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  1. The fact we’ve had about 600 players in the past 15 years doesn’t help either!
  2. That’s only if any of us still go to the games by then!
  3. Seen the photo of our crowd at TFS yesterday on Twitter. It’s sad to see the difference in support we have even compared to a few seasons ago. The other photo is from the game at TFS when Darren Smith scored the winner. There’s a big difference in numbers there. The club is in a sorry state of affairs again and it’s no shock the crowds home and away have plummeted. There’s no enjoyment in following the team anymore.
  4. Andy Muir is available on a free transfer. He’s a holding midfielder who’s not scared to put a tackle in and has plenty experience. Just what we are needing.
  5. Pleased with this signing. An actual right back who has played at a higher level most recently. Without seeing him play he must be an upgrade on Ross Lyon for a start.
  6. That chance Jack Ross had to burst the back of the net but decided to try and stroke it home and Ludovic Roy managed to get down to it!!
  7. Fair point but i remember us competing well for years in the Championship with home crowds towards the lower end of the table. I always wonder what could’ve been if we didn’t lose to ICT that day…
  8. I’d be happy with Duffy steadying the ship until the end of the season. He did it with a far worse squad in league 2 and got us to the promotion playoffs. He might not interact with fans much but I’d rather that than someone who does but loses 9 in a row…
  9. Cannae do that if you want to feel relevant and have people speak to you on an online forum because nobody will in real life. Must be due a new Twitter account soon too. Things must be quiet in his nonces WhatsApp group tonight.
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