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  1. Rather that happened today rather than the Partick game.
  2. Just thinking about this. He booted Scott Brown in the nuts. That'll give him a wee bonus so it evens itself out into no further action.
  3. Why doesnt some thug just maim him? Someone like that guy at Hamilton? McKinnon.
  4. Called off indefinitely. It should have been a 1 off game at a neutral ground.
  5. There wasn't any away fans 2 years ago when I was there. For Boca v Racing there was 4 check points before I got in. Both police and army. Only 1 check point for River v Boca though. It was a much easier entry into the ground.
  6. 2nd leg live on BT2 on Saturday night at 7:45. At El Monumental. Saw Boca beat River there 2 years ago.
  7. Great game to watch. Saw this at el Monumental in 2016. Saw Boca v Racing at la Bombonera the week before. There were no away fans at either game then too. Didn't matter. The atmosphere at both was something else. I've never seen anything like it.
  8. The statue of Angel Lebruna outside el Monumental in Buenos Aires is a cracker.
  9. Could have been worse. Most are abysmal. He's not as bad as abysmal....
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