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  1. I'd also add I don't get this the first goal is all important, it's like admitting you can't come from behind and I hear a lot of managers say it particularly in the championship or lower what does that say do to the players mentality. Are teams incapable of coming back? You never heard that pish in Jefferies era you just got on with it you were never beat till the full time whistle if it was a close game.
  2. Tbh I think McGlynn said the players on the bench should be of the same quality as those they are replacing and ideally we would be running with a smaller squad. So far we have 27/8 players now if the theme is pish quality then we are doing outstandingly well. I'd also add our budget as it were isn't going to last forever and I think if we are stuck in this league next season then we are in deep shit.
  3. That might come into play if McGlynn doesn't at least get us into the playoffs this season which you'd assume is his remit. If he doesn't will he be afforded the time. We have all heard about these x amount of year plans to get to the top flight before and we are still a million miles away from it.
  4. Jefferies knew it aswell given he plundered us and gave us shite in return that Lambie was only too happy to accept, not to mention letting other players go because he thought their ego was bigger than his.
  5. I remember McCall saying after he had signed a pre contract with us that the lad was good going forward but defensively not so great and he's had his injury troubles. So he knew and was happy to let him go. But given our previous right backs were Doyle and Mercer we all thought he has to be better... In reality he's just a massive shitebag and is made of glass.
  6. It's not so much all the players it's the shiftless untalented dross left from last year that's the issue. You guys berate Chalmers for being dross well we have about four starters in the same calibre with another couple on the bench. And that's before the comedy gold snippets of Alegria start doing the rounds in earnest.
  7. Hopefully Nesbitt, Hetherington, and McGuffie are dropped or injured. I'd say Williamson aswell but he will get injured anyway and we don't have another proper right back. Hoping for a win rather than expecting one with the possiblity of it being a draw or worse if the aforementioned all start.
  8. I said pretty much the same thing when I heard he got the injury. We are only hampering ourselves.
  9. If we want to do anything this season ie make the playoffs then he simply has to try and get shot of at least some of them. How I really don't know but if he doesn't then I can see us doing no better than last year. It won't take long for our steadyish defence (pre yesterday) to lose confidence if there's a constant barrage of pressure on them from the opponents as Nesbitt and co go AWOL week in week out.
  10. Alloa 1-0 Edinburgh Clyde 2-1 Kelty Dunfermline 1-1 Montrose Falkirk 2-0 Peterhead QoS 1-1 Airdrie
  11. If they haven't already and would you notice the difference?.
  12. The first goal was far from acceptable with a few passes cutting us wide open and the boy had acres of space to get the initial shot away. It's just frustrating as hell as you know last seasons protagonists have that type of shitebag performance down to a tee. In fact the only thing you can say with a degree of certainty is that they excel at being failures.
  13. Hopefully after that yesterday it's hit home to McGlynn that certain individuals aren't capable. Goals were far too soft. I really do not get why he persists with Nesbitt, McGuffie, Hetherington, Morrison, as someone else mentioned they contribute the square route of f**k all every week.
  14. It's got us confused aswell tbh. I think he was signed on recommendation from Partick that he "just needs a goal" I hope his goal is a career away from football.
  15. If he did and was hoping it would change with him cajoling and trying to make them better then it's just crashed spectacularly. Ofcourse we all knew it would happen, you cannot make something better that was pish to start with apart from slightly less pish.
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