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  1. I was quite specific in saying he’s poor when I see highlights of him. Maybe he saves being poor just for the highlights of games!
  2. That first Goodwillie goal is absolute filth. He’s the best player in this league by a country mile. Saying that, his penalty was honking! Cant really tell if the QP penalty is harsh or warranted from the highlights. Bob McHugh is surprisingly poor for QP whenever I see highlights of him play.
  3. I can never understand why some fans get all arsey when other similar sized lower league clubs get a bit of financial backing and propel themselves up the leagues. Obviously views will be skewed a bit here because it’s Queens Park but we would all be loving it if it happened to Clyde. If it works then good luck to QP. We would absolutely all take the same situation if it was offered to us. Football is all about money nowadays, you’re not going to progress without it. Plenty of us having been moaning on here for years about our lack of financial backing every season…
  4. Do a supporters branch count as an external source?
  5. They still have the same tiny, terrible fanbase. But no home to call their own. The gypsy spiders.
  6. Do we not need to wait until January for that now? Or is the summer window still open?
  7. No surprise there that Barry has fallen out with players already at Alloa.
  8. I didn’t say receiving a red and suspension was “part and parcel of the game”. I said that professional fouls like Eldsons on Saturday are. It’s ridiculous because a foul like that could be committed 35 yards from goal and you’re wanting a penalty given for it. FIFA have brought in the double jeopardy rule re penalties and players only receiving a yellow for a foul they’d probably receive a red for outside the box, but you’re suggesting they do something completely different here and send players off for fouls outside the box and give penalties for fouls that could’ve happened 20 or 30 off yards from goal. That’s why it’s ridiculous. What if it’s one on one with striker and defender at the halfway line on the break from the oppositions corner and all other players are yards behind in or around the box. And if the striker gets past the defender he’s going to be one on one with the keeper pretty quickly - a good goal scoring opportunity. However the defender either chops him or pulls him down a couple of yards into his own half. How is it reasonable for a penalty then to be given in those circumstances?! For me, the rules are fine. The player receives a red and a suspension and the other team have the numerical advantage. Sometimes it happens in the 10th minute, sometimes in the 90th. Great when it goes for you, frustrating as hell when it goes against but after you’ve calmed down you’re thinking you’d expect one of your own players to do the exact same thing.
  9. It’s ridiculous that you want a penalty given for a foul outside the box. It’s part of the game and the player receives his punishment in the form of a red card and then a suspension for the next match. If the roles were reveresed, aye I’d be pissed off about it, but the Cove player would’ve been sent off and we’d have the numerical advantage, albeit only for a few minutes on this occasion.
  10. Rumsby is making up for it with penalties conceded, though.
  11. An absolutely ridiculous suggestion. Aye, it’s frustrating as f*ck when you’re on the wrong end of it but it’s part of the game and Eldson has taken his punishment for it. Sometimes it works out for you - like it did for us yesterday— and on other occasions it comes back to bite you on the arse.
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