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  1. Back when Soccer AM was worth watching for 3 hours every saturday morning! It's went down the tubes now.
  2. Did that not start on Soccer AM a few years back? That's certainly the first place I heard it.
  3. Not sure who it is that played the ball over the top in the build up to the third goal but it was a belter!
  4. I'd be surprised if even 50% live in cumbernauld or in close proximity to there.
  5. The way it's going this full season could be a write off as far as getting fans into games goes. I wasnt overly bothered about it before but I'd definitely be paying to stream our home games when I could, if thats still going to be an option. I know the club regularly appeal for people to put their hand in their pocket but given the circumstances we all need to do our bit to ensure we stay afloat this season.
  6. Theres about 100 to choose from for Clyde over the past 10 to 15 years. One that stands out for me is Paul Emslie. We had him on loan as a highly rated youngster from Rangers. Played a hand full of games, did next to nothing and then left. Think he ended up at Peterhead after us and is now at Cove Rangers. Mark Archdeacon from Motherwell is another. Came from Motherwell with a decent reputation but was chronic and left very quickly.
  7. I might get shot down here but based on the past few times I've seen McAllister I'd say he's been league 2 standard for a year or so now.
  8. Craig Bryson has signed for St. Johnstone until the end of the season.
  9. Why are some of us on here throwing in the towel for the season ahead based on the starting eleven for a friendly against Cumbernauld United? Our starting line up in an early pre-season friendly against a junior/WoSL (not completely sure what they are currently) team certainly isnt the benchmark for what's to come. There is still plenty of time for further signings, strongest eleven to be decided etc etc. Calm doon.
  10. Ross Lyon has signed for BSC Glasgow. He's better than the Lowland League imo. Hope it goes well for him.
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