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  1. We were garbage last weekend, but won two nil simply due to Kabia. If we turn in anything remotely similar to that performance Montrose will absolutely hose us. Few new signings should help but I really can't see us winning. We need to start winning games but I don't think this is one of them. Score draw.
  2. Think this has been missed, Declan McDaid has left Falkirk and went back to Dundee, loan expired.
  3. Would be. Can't see him going now Cummings is away unless Dundee can get Rudden in this window. Even then if McCall has any savvy he'll already have asked the question about getting jakubiak on loan.
  4. I don't think Montrose will either. Your really hoping the wheels fall off Queens Park, but they surely have to appoint a new manager at some point and if they get Jack Ross which is ambitious, then that's bad news for us.
  5. Clyde signed striker Lewis Jamieson from St. Mirren started tonight. As did Goodwillie. Draw probably a decent result for us .
  6. If you look at the prem transfer thread St. Johnstone have actually brought in a few players. Which makes it strange they aren't keen to offload any.
  7. Where's this other signing that seemed fairly imminent?
  8. I don't think we will be part time next season if we don't go up. Might be a hybrid model but there's absolutely no chance we will be completely part time.
  9. You just hope if Watson is partnered with either of them he isn't dragged down to their level quickly. Watson solid enough as he is isn't blessed with pace to cover their f**k ups.
  10. Think the last one we had very late was Joe McKee was it not?
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