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  1. That's who I think at least short term. He's ready made to step in quickly. I'm not sure he's absolutely who I'd want but we don't really have months to get a new guy in, not that it made much of a difference when you see what we ended up with.
  2. He's obviously not been the no.1 target when we were looking for a striker but holy f**k surely there was a better option. At least Rudden when he came to us had a bit of a swagger about him. Ruth like some others we have had on loan just doesn't look ready to play first team football every week.
  3. Queens absolutely deserved the win. Could have been three or four at half time. The collapse and keystone kapers from our defence is laughable. We are an absolute gang.
  4. Imo our season is all bar done, going absolutely nowhere with Sheerin and Holt. I'm not even bothered if we win(which we won't) because we'll probably lose or draw the next three or four games.
  5. If it's 50k a year it's money better invested than the clown we have.
  6. He'll also be extremely lucky to get another managers job unless it's at a lower level than us and he probably knows it himself.
  7. Clyde 1-1 Peterhead Cove 2-0 Dumbarton East Fife 1-1 Alloa Queens Park 2-1 Falkirk
  8. Deans won't be bothering his arse till he clocks out then it's someone else's problem to bin them, the fucking shithouse.
  9. I actually can't believe the question was put to Sheerin about the January transfer window post match. Surely he doesn't actually believe he's still going to be in charge by then, it simply cannot be allowed to happen.
  10. By fucking off pronto. I mean the guy must know himself he's about as welcome as a fart in an astronaut suit. Is he just being rolled out to tick a box and kill time because it's the only thing I can think of.
  11. It's a pity he can't play up front. On the game itself I hope we get absolutely pumped for no other reason than getting Sheerin the f**k out.
  12. A wee bit before my time that one, I do recall Jim Dempsey at Brockville think it was possibly Hearts, when Walter Kidd ran across the park and basically launched himself two footed at Dempsey, who saw him coming did a neat sidestep with the ball, Kidd when flying past him and clattered himself into the advertising boards. Was an absolute peach, although if he'd connected it wouldn't have have absolutely halved Dempsey.
  13. Seem to recall a yogi story when he was up against Mark di Vries of Hearts, he said I'm just going to header him on the back of the napper at the first high ball, duly did and Di Vries didn't want to know for the rest of the game.
  14. The old Airdrie teams of Kenny Black, Walter Kidd and co must have been right up there
  15. Hetherington seems to be trying on that front but it's mostly through sheer stupidity and petulance rather than him actually leaving something on an opponent. He can't get close enough to even attempt that most of the time.
  16. I'll add a bit fuel to the gossip fire, around about the time we launched the third kit I posted on another forum that he'd had a fall out with Sheerin and wasn't playing because he favoured his love child Ruth. Keena's Mrs liked said post, now it could also be a lot of bollocks but I wouldn't be at all surprised if it was the case we couldn't get anyone else in hence he didn't go. If he's already had the heads up he's not going to be starting before Ruth it's no surprise he looks scunnered when he comes on. Especially when he was our no.1 striker then dropped like a hot potato for a kid from Aberdeen reserves.
  17. I heard that there was a spat in the dressing room between Mutch and Sheerin hence him getting dropped. The captaincy thing was a fiasco, can't blame Miller for not wanting the armband when Hetherington got sent off, after all Miller was captain before Sheerin stripped him of it. That must have been a bit of a slap in the face. I just get the feeling all is not well in the dressing room. The Alloa away performance looked like the players just weren't interested and it's not been much better since.
  18. Ruth would do better if he didn't fall over so much at the slightest contact with a defender who all the time is probably mouthing in his lug "get up ya wee fanny" I bet he doesn't even come off the park with so much as a graze. Keena just looks and plays like he can't be arsed with Sheerin anymore like the majority of us.
  19. Dowds wasn't great with us tbh even pre Sheerin who clearly didn't fancy him. Seems to have struggled for a start at Arbroath too. He's not a natural finisher although his goal against Kilmarnock was a well taken header. I'll wager that's a rarity. For his sake I hope he has now found a club that suits him. Id be very surprised if he ends up back at us especially with Sheerin in charge, big tall guys who might get on the end of crosses isn't his style, neither are small forwards who might get across defenders at least not the ones we have. The guys a diddy really and I wouldn't at all be surprised if he punts Keena in January to Raith as was mooted earlier in season. The one deciding factor in all this is when not if Sheerin gets emptied. That would mean a clean slate for all but also the terrifying prospect of a clean slate for Jaime "competition winner" Wilson.
  20. Nobody will convince me the politics off the park has anything to with Sheerin being absolutely hopeless. He should have been emptied after the game on Saturday, it's a disgrace he's not been.
  21. Absolutely woeful. You thoroughly deserved the win. Should have won by more and if Morrison had scored the penalty it would have been smash n grab. Fully expect you to be in the mix come season end. Very decent side Petrie has assembled.
  22. Putting Holt in charge won't change anything. Only need to look back when he came in when M&M got binned. The players had well and truly chucked the towel in by then.
  23. You just wonder if Grainger would do better, he seems highly thought of down south.
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