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  1. Is that her that said she cant believe chrisy was spending his Saturday night arguing with a female? Does that mean it'd be ok if it was a guy he replied to?! πŸ˜‚ Regardless of gender, she was talking absolute shite. Also, it was nice to leave "Boomtown" with the win and a place in the next round despite playing quite poorly for the majority. Dont think I've ever seen a worse park in 25 years of watching clyde. That park makes Cliftonhill look like a bowling green. Also, I dont think it was a penalty. The ball accidentally hit Rumsby's arm after deflecting off himself. I still cant work how why the ref never gave us a pen for the rugby tackle in the first half, though.
  2. Can see this tinpot chat coming back to bite us on the arse if it's on tomorrow. We are Clyde after all...
  3. Hes an attacking player and would be wasted there. Just like John Brown wasted Pat Clarke at right wing back when he was one of the best strikers in the league.
  4. Quite confident about this now, especially after signing Wylde and Lang as well as Goodie being on a good turn of form.
  5. Should be a cracking day. Think weve pretty much sold put our allocation as well. Hopefully we are louder than their glory hunting followers.
  6. The way our defence is shaping up we could quite easily concede 6 to you!
  7. Will his position affect you checking the clyde scores from england?
  8. f**k up man. All you do is talk shite on here. Dave's done more for Clyde in a day than you've probably ever done.
  9. As in ex-Villa, Spurs, Mallorca and Rangers Alan Hutton?
  10. McCluskey is absolute rank rotten and has lived up to his shitebag reputation in both meetings between us and Dumbarton so far. Guaranteed he plays a blinder Saturday now...
  11. Absolutely no idea what to expect from this game. Hopefully Goodie continues his form from Saturday, though. A new defender or two being signed pre match would be smashing as well. 3 points is a must for us.
  12. Definitely a red all day long for Cuddihy. Stranraers first goal stems from Lamont aimlessly punting the ball up the park miles away from Johnston. Does that all too often. His cross for the 3rd goal was good though in fairness. Some run by Goodie for the penalty. Really dont know how we didnt win that!
  13. I noticed that with the away crowd too. Seemed much better than the last game between us at Broadwood.
  14. I actually thought we were on top before the sending off. Then their goal comes from bad defending by Petkov and the ball landing kindly from a deflected shot for the boy to head home. Same with the 2nd, great block on the line but luckily for them it lands right at the boys feet again and he makes no mistake with the 2nd effort. Stranraer made an arse of it second half and we couldve easily been 4 or 5-2 up before an uncharacteristic error from Mitchell allowed them to take the lead again. Great ball from Lamont for Goodies 3rd. Calm and classy finish for his 1st as well. I dread to think where we would be without him... Overall I'm still disappointed we didnt win today even though we had 10 men for 70 minutes. As has been said we are fortunate Peterhead and Forfar didnt win but we are still 10 points ahead of Stranraer. A win next weekend before Bonnyrigg would be ideal. Thought Smith was excellent when he came on. Wallace can go back to Annan in January as far as I'm concerned. Johnston needs to be more consistent. Hes either really good or absolutely anonymous.
  15. He was a mile onside when the ball was played thats why the lino never gave it.
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