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  1. Best stadium i've been in has to be la Bombonera. The atmosphere was unbelievable. Fans singing and bouncing for the full 90 minutes. Its true that the stadium bounces too.
  2. I got my tickets via viagogo and the guy will email you about what hotel to meet at beforehand. The hotel was in the city centre. Before River v Boca we met outside a coffee shop. There's plenty others doing the same so there's no problems. Take your passport. There are plenty police searches etc before the stadiums...especially la Bombonera. It saves quite a lot of time.
  3. Tickets were easy to buy. Got tickets for Boca v Racing and got picked up and taken back in a mini bus. The guy was very helpful. You are left on your own though once you are in the stadium. All we were told is don't go into "12" which is where the ultras are. It was an unbelievable experience. The following week I got tickets for River v Boca. It was from the same guy but had to make my own way to and from El Monumental. If your hotel is in the city centre either organise a taxi or prepare for a long walk. Bonbonera pisses all over El Monumental. Btw Buenos Aires is absolutely huge.
  4. Rather that happened today rather than the Partick game.
  5. Just thinking about this. He booted Scott Brown in the nuts. That'll give him a wee bonus so it evens itself out into no further action.
  6. Why doesnt some thug just maim him? Someone like that guy at Hamilton? McKinnon.
  7. Called off indefinitely. It should have been a 1 off game at a neutral ground.
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