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  1. I did see he moved his family up there aswell, but heard a rumour that either he and/or his family wants back down to the central belt.
  2. Cheers. That's my fear we already have two strikers in Sammon and Johnstone who haven't been prolific in their careers, I'm not sure we need another one. But if you can't get goals in league 1 then be aswell packing it in. But if it's a loan deal then he would probably be a decent addition to the squad. We are short on numbers.
  3. Declan McManus rumoured to be joining us any good?
  4. Rather have DKD than him tbh. What's the situation with him?
  5. Would seem strange seeing as he only signed a new contract in May. Great signing if true. McKinnon not giving much away in post match interview. One thing does worry me though if this is the last signing, we are only a few injuries away from being a depleted side. The bench today proved that. Still need a few extra bodies in.
  6. Lewis Toshney and Robbie Leitch sign six month deals at Falkirk.
  7. If Dallas does sign you have to think McKinnon is hoping he's going to have a similar impact to Rudden. That said no guarantees. I'd rather we went for someone a bit more proven than Dallas but he may do as a squad player if we are still signing another striker.
  8. McKinnon did say it could be someone that can cut in from wide areas. I fully expect Toshney announced today, and another striker at least.
  9. Looking at Johnstone and Sammon's goal stats over the years whoever it is won't be out of place.
  10. If it's true that all bids have pulled out then that is nothing short of a disgrace that these clowns are still at the helm on the eve of a new season.
  11. I'd say Toshney is a stick on to be signed. If he's happy with the midfield then it doesn't bode well for the return of dkd.
  12. I think if McKinnon doesn't get us out of this league his career will pretty much be on a downward spiral. I think he pretty much cost us our place in the championship by trying to not lose and shitebaggery tactics from every team in the league. I must admit I've not a fan of this lone striker philosophy he maintains, that said he's been well backed and hopefully has the personnel to make it work. I don't think there was any great clamour for him when we were looking for a new manager after Hartley, at least he wasn't on my list. But sadly our board's ineptitude at getting him cost us a few bob so we are pretty much stuck with him unless new owners come in and decide they don't want him. It's as big a season for him as much as all the on paper decent signings we have made. I just hope it doesn't go spectacularly wrong.
  13. Great player before the innocuous looking injury. Never the same afterwards, real shame as the lad looked like he was destined for a great career. Wish him well though, really top bloke aswell.
  14. Davis Keilor-Done. Announced today I'd be absolutely delighted with that, however I feel it's more likely to be one of the trialists. Hope I'm wrong though
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