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  1. Left back Jon Craig from killie on loan. Thank f**k in more ways than one!
  2. If we play like we did against Caernarfon it’ll no be far off it.
  3. I can’t believe anyone is of the opinion they’re a similar team to us ability wise. Bar their captain and their two wingers they were dreadful. A thoroughly pish game to watch but most of that is down to Lennons tactics and starting XI. Cunningham was so isolated up top it was clear for everyone to see. I don’t know why it took him so long to bring on another striker. After about 10 minutes it was clear they were there for the taking but we didn’t go out and kill them off. We should’ve had two strikers up top by half time at the latest. Ross Lyon’s was brutal again today. His crossing is woeful, he takes too many touches and kills the momentum of all attacks he’s involved in, if he’s not passing back the way he’s running into an opposition, he had opportunities to break wide when we won the ball (one in particular in the first half Where Cuddihy won it) but rather than bust a gut he hangs back and the chance to counter was gone. Danny needs to get his tactics and line ups sorted soon or his time will run out. That game Was screaming for us to play two strikers but when he brought MacDonald on he pulled Cunningham deeper?!?! At least we won but ffs. Linfield or Cliftonville away next please!
  4. Even though I’ve played football manager for the best part of 20 years I’ve still not heard of anyone in their team. Obviously that’ll come back to haunt me on Saturday!
  5. What names jumped out at you when you googled their squad?
  6. Last night was my first Scotland game since the 2-2 draw at Hampden a few years ago. Thoroughly enjoyed the game, thought we were the better team for the majority after a slowish start. First half we did well but weren’t clinical enough with our chances. A lot of people saying that challenge on Adams was a red but having seen it again I’m sticking with my original thought that it was a good yellow for Ukraine, I’d have 100% expected our defence to do the same in that position! Second half we came out and took the game to them and killed it off with three good goals. How often can we say that about Scotland?! After the disappointment of being pumped 3-0 in Dublin this certainly makes up for it!
  7. Are you seriously saying we never had more than 1500 at a game other than vs Rangers, Celtic or the Annan playoff game?! take it you only started supporting us in 2010 then?!
  8. At least this confirms that it will be here one day…
  9. The majority of our home tops have been shite since the early 2000s.
  10. The enthusiasm around this season is evaporating very quickly just now. hopefully the cup game against Caernarfon next week will be a good distraction to get some confidence back. Unlikely, I know!
  11. It does my tits in that footballing bodies feel the need to get involved in shite like this to the detriment of clubs at our level and fans at all levels. The ice hockey is still on at Braehead tonight for me which is a small consolation but I was looking forward to the morra as were many of us. like others have said a minutes silence pre-match would have been sufficient. This national mourning for someone none of us knew personally or had any say in her position in society is a joke. North Korea-esque birthday caird pish.
  12. Think it’s mostly still the Glasgow area followed by Cumbernauld & EK and after that we are randomly spread across the west.
  13. Completed the story last night. Zoe, John and Alex all died. Two of my teenagers got arrested and the rest made it. Three of the characters you meet I managed to 100% and the rest bar Jarod were pretty close to that too. Really enjoyed it in the end. The story wasn’t the longest but they rarely are these days!
  14. Anyone on here collect old Rangers match day programmes? I’ve found this one from a 1985 Skol Cup game at Ibrox vs the second biggest team in Glasgow’s history. Any collectors want it before it inevitably gets chucked?!
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