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  1. Tore his ACL I'm sure He has no luck with injuries. Shame as he’s a good player.
  2. Thicot is a centre half. Get Tam Lang back and we are sorted.
  3. 1. Unterhaching - Currently 4th in the 4th tier of German football (Regionalliga Bayern) after relegation from the 3. Bundesliga. Went to see them for the first time while in Munich on my stag do 6 years ago and saw an entertaining 2-2 draw vs Memmingen. Went a year later while in Munich for my 1st anniversary and saw them trounce Buchbach 5-0 during their promotion season. Closely followed their results since the Memmingen game and own one of their shirts and a scarf. They did have a very short spell in the Bundesliga for 2 years between 1999 and 2001. They also have a bobsleigh team as part of the club which is referenced in their club crest. 2. Venezia - They caught my eye years ago when they were in Serie A in the 90s and had Alvaro Recoba on loan. They slipped down the leagues after that but have worked their way back into Serie A from Serie C in recent years, although they are currently rock bottom of Serie A and heading back down to Serie B. Got one of their shirts while in Venice a few years ago and I've had more of an interest since. Their stadium is very unique as it is accessed by boat. One for the bucket list. 3. Rapid Vienna - Purely down to an extremely successful save in Football Manager 2016 where I took over Austrian football and reached the knockout stages of the Champions League. Own a couple of their shirts, too. 4. Valencia - Really liked the Valencia teams of the late 90s and early 2000s. Carew, Aimar, Ilie, Canizares, Ruben Baraja, Mendieta etc etc. In particular, the team that lost the Champions League final to Bayern was a cracker. I'm sure they beat Rangers and Leeds en route that year. Their kits the 90s and 2000s are also classics. 5. Bolton Wanderers - My English team. Started following them after going to see them at the Reebok vs Birmigham City around 2004. Clinton Morrison or Mikael Forssell (can't remember which one!) scored the only goal of the game after an assist by the one and only Christophe Dugarry. Bolton had the likes of Jay-Jay Okocha, Fernando Hierro, Stelios, Nolan, Davies, Ivan Campo & Ricardo Gardener. Stuck with them ever since after that game and try to get to a game every season or two. Was at the game away to Wigan a couple of months back. The whole matchday experience is much better south of the border. Also, gone are the days we sign players from Real Madrid...
  4. 1. Bread Meats Bread 2. Burger King 3. Black Rooster 4. Nandos 5. Five Guys
  5. Shockingly, no! An ex-Clyde player I work with told Me.
  6. Congratulations to Queens Park on the promotion. Don’t see any reason why you can’t be a competitive outfit at the top half of the Championship. I ended up catching the game from about 75 mins onwards, You did well to restrict Airdrie from that point. Cool finish from Murray with the penalty - which was a stonewaller btw. I’ve seen a few digs about the size of the QP support, aye it wasn’t great given the prize up for grabs, but the size of your away crowd doesn’t win you promotions, if they did Clyde would be 3rd in the SPL… All the best for next season!
  7. I’m reliably informed by a friend of Cuddihy that he has signed on for another year.
  8. Just like we got chucked out of Central Park in 2020 3 seconds after full time to let the hillbillies and their stock cars in? Pipe doon stupit.
  9. I’d rather play in Hamilton in League One than Central Park in the Lowland League. Or any league for that matter. Enjoy Open Goal and Edinburgh Uni next season, though. Maybe you’ll score a goal against one of them!
  10. Aye I went through for the cup game in 2020. Decent setup there. Would rather visit a ground like that than Broadwood for example! never been to see Clyde vs Edinburgh City away either so also looking forward to that.
  11. Can you do us a favour and finish above Bonnyrigg next season? Good luck and enjoy!
  12. I was a ball boy behind the goal he scored into after that handball. One of The most blatant handballs I’ve ever seen at a game.
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