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  1. I wouldn't keep any of them. Why reward failure. The new manager might see it differently, but those players downed tools, if they can't even be arsed putting in a modicum of effort when things are going badly then they don't deserve to wear the shirt never mind get another contract.
  2. Durnan and Buchanan were absolutely murder as a pairing for us. Although to be fair to Durnan he did seem to fair better when Buchanan wasn't alongside him. Both poor players though. His not even trying to get back to prevent a goal in our pumping at Firhill put the tin lid on him for me.
  3. Strange that McKinnon leaves Queens Park, I'd have thought they'd have gave him a few quid to have a go at winning league 1.
  4. If Rawlins have very deep pockets, ask Stephen Robinson what he wants for wages to manage us for a season, get us up then if he gets a better offer he's free to go. All the names being banded about are just a complete gamble which we cannot afford to do again.
  5. If the new manager comes in and decides to keep the those that aren't on it then the same rules apply. Hopefully there will be another exodus in the coming days. The thought of the likes of Miller, Hall, Durnan, etc playing for us next season is nauseating.
  6. I think I'd prefer it the other way round if it has to be them. Not convinced by either though. This just smacks of a calculated punt . Probably on the word of Holt who hasn't exactly covered himself in glory of late.
  7. If the club are in discussions with other players anything other than there's the door is ludicrous. Not one of them deserve to wear the jersey.
  8. Can't see anything other than an Airdrie win, we are an absolute gang and tbh if we did make the playoffs we would get pumped out at the first hurdle. Just hoping our season ends tomorrow night.
  9. Airdrie 2-0 Falkirk Dumbarton 0-0 Peterhead Forfar 0-2 East Fife Montrose 1-3 Partick
  10. Wonder how many of our duffers will rock up at Queen's Park next season
  11. Clyde 0-0 Dumbarton Cove 1-1 Airdrie Falkirk 0-2 Montrose Peterhead 1-0 Forfar
  12. Well done Thistle worthy champions shouldn't have been relegated in the first place. Hope you do well in the championship. Enjoy it 👍
  13. We shouldn't win this all the odds are against it. Half a team out injured for the rest of the season, can't create chances, defence like a sieve,, strikers absolute gash. Keeper chucking them in. Expect the unexpected has never rang truer than it is now.
  14. Actually sitting silently raging with M&M, big quality squad, competition for places. Utter utter shite. We are down to the bare bones of a gang full of absolute jobbers who have as much backbone as a jellyfish and fall to bits as soon as we lose a goal. Thankfully we will be put out our misery tomorrow night as regards the title.
  15. East Fife 2-0 Peterhead Forfar 0-0 Clyde Montrose 1-2 Cove Partick 3-1 Falkirk
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