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  1. What a shock. The chairman who told us weeks ago he was stepping down has only went and stood down! Totally understandable he has done a bit earlier given the current circumstances.
  2. At that level loan signings from championship or top end league 1 sides. Have a trawl through the free agents list too. I tend to go for small lower league clubs in my saves. I'm currently in my 5th season at Ytterhogdals IK in Sweden (joined half way through the 1st season as I started the game as an unemployed ex-Sunday league player) and I'm yet to spend a penny on transfers! Managed to take them from the 4th tier to the 2nd tier in that time though!
  3. I leave all training (team and individual training to my assistant. That and opposition instructions.
  4. What's the verdict? I have the original Doom on my ps4, loved the game when it was out originally on ps1. Quite keen to try the new one if the reviews are at least half decent.
  5. Venezia - got a Venice top there a few years back. Unterhaching - went to see them during my stag do in Munich and then again there on my first anniversary with the mrs!
  6. 1) 38 out of 42. Still to visit Dundee United, Peterhead, Cove Rangers and Edinburgh City. 2) Seen Clyde at all 34. Seen Scotland & others at Pittodrie, Fir Park, Tynecastle and Parkhead. 3) Probably Broadwood. 4) Broadwood. 5) Cappielow. 6) Cowdenbeath. Shite stand, shite views, shite place. Also, I've been to Berwick Rangers, Gretna, Firs Park, Brockville, Love Street and Dumbartons old ground (can't remember the name of it).
  7. That was happening even if that daft b*****d didn't eat that bat in China.
  8. Lowland League thread for this thrilling chat.
  9. Quite confident about this one on the back of 3 big wins in the past week. Saying that, in the 3 games we've played each other so far this season we've won 6-1, Stranraer have won 3-0 and there's been a 3-3 as well so who knows how it'll go!
  10. You'll be hoping the virus wipes our your leader I would imagine!?!
  11. He was absolute dug shit for us the majority of the time, though.
  12. At least nobody would be there to watch us turn you over for a fourth time this season.
  13. The defending by Dumbarton for our first goal is so so bad.
  14. Maybe I need to give it another try, but I have failed to get past the cringey couch chat at the start of each episode when I have seen the show.
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