it in. I've got every confidence that Danny will turn it around. He's never let us down yet.
  12. People keep going on about how other felt it wasnt an issue losing Grant, McStay and Rankin. Genuinely dont remember reading that on here from anyone other than the odd one or two (myself included) that felt McStay could be replaced reasonably easily.
  13. Seeing that actually makes it glaringly obvious how weak we are in the middle of the park. Alot of improvement needed between now and the Montrose game. I cannot face going back down into League 2 again.
  14. Didnt watch the game today but the result says it all. Hopefully a major wake up call. Worrying times ahead after a positive start to the season.
  15. We aren't a big club. We were the 3rd or 4th club in Glasgow (3rd if you ask us, 4th if you ask Partick fans) until we moved out of Shawfield. We just have short periods where we do quite well for ourselves all things considered. We had a good 6 or 7 years in the top half of the championship after getting promoted in 2000 after we won the old 2nd division. After that the descent slowly started. Prior to that you're probably going back to when we missed out on a European place in the 70s(?) after finishing 2nd or 3rd in the old Premier/ First division because of the one team per city rule (which was f*cking ridiculous). Before that it's our scottish cup wins in the 50s! I actually think some of us do think we are bigger than we actually are because of the era we started going to games. I started in the mid to late 90s when I was about 6 and apart from one season we had success in winning Division 2 and then doing well in Division 1 for years. So until we ended up in league 2 I always saw us as a "big" Championship club. We have since proven that we are far from that!
  16. We aren't bigger than the majority of clubs in this league. Maybe with the exception of Peterhead, Cove & Montrose. During my lifetime we punched above our weight at the top end of the championship for years until Bomber Brown appeared. The next 10-12 years we completely underperformed and were lucky there wasnt a pyramid setup in place or our derby would be Cumbernauld Colts. That was until Danny came in and now we are in a league that matches our stature, IMO.
  17. Willie Sawyers was fucking brutal. He's a Sunday league player at best.
  18. Why move our best defender into midfield to leave us struggling at the back?
  19. We leave ourselves wide open with this kind of shite all the time. We will never learn!
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