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  1. Thought syme was solid to. Mckenzie for me closely by Morgan motm
  2. Sheep u canny please them. Everyone is a wonderful manager and from sitting in a stand 2 day yes probably played wrong formation but still had chances to win
  3. Murphy for me. I like syme at left back strongest we've had lately. Donnelly quite today. Mcmillen??
  4. Campbell missing today thot dev right back but still need big centre
  5. 18th home Sauchie 21st home Kennoway
  6. Devon Jacobs extended his contract. Great news. Cmon B U....
  7. Aye keeper kept score doon. Awe the best rest of the season
  8. Friendly v Fauldhouse 145pm ko at home
  9. Onwards and upwards. Look forward to next week and hope game is on
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