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  1. Two 16 year old boys charged and appearing in court tomorrow
  2. No but I hope they do get named and shamed.
  3. Danny just enjoying life like the rest of us
  4. Let's hope next ten years are just as good
  5. Management must go [emoji28][emoji28]
  6. Specky is a knob that's lost his glasses..[emoji165]
  7. I do think the committee went back to their pub
  8. Thought syme was solid to. Mckenzie for me closely by Morgan motm
  9. Maybe 3 val points wants 2 take over
  10. Sheep u canny please them. Everyone is a wonderful manager and from sitting in a stand 2 day yes probably played wrong formation but still had chances to win
  11. As long as pussy keepers big toe is fine
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