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  1. I get McGlynn has to talk about the squad and injury updates but he must go home at night and vent at the wife why the actual f**k were some of these imposters signed. I've to try n somehow polish turds and make it look like they are arsed..
  2. I think it's hit and hope.McGlynn can't truly be judged he's been hamstrung with shite he inherited, had we been a bit more flush some might have emptied. I don't expect much movement in January. It'll be piss with the cock u have and take your chances in the playoffs. I don't see us winning the league sadly.
  3. Having players to adapt into a plan b helps aswell. There's still a lightweight shitebag or two that basically go missing when the going gets tough, McGlynn will need to try n defend them a good few times yet till the summer I fear.
  4. Yip we simply cannot afford to drop more points here. We were struggling to claw back a four point gap on Dunfermline now it's at seven, I actually fancy us to bounce back in this game but you have to think Dunfermline will beat Clyde. 3-1 Bairns.
  5. I'd almost forgot Josh Todd played for us. Possibly because he was injured more often than not. Seemed to have issues with a recurring shoulder injury if I recall. When he did play he looked like he was running through treacle and contributed next to nothing. Another one of those players that has the ability but it never transcended onto the park at least not with us. When Gibson was with us did he not walk out the stadium or something at half time at a game cos he'd spat the dummy?
  6. Clyde 0-2 Airdrie Edinburgh 3-1 QoS Falkirk 2-1 Dunfermline Kelty 2-2 Alloa Montrose 2-0 Peterhead
  7. It won't be season over but you will get the we never turned up second half v Alloa, beat off Kelty again, plus this. We have a just not turn up type performance in us. Lose tomorrow and it makes six points from Dunfermline and Edinburgh a must.
  8. If you think this league is bonkers the championship is absolutely aff it's nut.
  9. Puma's last few efforts have been ganting. The only kind of decent kit they gave us was the detailing on the sleeves with kelpies etc. And I think there was a bit of input from the club on that. The rest have been just generic templates since, none more so than the white 3rd kit when some twat thought it would be a good idea to have blue as your home and away kit.
  10. I'd have been a lot more confident about this fixture had it not been for that shitshow on Saturday. I've went 3-1 us but that's optimistic I would not be surprised if it's a score draw.
  11. Airdrie 0-3 Montrose Alloa 2-1 Clyde Dunfermline 1-1 Kelty Peterhead 1-3 Edinburgh QoS 1-3 Falkirk
  12. Sometimes you can only piss with the cock you have, there's no doubt McGlynn has been hamstrung a bit with what he inherited, I just don't get why some get picked almost every week when they have done little to merit it. The end of this season hopefully sees the majority of Holt's signings away apart from McCann and McKay. Just slightly terrified that McGlynn might take a brain fart and offer one or two new deals.
  13. There's some stealing wages since they were signed, who downed tools last season when the going got tough and still get picked and who are shitebags when it gets to roll your sleeves up time. Plaudits have been greatly received by some of the protagonists for improved performances of late but in the final analysis they have that type of performance in them. Which is why they shouldn't be anywhere near our club but we can't afford to pay them off. I will say though that McGlynn doesn't have to play them but does, why only he knows but I've said it before they will let him down and they did again today.
  14. I just hope we turn up this time and McGlynn has learnt from his mistakes in the away fixture. Anything remotely similar to the Alloa performance should see us take all three points. No gimmes in this league though.
  15. I've been critical of McCann but fair play to the lad he's rolled his sleeves up and fought for his place and played really well despite McGlynn bringing in Mackie to be his no.1 left back. He's probably one of the best left backs in the division right now. Comparing him to the likes of ie Leahy, McQueen, McQuilken and McPherson is wild though. If we don't go up this season and McCann keeps up his form I think it's safe to assume he will be one that will be playing at a higher level than us.
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