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  1. totally, never comes on with his scrutinzing after a win only a loss. absolute muppet.
  2. so what you are saying here is, if I want to watch Livi play an away game at Celtic Park, in essence i would have to pay £25.00 per game for PPV if we were good enough to get in the top 6,. and maybe even £50 if we are not in the top 6 and only get 1 away game to you.
  3. Maximum deal we will give a player is 3 years, more often 2 years with a 1 year option. Stryjek and Devlin are here this season and next unless a decent bid comes in, and Hamilton, Sibbald and Forrest, I have no doubt they will be in discussions for an extension or will be soon.
  4. The first paragraph was a statement from UEFA, the second from me Trying to show that the price structure for the ticket was based on not charging the home fans much more than an away fan. at least that would be my thinking on it.
  5. From UEFA - Ticket prices for away fans will be capped at a maximum of €70 (Around £60.00) in the UEFA Champions League and €45 ( £38.50) in the UEFA Europa League, which represents the level of the lowest category ticket price of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League finals respectively. I suppose they had to go for that kind of price structure as the home support would not too happy if they were paying way more than the away support.
  6. I heard an interview with Davie Martindale a few weeks ago just before the first league game and he stated Livi had sold around 750 season Tickets, to state I was disappointed was an understatement. 4 good seasons, 2 top 6 finishes and a notional cup final and that was the best the people of West Lothian could muster. Anyway it got me thinking about Season Tickets sales and where we stand in the larger Scheme of things. I am in no doubt we are the lowest season ticket sales, but what have other teams sold for this season?
  7. Davie mentioned roughly 750 on the Talk Livi Podcast Listened to the interview tonight, enjoyed it I always like the way Davie talks, he almost sounds like he's just chatting to his mates about football at times. Absolutely gutted about the season ticket numbers if accurate, and no reason to think it couldn't be. Hearing him say we were at 1200 a few seasons ago why on earth have we lost almost 400 season ticket holders the last few years when we are doing so much better. I wonder if we lost that amount last season and some have not renewed yet, waiting to see how things go this season. Hopefully get at least another 600 -700 through the gates.
  8. As has been said about Menga, They reason defenders panicked a bit with him is you didn't know what he was going to do next...the reason was he didn't know what he was going to do next. Still love him for the goal against Rangers at Almondvale.
  9. With the first home League game tomorrow anyone hear anything about season ticket sales for this season, All I seen was that the club were likely to overtake last seasons which in and of itself isn't telling much as we never seem to know how many
  10. I wonder if Jack was carrying an injury, I can't remember anything he was involved in that could have fractured a knee cap in the game. Felt he was a bit slow to react to the last goal and that would probably explain why. I have always liked Jack McMillan. Think he puts in a shift and is always steady, was looking forward to him getting a chance this season but this will likely hamper his season. Didn't truly understand why he wasn't used more last season,to go from young player of the year to only a dozen games last season.
  11. Actually lost 4 in the groups, if going back to season 16-17 which is the first season the group stage was implemented, not lost a penalty shoot out with 4 draws. out of the 4 losses, 3 came in the 16-17 season and the game against Alloa this season. P24 W16 D4 L4
  12. Martindale mentioned several times last season about St Johnstone and the long diagonal ball, Do you think he is maybe looking to emulate their style. I believe a good manager looks at the players he has and plays to those players strengths, you don't play a formation and look for players to play out of position and adapt to it.
  13. Think he had a stop start season last year with a few injuries, not entirely written off for me. hope he steps up this coming season, he is still only 23 and we have him until 2023. a good season and maybe he could move on for a decent fee.
  14. Agreed, while having two decent keepers fighting it out would be great. Most successful teams have a level of consistency with the first team/starting 11. should only really make changes with injuries or a consistently poor performance.
  15. Yea the club have calculated how much we would lose if we had to play a European fixture, then offered a bonus to the players of half that amount if they failed to get to Europe
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