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  1. Couldn’t give a f**k about this game. It’s no even a derby for us.
  2. Great result to go away from home and beat a full time Championship side given the congested fixture list we have at the moment. Didn’t watch the game but Ayr must be really, really shite if we are beating them with Goodie starting on the bench! onto the next round to lose away to Stranraer...
  3. Couldn’t give a rats arse about the cup this season. Get as many rotated as possible and rested for the league games.
  4. Win our games in hand and we are a point off Thistle. Mental.
  5. I need to post like this more often pre-match. Brilliant result at a ground we usually get sweet FA from. Especially without Goodie and Lang. Great to hear Jamieson and Otoo continue to play well. Lennons signing policy is now obviously not an issue anymore after some of us jumped the gun...
  6. Sorry to hear that, mate. At least he recovered enough to keep up the golf! I had similar symptoms, had no balance whatsoever and nearly decked it getting out of bed. That and my speech went, thought I had taken a stroke to be honest! Luckily I’ve made a full recovery with no obvious lasting effects. I was 28 when I developed it from food poisoning (campylobacter from chicken on a dominos pizza, so aye, never have a dominos!!) so young and fit enough to recover well.
  7. I’ve bumped into him at the Ravenscraig a few times when he’s been doing his coaching and I’ve been attempting to play 7s with guys from work. A nice big guy and he was class for us in probably the best Clyde team in my lifetime!
  8. I had the other variant of that (Miller Fisher Syndrome) in 2019. Horrible illnesses. Hope your old man made a full recovery.
  9. Paul Hartley Owen Coyle Neil Lennon John Brown Graham Roberts
  10. Jim Leishman is a good guy. The first time we (Bully Wee United) played Dunfermline supporters after reforming in about 2008, we went to one of the bars at EEP and Jim did a speech before the big teams played. Afterwards he spent some time going around us all having a chat and some banter. Seemed a genuinely really nice guy. Danny Lennon is a gentleman as well. He always makes time to mix and chat with fans pre and post match. Tom Brighton is another one who’s a genuinely nice guy and very down to earth considering the level he once played at.
  11. Given our mostly bogging record at Balmoor, our current seasons shite form and this outrageous fixture list I’m gonnae go out on a limb and go for a Peterheid win.
  12. I think the criticism of the atmosphere at Hampden is a little bit harsh. Maybe that’s down to the era I started going to games with my dad. The first I remember is losing 2-0 against England to two very similar Paul Scholes goals. Other than the ones I’ve mentioned, that game had a good atmosphere, the 2-2 game vs Belgium in the early 2000s was also a good one. The 2-2 game vs Poland a few years ago was also class, especially when the goals flew in. There has been a few shiters, though. I remember a midweek 0-0 snoozefest vs Slovenia having next to no atmosphere whatsoever. That and a 1-0 loss at home to a rotten Belarus side. Admittedly, I haven’t been to Hampden since the Poland game so I can’t judge more recent matches. The atmosphere has been terrible during covid times right enough...
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