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  1. Will David Goodwillie ever have another shot at goal this season?
  2. I think you'll find Sunday was before yesterday...
  3. Lennon told everyone that at the Arria about a month ago.
  4. Could not agree more about McStay. Hes a liability this season for us. He was pish on Saturday and he has had a worrying amount of performances like that. Stranraer away he was woeful, an not far off that level against Peterhead at home as well. Lamont is another one who is frustrating me this year. He has absolutely no dig about him and when you need to fight hard for a win, or even a draw, you cannot rely on him.
  5. There's still just under 6 hours to go. Plenty of time for it to improve.
  6. I thought he did well with the pish he had to work with. Especially compared to Stuart Millar etc.
  7. Really don't understand why Duffy gets any abuse from our support. He did a brilliant job on a terrible budget and took a shite squad to a playoff semi final only for Stef McCluskey to f**k it for us by trying to score a fancy pen and making an arse of it. Duffy earned his move to Morton so no hard feelings from me towards him. Mccluskey though. Shitebag of a player.
  8. I'd be surprised if we get anything from this game on our recent form. East Fife will be out to prove a point after losing to BSC Glasgow at the weekend too.
  9. Decent enough keeper for us other than flinging a couple in for Peterhead at Broadwood. Flapped a bit with high balls into his box, though.
  10. The standards have definitely dropped over the years with our support if hes getting that chanted about him 🙈
  11. Agree with you mate. But I'd still enjoy it all the same if it was me!
  12. Good to get another win on the board and a clean sheet. Fingers crossed we get a good draw in the next round. A good winnable away day or a nice pay day please 🤞🏼
  13. Why not celebrate against your old team? Youd celebrate against any other team. Hate all this pish that started a few years ago where players hold their hands up as if to apologise for scoring against their old team. Theres nothing wrong with it unless you do an Adebayor effort and run 100 yards to do a knee slide in front of your old fans!
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