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  1. Lets hope he's interested more often than not. We already have our quota of empty jerseys.
  2. Just a pity we can't shift one or two out on loan. Even at that it might be one or two of the younger ones as opposed to dross signed in the summer.
  3. Shame if Morrison is out for the season, McDaid should be a decent replacement his crossing should be better you'd hope. Hopefully signs in time to feature tomorrow.
  4. Someone on the COYB page saying six weeks.
  5. I'd have Devaney in our squad ahead of Wilson all day long. Whether he played or not. At least he has some football ability.
  6. You could always try and get Jaime Wilson on an emergency loan. The emergency being we need him punted asap and you need a striker . I wouldn't even stipulate he can't play against us as he's that shite he probably wouldn't get near the goal anyway.
  7. Hall is shite him quoting the manager is about as much as you could expect. The c**t should have been jettisoned in the summer.
  8. This. I was actually thinking earlier is it possible to lose a dressing room even this early in the season? The Alloa performance was very poor but also strange in the sense the whole lot looked like they couldn't give a toss. I'm just wondering if it's car crash time already.
  9. If Dumbarton come out and be expansive then we might get some joy, that said Alloa just played how they wanted at the weekend and won comfortably. I really don't know what to expect from us, we struggle to break teams down as we just aren't creative enough and without Morrison are further hampered. We simply have to be much much better to take anything from this game. Where the goals are coming from is anyone's guess. I think we'll drop points again I'm thinking draw but I wouldn't be surprised if Dumbarton nick all three points.
  10. 3 years for McKay and McCann, I'll give McKay benefit of the doubt he's been injured but has looked ok when he's played same goes for R Williamson, but McCann has been poor and I think needs dropped. He doesn't look like he's comfortable at all, the 3 year deals were to convince them to sign obv, still no fucking excuse to give that twat Wilson a two year deal, and currently Ross, Mcguffie, Hetherington, aren't deserving of theirs either.
  11. We'll make Dumbarton look like Brazil if we turn out the same performance this Saturday.
  12. Airdrie battered us at their place particularly in the second half when we were down to 10 men. It's no surprise they are beating Alloa, although the weightlifter has just pulled a goal back.
  13. I'd be surprised if Keena starts a game for a while, Ruth will probably get the nod as he'll be the new favourite that allied to Sheerin refusing to play two strikers unless it's absolutely necessary ie when we are getting beat.
  14. Tbh I think a lot of players who come to us struggle to cope with the flak, the pressure, and some perhaps like Hetherington trying to adjust to full time football. Obv some just aren't very good like Wilson who really should be playing junior football at best. It won't be for lack of game time if Hetherington doesn't improve, Sheerin seems to like him made him captain, but the big lad Krasniqi we have on loan from Huddersfield is streets ahead in terms of ability, he really should be starting in front of him. Time will tell but if he doesn't improve massively he'll get jettisoned back to you lot I'd imagine.
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