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  1. I don’t really remember their number 7 doing anything of note today, albeit it I wasn’t paying attention to their individual performances.
  2. I honestly don’t get why Cuddihy is so popular amongst our support. He is completely unremarkable in every department and 9 times out of 10 takes too long to decide who he’s passing to and then the phase of play is dead. I wanted to give Rodden more of a chance but he was poor today. Peterheada first goal today came from P. Grant slicing at clearance straight up into the air then they bring it down, play it in the box to their number 9 who in fairness takes a great touch and finishes emphatically. night and day from the pish last season, though. We’d have lost that last season after going down to 10 men. what a difference having Cunningham and Allan up front this season compared to Rob Jones last season by the way. Poor Finn Harps, though…
  3. I think it’s the wing back positions we really struggle and lack quality in.
  4. I think to say we “held on” is an overreaction. Other than one good save from Parry in the second half they didn’t look like scoring, or attempting to really.
  5. We resorted to celebrating winning corners last season after DGW left for Raith… force of habit!
  6. No idea how we managed not to win that one. So many chances to put it out of sight in the first half. Cunningham should’ve headed that one at the back post Kennedy dinked in for him. Penalty wasn’t the worst but low enough for the keeper to get his foot to it. Poor defending for the first and nobody tracking the scorer for the second albeit the ball deflected to him luckily. Overall it’s definitely two points dropped but onto game Three unbeaten. We do look dangerous most times we go forward which is good. Rodden wasn’t encouraging when he came on, a lot of aimless punts up the line to nobody. Thought Cuddihy was below average too. Otherwise I thought we did Awryt. Parry had another very good save in the second half down to his right. We are lucky to have a keeper of his standard.
  7. Has Rodden been binned already? I thought he looked awryt vs Bonnyrigg despite a pish overall team performance that day.
  8. Absolutely without a doubt you will. There’s nothing surer than Peterhead scoring away to Clyde!
  9. I take it he elbows him straight in the chops there? I still think Connolly’s red from our game is worse given how late he was.
  10. Steady on. It's a clear red but I don't even think both feet were off the ground. It probably won't even be the worst tackle we'll see this season. He doesn’t even begin to make the challenge until Duthie has released the ball. It was wild and reckless and imo intentional.
  11. If by "soft" you mean a stonewaller then I'd agree. Watched it again and it still looks soft. Doesn’t look like there’s much contact but I am watching it on an iPhone so not the biggest screen.
  12. Watched the highlight there. The QotS penalty is very soft imo.
  13. Excellent result against a team that’s been in the championship for years until this season. Absolutely gutted I couldn’t make it now. Need to back it up with a win at home to Peterhead now!
  14. Sadly can’t make tomorrow, I do enjoy going to Palmerston and it’s been a long time. The last game I saw there Dougie Imrie scored an overhead kick in a (2-0?) win. Neil McGregor scored as well. I’ll take a draw right now!
  15. Bet against us then it’s a win win situation! Works for me. It’s just the other teams on my coupon that don’t play ball…
  16. Ian Harty was famous for moaning the face off everyone but it didn’t stop him scoring just about every week!
  17. Great win today. What a difference a few days and a win makes. Good to see we have MacDonald a chance from The start and it paid off. I think we could have found a couple of wee hidden gems in him and Scullion.
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