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  1. Would be happy enough if he stayed, but not too bothered if he goes, Better as a Centre Back and at times a bit woefull at left back. If he stays it would only be as cover anyway.
  2. Really can't believe how this season is turning out for us. Given we have thrown away leads in the last 10 minutes of games in the first half of the season, we seem to digging deep now for results …but that performance today from the entire Livi team was only bettered by the performance of Mark Gillespie in goal for Motherwell. I think we'll get a top 6 spot this season, and although I talk tongue in cheek about looking out the passport I would not put it past this team to get a 4th place finish this season.
  3. My only concern here is our away form, although we have on most occasion played well, we can't seem to get the results, in saying that, think we should be too strong for Hamilton today as I think they have a number 1st team players out, whereas we have most of our injury worries behind us. With a bit of luck this will be the last time we play Hamilton this season as we go for a top 6 spot. 'Mon the Livi 3 points today.
  4. Falkirk tv have highlights. After viewing it Conor Sammon was offside for his goal. unless a Livi player was over by the corner flag.
  5. As it's the last home game of the season I would be disappointed if Kelly did not start the game.
  6. No way will he be going to Barnsley, a League 1 side in England, if he did it would be about the money and I don't think that is all Kelly thinks about. At worse Kelly would go to a championship side down south. I also think he would want assurances he would come in to any club as first choice. I think he may sign an extension with us but still have a release clause, although the club should try and increase it from the £50,000.00 it currently is.
  7. After seeing Gallagher and Halkett leaving I would hate to see Kelly going. Best young keeper Scotland have and can see him playing for Scotland regularly in years to come. I can not imagine a clause for £50,000.00 but then you never know. Kelly joined Livi based on his own thoughts that as a young player he needs to play in games. If he did decide to move on then I would hope it's to somewhere he does get games. I also wonder if with Gallagher and Halkett leaving will this maybe tip the balance on his decision to go if any offers do come in, or will he stay next season and then move on for free. Wonder if the £50,000..00 fee is set in stone or if the club could add clauses into it sell on of 20-40% could generate a good chunk of cash for the club if he moved on from wherever he ends up(if of course he goes this summer)
  8. Would have to be a great offer minimum of a couple hundred thousand, Saw someone mention he would be going for £70,000, that to me is piffle. Hopefully the club are looking at the possibility that with Halkett still in the team we could finish a couple of positions higher than without him and if so that would be more prize money in excess of £100,000.00.
  9. Can't play Football Manager at the moment, it'll be a let down on real life :)
  10. The new manager euphoria for Dundee at the moment. worked well for St Mirren 2-0 Liv
  11. Congratulations to Hearts for being the first team to take points off Gary Holts Livingston.
  12. hehe As an aside you can also purchase many products containing Vitamin D from Lidls next to the stadium. to offset the rickets purchased from the ticket office.
  13. From what I have seen that is indeed the case...From 1pm today (that's Saturday if you don't want to work it out ) rickets can be purchased for both home and away fans at the ticket office next to turnstile 2, that's to the right of the main reception.
  14. Let me rephrase then. "In what was the Scottish Premierships lowest crowd of the season so far" or you just trying to tell us you'll bring more away fans to Almondvale then we will to NDP
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