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  1. a centre half with loads of experience who has played at the top level. Just what we are needing. Pleased with this one.
  2. That East Fife one is howling. I quite like the Loch Ness top. It’s something a bit different and out there.
  3. Another good Clyde man lost during this pandemic. A real shame he didn’t get to see the team one last time. One of the most passionate Clyde fans there’s ever been, a big loss to the club. Can’t remember a game I’ve been at where I didn’t see him there.
  4. Willie Low is available on a free transfer and is a centre back. If all else fails we can sign him.
  5. Wouldn’t be a very long montage in all fairness.
  6. In Docherty we have experience and a left back. Two things we were crying out for all last season. Pleased with him and Gomis signing. If I could pick the next two signings they’d be O’too and Jamieson.
  7. Barry Ferguson has left Kelty Hearts and moved to Alloa.
  8. I’d rather be sitting on it than in debt and nearly going out the game again.
  9. Can we all stop messing about and just get this back for next seasons away kit?!
  10. The red and black one is the best. Would be even better if it was vertical stripes rather than hoops.
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