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  1. Daft laddie question guys, is it possible that in the play offs there could be some sort of tie eg on points etc? Struggling to see how it plays to an absolute winner sure somebody can answer for me !
  2. Saints v Heston, rough head count, 100 on a dreich, miserable afternoon!!
  3. Given the amount of rain over Thursday and Friday it was inevitable that some grass pitches would be unplayable. Lets keep it real on here guys! Creetown have played in the Scottish cup twice, in 1903 as Barholm Rovers when they were drawn away to Dundee but decided to scratch rather than incur the expense of travel.Creetown were beaten at Cathkin by Third Lanark, 6-2 in 1935.
  4. Lots of work going on at the ground and an improvement on the park. Well done guys. You going for licencing?
  5. I see Davie Irons has resigned as joint manager of Gretna along with Andy Aitken. Does that mean he will be on his way back to Ochilview?
  6. Kevin Harper appointed as manager tonight! Any thoughts? Didn't see that one coming.
  7. There is a grim warning here for 'ambitious' clubs who live for the moment and have no sustainable income generation planning and no financial planning or governance.
  8. If you go to the Pie and Bovril Lowland League page you will be able to watch the sad demise of Selkirk FC unfold before your eyes. There is a lesson and a warning in here for clubs hell bent on being 'ambitious' without a sustainable income plan and financial governance arrangements in place. Football clubs are part of our communities heritage and we must look after them for future generations!
  9. Saints v Threave I had a rough headcount because the crowd was particularly poor for a derby match. About 130 excluding club officials etc.
  10. Took the game in today. Saints dominated without making too much damage to Threave. I have played and been involved in football at various levels for 40 years. Today there were no linesmen, official or club. I was told this was the referees decision !! Any thoughts on this?
  11. Any news of pre season friendlies coming up ?
  12. Lots of enthusiasm here for Junior clubs joining the EOS/Pyramid. No one has mentioned the fact that some of these clubs will never actually leave this set up for better things !!
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