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  1. That is an absolute disgrace. Who thought that poorly worded insult was a good idea. Because they want their arse severely booted. Shocking stuff.
  2. I think that's the sticking point, I don't think we are in a position to pay a portion of any wages to get them out on loan and other clubs can't or won't pay their wages in full. Wilson is out the equation anyway due to being injured. I'd love to see a right back come in but it's looking unlikely.
  3. Calling Wilson a professional footballer is even wilder. He's a junior player at best. It's absolutely mental if he survives the January window that he will see out a two year contract for contributing f**k all bar a few comedy moments.
  4. Dunfermline 2-0 Peterhead Falkirk 3-0 Clyde Kelty 1-2 Airdrie Montrose 2-2 Edinburgh QoS 1-2 Alloa
  5. As much as that wasn't must win today disappointing not to pick up three points and Dunfermline will be happier with the point. Long way to go I don't see Dunfermline dropping many points whilst we have a "Kelty" result in us, mainly due to having one or two players capable of turning in a non entity type performance at any given time which for me will cost us . Still feel we are one or two decent players short.
  6. Can't see it either tbh. Even if we did pull a win out the hat we are more than capable of dropping points in the next game. McGlynn just hasn't got the personnel over a season to get us into the championship imo.
  7. We have a few of them tbh. Some of who really shouldn't be footballers. Wilson for a start.
  8. Airdrie 1-1 Clyde Alloa 1-1 Montrose Dunfermline 2-0 Falkirk Peterhead 1-2 Kelty QoS 2-2 Edinburgh
  9. Bants aside I don't see us winning. Lawal and Burrell need to get a chance from the start but McGlynn will go with the shitehawks that are Nesbitt and McGuffie and who are each week putting him under more pressure and trying to shoehorn Henderson into some sort of form or position. 2-0 home win.
  10. Telfer was rightly emptied at the end of last season along with a load of other dross. The end of this season will see the door hitting the arse of the likes of Nesbitt and co and tbh it can't come quickly enough. No room for the odd fleeting performance here and there. In Telfer's case he's got a degree in law, so if at least he does decide to jack football in he's at least got a career ahead of him.
  11. He's maybe still hanging on to some forlorn hope that they will eventually do a job for him, if that's the case then time is rapidly running out, at some point he will realise that they aren't ever going to be good enough and probably make his job a whole lot easier at the end of the season when the exodus get their jotters.
  12. We might have bigger squad depth but that doesn't mean we have quality. I might have been misquoted but did McGlynn not say we would be going with a smaller squad but the guys off the bench would be as good if not better than those they are replacing at the start of the season? That really hasn't came to fruition at all in fact I'd say it's the other way round more quantity than quality.
  13. Clyde 0-2 Dunfermline Edinburgh 3-0 Peterhead Falkirk 1-2 Alloa Kelty 1-1 QoS Montrose 2-2 Airdrie
  14. We wouldn't have had to play McCann at right back or keep putting Yeats there if we could actually break the habit of seasons on end and sign a capable natural right back. Every time we sign one he's either utterly dugshite and/or injured. I mean how difficult is it.
  15. He has a decent keeper in Morrison who unfortunately got injured. His back up Martin is obviously not deemed to be good enough to be starting... Yet. I'll not be too critical of Hogarth as he's just in the door and you'd think coming from Forest he'd be a decent enough keeper but if he throws a few more in the net..
  16. Maybe so but would you put it past them to turn in another abject performance if we did take full points from those games. I wouldn't. If their attitude isn't right by now then the chances are at least in ie Nesbitt, McGuffie, Hetherington's case it never will be. And remember these were players that downed tools last September and continuously turned in shitebag performances on a weekly basis.
  17. Holt's remnants with the exception of McCann and McKay simply have to go sadly it's going to take to season end to do it. They ultimately will let you down it's in their DNA. So today's result wasn't all that much of a surprise coming off getting beat off Dundee. It's like their confidence is absolutely shot as soon as they lose a game or even the first goal for that matter. McGlynn has to take some of the blame for team selection ofcourse but having folk like Nesbitt, McGuffie et al in your team your going to get stinking results like the one today . They aren't good enough players. Period.
  18. James Craigen has joined FC Edinburgh from Arbroath. Hopefully inspires them to a win against Airdrie on Saturday.
  19. Has Telfer actually signed for anyone yet or sacked it to pursue a law career?
  20. Airdrie 2-0 Edinburgh Clyde 1-1 Alloa Kelty 0-3 Falkirk Peterhead 1-2 Montrose QoS 2-1 Dunfermline
  21. Has to be a right back. It's actually mental that it's a position we have struggled with for seasons and yet no manager has actually managed to correct it. Tbf to Williamson I think most hoped when he signed he might have been the answer but it's just not worked.
  22. I was hoping his absence from the squad meant he was fucking off to another club, the only positive is he won't be featuring in any squads for a bit. I'm actually flabbergasted that he may yet see out the two year deal he won er got given.
  23. It says that Hetherington wasn't trusted before him which is a good thing and hopefully gets the message to him to piss off to pastures new.
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