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  1. That's the way I see it. And we have Di Vita aswell.
  2. True about Longridge. He can't give himself away, dragging his heels over contract talks and we go and sign Todd. See ye Louis pal.
  3. I'd say absolute! Probably means Longridge, McShane, Tidser will be surplus to requirements, I expect one of not two of those to move on.
  4. We will sweeten the deal by giving you Longridge, McShane and/or Tidser.
  5. Correct. Take your pick from McShane, Longridge or Tidser though... Clock is ticking, gonny have to rush you..
  6. Josh Todd joins Falkirk on an 18month deal from Dundee.
  7. Good player. Attacking mid and can play wide. Not sure we needed another in that area though, unless there is one or two going out. Surely signals the end for Longridge and or Tidser/McShane.
  8. Ask Tidser. I actually thought he was a superb addition when we signed him. I still believe he's a lot more in his locker than he has shown, there is definitely a player there but for all parties it's maybe best he moves, Gomis runs midfield.
  9. Tbh I'm a bit meh if he re signs or not. He's hit n miss, probably been one one of our most creative players when he fancies it. But that's just it, he's more miss than hit.
  10. I'm beginning to think the longer it drags on that Longridge will be away, I think Di Vita signing was with this in mind and not just because Longridge was injured. He'd have signed by now if the terms were favourable injured or not.
  11. Watching McShane play makes you wonder how he was a top flight player, although he did have some decent players around him at St. Mirren like Mallan, Magennis, McLean, McGinn, Morgan, Cammy Smith. Probably did a lot to cover up his deficiencies.
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